The 5 best characters in Free Fire

The battle royale has more than 20 playable characters.

Image via Garena

Free Fire has more than 20 characters that can be unlocked by players.

Garena’s battle royale comes with two base characters, Adam and Eve, but they don’t have any special skills like the others. When playing solo, it’s important to know the characters’ skills and abilities so you can choose one that matches your gameplay style. 

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But there are some characters with skills and abilities that are strong enough to suit almost all players. Here are the top characters in Free Fire.


Added to the game at the beginning of 2018, Kelly is one of the best characters for short-range combat because of her Dash skill. When reaching levels one to four and levels six and eight, the character gains one percent of sprinting speed. With Kelly’s skill, you’ll be able to run away, chase the enemy faster, or run to a safer zone easily. Since the character’s ability is useful in any situation, Kelly is also a good choice in any skill combination. 


Paloma is an arms dealer with the ability to carry AR ammo without taking up inventory space, solving one of the biggest problems players have in the game. With Paloma, the player will be able to carry 30 additional AR ammo without taking up space at each level, reaching 180 at level eight. Added to the battle royale in August 2019, the character will give the player more space to carry grenades, first aid kits, and other practical items.


Andrew has the unique ability of Armor Specialist, which decreases the loss of vest durability. His skill is useful when it’s hard to find a good vest and it turns Andrew into a good tanker by increasing his chance of survival in combat. The loss of vest durability will be decreased by two percent with each level unlocked, but it can really be felt by the player when the vest is level three or four.


With the Hacker’s Eye ability, Moco is the hacker of the battle royale. With this skill, she tags enemies she hits and shows their position for her squad. At first, the tag will be active for two seconds, increasing half a second with each level unlocked. Added to the game in the beginning of 2019, Moco is useful when playing squads or duos.


Secret agent Laura was launched in the game on May 8, 2019. Her special ability, Sharp Shooter, increases the accuracy of shots while scoped in. When the player unlocks level one, their accuracy will be increased by 10 percent. After that, four percent will be added as each level is unlocked. This skill makes Laura an incredible shooter when using strong weapons like a FAMAS or an AK.