Garena Free Fire Kill Secured game mode guide

The new mode is similar to Deathmatch.

Image via Garena

Free Fire’s new mode Kill Secured arrived on the game’s servers on April 19. In Kill Secured, two teams of four players compete against each other in a small part of Bermuda for 10 minutes, similar to Deathmatch. The team that reaches 80 points first or the one with the highest amount of points after the time ends wins the match.

In the beginning of the game, all players can choose their own weapons. Points are earned by killing other players and by collecting tags. If a player gets killed, he will respawn until the game ends. 

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When eliminating another player or getting a dog tag, your team will receive one point. Picking up dog tags from your own teammates is a good strategy to deny the other team points. You can also have a streak of picking up dog tags, getting +1, +2, +3 points until the streak ends or you are eliminated. 

The size of the map makes it easier to create new strategies, like dividing your team in two. Also, choosing the right gun can change your whole gameplay. The SKS will be good if you want two functions, sniper and assault rifle, but it’s better used as a counter because of its low rate of fire. The M1014 is one of the best options for close-range gameplay since it has a high damage output. The Thompson is another good choice for the Kill Secured mode since it has a powerful ability and is very deadly in the battle royale mode.

Making good character choices is also important if you’re looking for a win. Jota is a great option if you like the close-range gameplay, especially if you pair him with an SMG or shotgun. Andrew’s ability to have a strengthened vest makes him a strong choice for the new mode. Shani’s ability to fix armor and Alok’s ability to heal make them good assets for a team also. 

If you’re playing the Kill Secured mode on Free Fire until April 23 you can also get rewards on the FF Wonderland tab. By playing four matches the player wins Neonlight Eggs, eight matches gives you a Fantasy Egg Hunt, and 16 matches played will reward you a Bunny Frenzy Parachute.