Pokémon Go full event schedule (September 2022)

New events are popping up all of the time.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go events are beginning to come to a close as the end of the year draws nearer, and Niantic has released the next batch of events that are coming in September and beyond.

The year has been full of events that almost go back-to-back in their start and end dates, each bringing a new batch of Pokémon spawns that help the game feel fresh and ever-changing. Many events that Pokémon Go hosts are similar or the same as the previous year, but there are some that are newly added when new Pokémon or storylines come to the game.

There are a few days during each month that are free of events, but Niantic has done its best to fill out the calendar during the month to keep the events rolling and keep trainers occupied, including Limited Research Days, Raid Days, Community Days, and more.

Events held throughout the month are different in nature, but many include a new batch of wild Pokémon spawns, new Shiny versions of Pokémon, and a plethora of bonuses that come with just about every event Niantic hosts.

Here are all of the events that will take place in the month of September 2022.

  • Sept. 3: Inkay Limited Research Day (new)
  • Sept. 6 to 12: Psychic Spectacular
  • Sept. 10: Clefairy Commotion (new)
  • Sept. 11: Deoxys Raid Day
  • Sept. 16 to 21: Test Your Mettle (new)
  • Sept. 18: September Community Day
  • Sept. 23 to 25: Safari Zone: Goyang and tie-in (new)
  • Sept. 27 to Oct. 3: Fashion Week 2022

To keep up with the news, players can follow the Pokémon Go Twitter account. This article will be updated as more events are added.