All Pokémon Go Community Day dates

Each month brings new community challenges.

Image via Niantic

Niantic runs multiple events in Pokémon Go each month and several types of them return monthly with slight differences to keep them fresh, including the popular Community Days. 

During each Community Day, players will be able to encounter large numbers of a specific species of Pokémon over the course of several hours. This will let them easily Shiny hunt, gather Candy to help power up that species, and even gain access to event-exclusive moves for certain Pokémon, all while taking advantage of other bonuses that are available too. 

Some of those additional bonuses include increased capture Stardust, longer durations for Incense and Lure Modules, and event-exclusive Field Research. There’s also $1 ticketed Special Research that will give players even more rewards. 

Typically, Niantic only runs one Community Day per month, with each taking place on one specific day. But as of late, a new Community Day Classic style of events has started being used to give players more content themed around some of the first Community Day events to be featured in Pokémon Go

Once you get into the swing of things, Community Days can be some of the most useful recurring events to take part in. Here’s the full Community Day schedule for 2022. 

Community Day 2022 scedule

  • January 
    • Spheal – Jan. 16
    • Classic: Bulbasaur – Jan. 22
  • February 
    • Hoppip – Feb. 12
  • March
    • Sandshrew and Alolan Sandshrew – March 13
  • April
    • Stufful – April 23
  • May 
    • Alolan Geodude – May 21
  • June
    • Deino – June 25
  • July
    • Starly – July 17
  • August
    • Galarian Zigzagooon – Aug. 13
  • September
    • TBA – Sept. 18
  • October
    • TBA – Oct. 15
  • November
    • Community Day Classic – Nov. 5
    • TBA – Nov. 12
  • December – TBA