PUBG Mobile confirms collaboration with Blackpink

Tencent had been teasing the collaboration for a few days.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile has revealed a collaboration with popular K-pop girl group Blackpink.

Tencent had been teasing the partnership for a few days on PUBG Mobile’s social media handles and has finally confirmed it. The announcement showed all four members of the band, Kim Ji-soo, Jennie Kim, Roseanne Park, and Lalisa Manoban sitting on a completely pink New Erangel. No details regarding what will come out of this collaboration were revealed.

This isn’t the first time a tie-up between the band and the battle royale game has happened. In July, Blackpink’s song “Playing with Fire” was added to the game. Players could hear the song playing in certain locations of PUBG Mobile’s maps. The present collaboration will likely be a lot bigger given how Tencent has been hyping-up the announcement for the past few days.

Last year, PUBG Mobile partnered with British-Norwegian DJ Alan Walker. As part of this, the song “On My Way” could be heard in PUBG Mobile a day before its global release. Walker also performed at the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) spring split global finals in Berlin, Germany and participated in a showmatch. He also partnered with the game for another song, “Live Fast.”

Players will likely find out what to expect from PUBG Mobile’s and Blackpink’s collaboration soon.

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