Full Pokémon Go Egg hatch list: 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km, and 12km (August 2022)

Keep it moving or you might drop the Egg.

Screengrab via Niantic

As an incentive to keep players moving, Pokémon Go has players hatching Eggs, which will let them encounter Pokémon after they hit a certain distance milestone. 

Whether it be 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km, or even 12km, players will need to pick up the pace to ensure they hatch as many Eggs as possible. 

You can easily tell how long an Egg will take to hatch, with all of them being colorcoded and tracking your steps once you add them to your inventory and put them into an Incubator. You will always have one Incubator on hand, but you can get more by leveling up or by purchasing them with your PokéCoins in the shop. 

When you hatch an Egg you get experience, typically around 500 or 1,000 XP, and an additional 500 XP if it is a new Pokémon you haven’t encountered before. You also get Candy for the Pokémon you hatched, maxing out at 40 depending on its CP. 

Just like with Raids, Eggs have a set list of Pokémon that can hatch from them. Niantic rotates this list frequently and events always add a few bonus Pokémon into the mix so players can keep things fresh. 

Here is the full Egg hatch list for August 2022.

Full Pokémon Go Egg Hatch list

  • 2km
    • Poliwag (Shiny Available)
    • Exeggcute (Shiny Available)
    • Cubone (Shiny Available)
    • Meditite (Shiny Available)
    • Wailmer (Shiny Available)
    • Barboach (Shiny Available)
    • Pikipek
    • Yungoos (Shiny Available)
    • Stufful (Shiny Available)
  • 5km
    • Togepi (Shiny Available)
    • Skarmory (Shiny Available)
    • Azurill (Shiny Available)
    • Wynaut (Shiny Available)
    • Bronzor (Shiny Available)
    • Bonsly (Shiny Available)
    • Rowlet
    • Litten
    • Popplio
  • 7km
    • Alolan Sandshrew (Shiny Available)
    • Alolan Vulpix (Shiny Available)
    • Alolan Diglett (Shiny Available)
    • Alolan Meowth (Shiny Available)
    • Galarian Meowth (Shiny Available)
    • Alolan Geodude (Shiny Available)
    • Galarian Ponyta (Shiny Available)
    • Galarian Slowpoke
    • Galarian Farfetch’d (Shiny Available)
    • Alolan Grimer (Shiny Available)
    • Galarian Zigzagoon (Shiny Available)
    • Galarian Darumaka (Shiny Available)
    • Galarian Stunfisk (Shiny Available)
  • 10km
    • Riolu (Shiny Available)
    • Audino (Shiny Available)
    • Darumaka (Shiny Available)
    • Emolga
    • Axew (Shiny Available)
    • Mienfoo
    • Rufflet (Shiny Available)
    • Espurr (Shiny Available)
    • Goomy
    • Noibat
    • Rockruff (Shiny Available)
    • Jangmo-o
  • 12km
    • Johtonian Qwilfish (Shiny Available)
    • Larvitar (Shiny Available)
    • Absol (Shiny Available)
    • Skorupi (Shiny Available)
    • Sandile 
    • Scraggy 
    • Pawniard
    • Vullaby (Shiny Available)
    • Deino (Shiny Available)
    • Pancham
    • Salandit
  • Adventure Sync 5km
    • Cranidos (Shiny Available)
    • Shieldon (Shiny Available)
    • Happiny (Shiny Available)
    • Munchlax
    • Roggenrola (Shiny Available)
    • Frillish
  • Adventure Sync 10km
    • Dratini (Shiny Available)
    • Bagon (Shiny Available)
    • Beldum (Shiny Available)
    • Riolu (Shiny Available)
    • Goomy