Free Fire’s new map Alpine will release on Dec. 31

The new year is kicking off in Free Fire with a lot of events.

Image via Garena

A new battlefield is arriving in Free Fire with the release of Alpine. The map was originally a fishing village, but become a military outpost during the Winter War when Team Elite fought against Mr. Red and the Yeti over the stolen energy core.

Alpine will be released on Dec. 31 at 6pm CT (Jan. 1 at 12am GMT) for the classic and ranked modes. Players can currently check out the map through a new VR experience, where some mini-adventures can also be completed. Here are some images of the new map:

The first day of the new year has been called New Age Day, and a lot of events will be live as the new map releases. All players who log in on this day will get a Yeti pet alongside other collectibles. Garena is also bringing some “never seen before” events to Free Fire.

Players can battle in the new map to get Magic Cube Fragments. These can be exchanged for “exclusive items” on the Magic Cube exchange store.

Some time-limited bundles will also be available on the exchange store, which includes a Winter Icerunner Costume Bundle. These can be unlocked as players get more New Age tokens.

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