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An active Summoning Circle with a ghost captured in it and a fiery cross in the background in Phasmophobia.
Screenshot by Dot Esports

How to complete The Apocalypse Draws Near challenge in Phasmophobia

It certainly isn't easy.

Phasmophobia’s weekly challenges are some of the toughest and most rewarding tasks you can tackle in the ghost-hunting game. They’re usually balanced, but The Apocalypse Draws Near challenge is a truly terrifying task tougher than any other.

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Even if you consider yourself to be an experienced ghost hunter, this challenge is a very formidable one. Here’s how to complete The Apocalypse Draws Near challenge in Phasmophobia.

What is The Apocalypse Draws Near challenge in Phasmophobia?

The Apocalypse Draws Near challenge screen in Phasmophobia.
This challenge is truly a nightmare. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Apocalypse Draws Near challenge is one of the weekly rotating trials and can only be completed on the Sunny Meadows Restricted map. In this challenge, you have access to the best form of every piece of equipment, but this isn’t all that useful since the ghost won’t give you any evidence.

The Apocalypse Draws Near Phasmophobia challenge rules

All of the exact settings for this challenge are taken from the Apocalypse III preset except for player speed, so here’s everything you want to know heading into The Apocalypse Draws Near challenge.

  • Player settings
    • Starting sanity: Zero
    • Sanity pill restoration: Zero
    • Sanity drain speed: 200 percent
    • Sprint: Off
    • Player speed: 100 percent
    • Flashlights: Off
  • Ghost settings
    • Ghost speed: 150
    • Roaming frequency: High
    • Changing favorite room: High
    • Interaction amount: Low
    • Event frequency: Low
    • Friendly ghost: Off
    • Grace period: Zero
    • Hunt duration: High
    • Kill extend hunts: High
    • Evidence given: Zero
  • Contract settings
    • Setup time: Zero
    • Weather: Heavy rain
    • Doors starting open: High
    • Number of hiding places: None
    • Sanity monitor: Off
    • Activity monitor: Off
    • Fuse box at start of contract: Broken
    • Cursed Possessions quantity: Zero

How to complete the The Apocalypse Draws Near Phasmophobia weekly challenge

To successfully complete The Apocalypse Draws Near challenge in Phasmophobia, you have to identify what ghost is present at Sunny Meadows Restricted three times. This is a tough task that requires you to move quickly, use equipment strategically, and get lucky with what kind of ghost you’re dealing with.

Finishing this challenge earns you 5,000 experience and $5,000 cash. You also earn even more of both along the way.

A skull in a red sky in Phasmophobia.
I hope you’re ready for your toughest ghost hunt yet. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Apocalypse Draws Near Phasmophobia challenge tips

To successfully complete this trial, you need to know the best tips for The Apocalypse Draws Near challenge so you can successfully claim the rewards.

Test for every ghost

The best tip for this trial is to try and test for every ghost to check off which ones it can and can’t be. This can be done by employing most of the same strategies you use during the No Evidence challenge.

