Best guns in Garena Free Fire (and where to find them)

The game has nine different sets of weapons to choose from.

Image via Garena

Free Fire has a pretty diverse set of guns available, and for a player to feel superior to his opponents, they have to know the difference between them. Garena’s battle royale has nine sets of weapons: launchers, LMGs, SMGs, ARs, pistols, SGs, SRs, melees and the crossbow. 

Many of them can be found around the loot regions of Bermuda, Purgatory and Kalahari maps, but some are only available in airdrops. For good loots, players must search for regions with buildings and industrial zones. Players should always focus on having at least one gun for short-range and another for mid and long-range, getting more weapons that accept attachables, and choosing guns that fit your gameplay style.

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The pistols are good choices to start the game. The G18 is one of the most common weapons in Free Fire, being a good option while the player does not find a better gun. The Desert Eagle can be used for long distance shooting, and can receive a muzzle and a silencer. The USP is really light and can receive magazine, not affecting the player’s agility. Lastly, the M500 is recommended for executing players from a long distance because of its 2x scope and high range.

Short-range combat

For the rush strategy and short-range combat, the MP40 is one of the most used because of its high rate of fire and damage. The P90 is also good for rush because of its high fire rate and magazine storage. The M1014 and the SPAS12 are shotguns with high damage rates, but the SPAS12 has a higher rate of fire and reload speed, and can have increased clip size. To use the SPAS12 with confidence, a player has to practice using it in different situations, because it’s a one-shot weapon. The UMP has low precision but it has a high rate of fire, so it could be good for early game.

Mid and long-range combat

For mid and long-range gameplay, rifles are one of the best options. The GROZA could be considered one of the best weapons in the game, since it is stable, has high damage, and can receive all kinds of attachables. The M4A1 is considered user-friendly and suitable for beginners because of its low recoil rate. The AK and the FAMAS are one of the most known weapons in shooting games. The AK will require practice because of its high recoil, and the FAMAS can become one of the deadliest guns in the game if attached with the foregrip. The SCAR is also suited for beginners, due to it stability and accuracy.

The M249 is a rare gun in the game, since it’s only available through airdrops. The LMG has an incredible magazine, with a clip size of 100 and light weight. The downsides of the M249 are that it cannot receive attachables and the approximate seven seconds to reload. The Crossbow is similar to the M249 since it’s also only found in airdrops. It doesn’t receive attachables, but it is a good choice for closed places with a high concentration of enemies, since its damage can affect more than one player at a time. When using the Crossbow, the player must pay attention and protect themself during reload time.

Long distance

For players that are into long distance headshots, the AWM is one of the best snipers in the game. The weapon has really high damage, range and accuracy, but it will take some time to reload. Also, its ammunition is one of the hardest to find in the game. Other options are the SKS and the VSS, which also have high precision. The SKS is pre-attached with a 4x scope, which could be an advantage. Also, the DRAGUNOV is almost as powerful as the AWM, but it’s only available in resupply points and airdrops. Finally, the KAR98K has a pre-attached 8x scope and can also receive a muzzle.

Choosing the right gun for every different situation in the battle royale is the key for a Booyah. Good knowledge of all weapons and most important regions of each map is what makes a player stand out from its opponents and level up quickly in the game.