Good vs. evil takes over TFT Set 5 Little Legends, Arenas, and booms

Three new Little Legends and 18 variations.

Teamfight Tactics Evil Pengu
Image via Riot Games

Evil and good Pengu recruit for battle in Teamfight Tactics Set Five Reckoning, showcasing new Little Legends and game boards. 

Scheduled for release on the TFT live servers on April 28, Set Five Reckoning will highlight the Black Mist that has slipped across the Convergence. Chaos has erupted and a total of 60 champions across 27 traits are ready to battle. Set Five Reckoning will showcase four booms, five Arenas, and three new Little Legends. 

Set Five Little Legends

There are three new Little Legends in Set Five Reckoning: Dowsie, Fenroar, and Nimblefoot. Evil Pengu and Evil Sprite are also being included in the new TFT set. Dowsie, Fenroar, and Nimblefoot have six versions of themselves. Each of the three new Little Legends also has three tiers per version. 




Evil Pengu

Evil Sprite

Evil Sprite

Set Five Arenas

The TFT Set Five Reckoning pass will include three new Arenas: Sanctum of Order, Realm of Harmony, and Court of Chaos. There are also two new interactive Arenas: A pool party at the Scuttle Shack and the Count Spatula Arena. 

Set Five booms

There are a total of four new booms in TFT Reckoning: Infernal Flock, Prismatic Smite, Wings of Fury, and Rune Surge. 

Players can check out every Little Legend skin with the PBE launch of TFT Set Five Reckoning on April 14. An official launch is scheduled to take place on April 28 via Patch 11.9. The PBE update may take place a day early on April 13, according to Riot.