Ghost typeUnique traits
BansheeCan be heard signing on the Parabolic Microphone.
Targets one player at a time and remains focused on this player until they are killed or leave the game.
Has a higher likelihood of performing singing ghost events.
DemonThe Crucifix’s range is extended 50 percent farther for this ghost.
Smudging stops the Demon from hunting for a shorter period of time, so if a ghost hunts again around 60 to 90 seconds after being smudged, it might be a Demon.
Has a lower hunt cooldown than other ghosts, so if you notice a hunt with a cooldown of less than 25 seconds then it’s likely a Demon.
DeogenMoves more slowly when near their chosen target, so if you notice a ghost moving rapidly toward a player before suddenly slowing down, it’s likely a Deogen.
Always knows where players are when a hunt is active.
GoryoLess likely to wander around.
HantuMoves more rapidly in colder areas during a hunt.
Can produce visible frosty breath during a hunt, which is the easiest way to identify it with no evidence.
JinnReceives a speed boost when they are chasing a target who is far away.
MareIs much more likely to initiate a hunt in a dark room and remains in the dark more often than most other ghosts.
MoroiIs affected by hyperosmia, which means smudging stuns it for 7.5 seconds rather than only five during a hunt.
MylingMakes sounds on the Parabolic Microphone more frequently.
Is much quieter than all other ghosts during a hunt. This includes vocal noises and footsteps.
ObakeBriefly shapeshifts into another visible ghost form at least once per hunt.
OniBecomes more active with more players nearby.
The Oni’s physical ghost model is visible for longer periods of time during a hunt.
Cannot create an airball during a ghost event.
OrnyoIf a flame is lit, they cannot initiate a hunt and will instead blow out the flame.
If a flame is extinguished, they become angry and more likely to hunt.
More likely to blow out flames like campfires and candles as more players perish.
PhantomTaking a picture of this ghost causes it to temporarily become invisible, so if you snap a photo and a ghost does appear in it, you can rule out the Phantom.
Is invisible more frequently during hunts.
PoltergeistIs able to throw more than one object at once and can generally throw items farther than other ghosts.
Will throw an item every 0.5 seconds during a hunt.
RaijuActive electronics boost the Raiju’s speed during a hunt.
Messes with electronics from a farther distance when it’s manifesting.
RevenantMoves very slowly when unaware of the player’s location during a hunt and moves very rapidly when they are aware.
It’s nearly impossible to run from a Revenant if they know your location, so if the ghost seems incredibly fast, it might be one.
ShadeThis is the shyest ghost of all and is the least likely to hunt or initiate ghost events.
Less active with multiple players around.
Hisses and appears as a shadowy form more often than other ghosts.
SpiritIs especially weak against Incense and won’t initiate a hunt again for 180 seconds after being smudged instead of the usual 90.
ThayeBecomes much slower and less active over time based on how frequently you are around it.
Very active as soon as you enter the map, but quickly decays and goes quiet over time.
The Mimic If you see any Ghost Orbs while completing this challenge then you’ve caught The Mimic. This ghost produces fake Ghost Orbs that don’t count as part of its official evidence which makes them visible even with no evidence turned on like in this trial.
Replicates the behaviors of other ghosts which makes it highly unpredictable.
The TwinsCan create evidence far away from the actual ghost room.
The Twins may interact with the environment simultaneously.
Each Twin can hunt at a different speed, so if the speed of the ghost hunting you seems to change with each hunt, it could be The Twins alternating.
They have a 50 percent chance to hunt from their current location and a 50 percent chance to initiate the hunt instead from wherever their last interaction was.
WraithThe Wraith will never step in Salt, so it’s easy to rule this ghost out by simply placing some down.
YokaiGets angered by players talking near it and becomes more likely to initiate a hunt because of this.
Can’t hear very well during ghost hunts.
YureiShuts doors frequently.
If an exit door is shut completely without a ghost event or hunt occurring, it’s a Yurei.
Becomes temporarily trapped in the ghost room after you smudge the area.

Play with friends

As tough as this challenge is, it becomes a whole lot easier the moment you have at least one friend working with you. Even though you’re playing on Sunny Meadows Restricted rather than the full map, it’s still a fairly large maze-like area to navigate and you can be hunted from the moment you enter the door, which means you need to work as quickly as possible.

Having at least one other player on your side allows you to explore the vast map much more quickly. It also ensures the contract doesn’t end if you die. Ideally, you’ll want a full four-player lobby for the best results, but just gather as many players as you can since even one extra player is immensely helpful.

Use Crucifixes

The Crucifix can be tricky to use, but it’s the most powerful tool you have at your disposal for ensuring the ghost cannot hunt. You’re granted two tier-three Crucifixes in this challenge, so try to place them down where the ghost is spawning for the best protection possible.

The three types of Crucifix hanging on a wall in Phasmophobia.
The Crucifix is one of the most powerful tools you have. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Use Salt

In addition to allowing you to rule out the Wraith if it’s stepped in, tier-three Salt is a powerful way to deter ghosts during a hunt. All ghosts are much faster than usual during this trial, but if they step in Black Salt during a hunt, their speed is decreased by 50 percent for two seconds, which might be just the boost you need to successfully get away and continue your investigation.

Smudge the area

Use Incense to smudge the area and deter ghosts from hunting. Like Salt, this is another powerful tool capable of helping you last longer and hopefully complete the challenge without being caught by a ghost.

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