The 5 best junglers in League of Legends: Wild Rift

These are five of the best choices currently in the game.

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League of Legends’ mobile experience Wild Rift brings many of the core elements from the game right to your mobile device.

Boasting an expansive pool of around 50 champions, many players can utilize their favorite champions on the new Summoner’s Rift.

Some of the biggest changes in Wild Rift include the smaller map, lower cooldown timers, and altered champion abilities. While not all champions have been changed, some have had significant changes to suit the new map.

One thing that has remained the same is the need for all roles in the team to be filled. This includes having a jungler. Jungle champions level up from killing monsters between lanes before staging attacks on enemies in those lanes to help teammates secure kills.

While there’s a limited number of junglers currently in the game, there are some fantastic choices to choose from.

Best jungle champions to pick in Wild Rift

Master Yi

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Master Yi has been a strong pick in League of Legends for many years and is currently one of the best picks in Wild Rift. With his immense speed and healing abilities, Master Yi can often do multiple jungle clears and ganks without needing to return to base. Once he gets his ultimate ability Yi is a dueling machine. For many champions in the game, it’s not possible to outduel him from melee range, especially given his Alpha Strike ability that closes distance quickly. One of the easier jungle champions to play, Master Yi is a great pick for new players.


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Teams often require a tank champion to have the best chances of winning teamfights. If your top lane has chosen a different style of champion, then Amumu is a great choice as a jungle tank.

This ability-based champion may not have the fastest damage output, but his ability to close distances and deal damage over time makes him dangerous, especially later in the game. Amumu is perfect for locking down teamfights with his ultimate ability stunning all surrounding enemies. If you’re after a straightforward champion that can be built durably, Amumu is worth considering.

Lee Sin

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If you’re after a challenging champion that can be extremely powerful, Lee Sin is the champion for you. Given the controls for Wild Rift, landing skill shots is not always the easiest thing to do. But for Lee Sin, landing these are at the core of his power.

With the ability to close distances quickly and dash away, Lee Sin is perfect for navigating in and out of fights while also boasting enough damage to quickly take out enemies. The champion’s ultimate ability partnered with his other skills allows him to quickly isolate a target and separate them from their team, giving Lee Sin and his team an advantage in teamfights.

Xin Zhao

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Another of the more simple jungle champions, Xin Zhao is your standard bruiser. This champion is capable of closing in on enemies quickly and slowing them with his abilities. The crowd-control options that he provides makes his ganks effective. Although he won’t always be able to burst enemies down in the earlier stages of the game, when paired with an ally, he can secure takedowns with ease. Xin Zhao is one of the easier-to-play junglers, and for newer players, he is a great choice to try out.


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Quickly entering lanes and eliminating enemies is at the core of a jungler’s responsibilities. Using Evelynn gives you an excellent entry and escape from the lane since she is not always visible to enemies. With the ability to go invisible, Evelynn can also slow her targets with attacks and quickly burst them down with a combination of her other abilities. While the enemies will see her coming with a border that pops up on their screen, often this will go unnoticed to newer players.

In unranked queues, Evelynn is the perfect champion to outplay and out-scale enemies. While she does begin with lower damage output, once Evelynn has acquired enough of a build she will begin to deal devastating damage and can potentially burst-kill many champions. The key to this, however, is taking the right fights in the early stages of the game to ensure she and her team are ahead on gold and able to build stronger items.

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