Limited-time mode Team Deathmatch now available in Free Fire

This game mode will suit the most aggressive players.

Image via Free Fire

Several limited-time game modes are set to join Free Fire at the end of April. Team Deathmatch arrived on the game’s live servers today and will run until May 4.

Team Deathmatch follows the general rules of the popular game mode in shooting games. Two teams of four players face each other in a small area of Bermuda and win after eliminating 40 players, or by having the most points after 10 minutes.

Free Fire brought some variations that makes this game mode unique to the mobile title, however. One of four gear sets can be chosen at the start of the game, offering various playstyles such as strong close-ranged fights with a shotgun or versatility with the AK. It can be changed at each respawn.

Various bonuses spawn in random locations of the map, such as a heal, a shield, and more ammunition. Nothing can be picked up from corpses, which makes the ammunition bonus essential to survive longer. Health regenerates over time.

Even if the timer is set at 10 minutes, the match can easily be finished after four minutes. This mode offers welcomed intense gunfights in the slow-paced battle royale mode.

Screengrab via Garena

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Team Deathmatch is part of a rotation of four limited-time game modes. The first one to join the game was Rampage, which is still available and will end on May 2. The next one is Night Hunter, which will remain available from April 27 to May 4. Cold Steel will wrap up the rotation from April 28 to May 5. Those game modes offer rewards in the Characters Marathon event.

The Characters Marathon event, available until May 5, helps upgrading the characters. To start gaining points, the player must choose the character they want among a group of seven in the event tab. Only an already-owned character can be chosen.

Then, points will be rewarded for completing various missions such as making eliminations and wins, and will be traded against a character bundle and fragments. The bundle costs 1,000 points and can be earned by completing 10 missions of 100 points each.

The characters fragments can be used to level up the character, reinforcing its special skill. This event is the perfect opportunity to unlock the full potential of your favorite characters and, at the same time, test original game modes.