New community contest starts in PUBG Mobile

Ten players will receive 1,500 credits at the end of the event.

Image via Tencent

A new event started in the PUBG Mobile community last night, one week after the release of the game’s newest season.

“With all of the excitement happening in-game, we thought that our latest community event should take place IRL,” PUBG Mobile said. “For this event, we want everyone to record themselves doing the “Draw Bow” emote.”

Image via PUBG Mobile

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Fans have until June 3 to submit videos of them doing “The Draw” emote, which can be found on Royale Pass level 55. A jury will then select 10 winners. They’ll be rewarded with 1,500 credits, which is worth around $28.

Screengrab via PUBG Mobile

Meanwhile, the first Toy Playground event will end on May 25. It rewards players who enter Brothers in Arms matches. The Brothers in Arms system is a new feature that helps newer players meet other players by matching them with veterans.

PUBG Mobile offers various ways to make friends in the game, such as clans, and rewards playing together over random matchmaking. There’s also the cheer zone, another recent addition to help fans meet people in a training area.

Other various events offer rewards that can be traded for skins and coupons this week and until the end of the month.