The Brazilian Free Fire League (LBFF) 8 will return in August with new format

In person matches are back with the LBFF 8.

Image via Garena

The Brazilian Free Fire League (LBFF) Eight will begin on Aug. 6 with some changes in its format. This edition of the competition will also mark the full return of players to the studio in-person. With 18 teams in the running, the group stage draw will happen on July 23 at 11am CT and will be streamed live on Garena’s official accounts on YouTube and TikTok.

The biggest change coming with the new format is the number of games on match days, which went from six to four. The number of matches in the grand final is now eight, though. The change in the number of matches is due to the addition of the Alpine map to the game roster.

Besides being streamed live on the official accounts, the LBFF Eight tournament will also be streamed on broadcast TV at RedeTV! channel on Saturdays and Sundays. On Mondays, the Brazilian Free Fire championship will also be shown at the cable TV channel SPACE. 

The 18 teams competing in the Brazilian Free Fire League (LBFF) Eight are:

  • Angels
  • B4
  • BD Vasco
  • Corinthians FF
  • Fluxo
  • GOD Unidas
  • HUMMER Esports
  • Los Grandes
  • LOUD
  • Magic Squad
  • Meta Gaming
  • Netshoes Miners
  • paiN Gaming
  • Stars Horizon
  • Team Liquid
  • TropiCaos
  • Vivo Keyd