Everything you need to know about Free Fire’s Kalahari map

With Kalahari’s debut, Purgatory’s Classic mode is out of the game.

Image via Garena

The new Free Fire Kalahari map dropped on Feb. 28, right after the OB20 update was released on Feb. 25. The third map in the game, which players already had a sneak peek of last year, was created after Garena realized that players felt Purgatory was too similar to Bermuda. With Kalahari’s official debut, Purgatory’s Classic mode was deactivated and Rush Hour mode will be available daily for four hours.

For the development of Kalahari, Garena interviewed players and listened to feedback to create a more dynamic map. Kalahari is a smaller map with the intent of speeding up confrontation. There are more places to hide, more mountainous regions and buildings, as well as 13 points of reference, requiring a different strategy from players and squads.

With some areas containing top-tier loot, players should be careful with the hot zones and pay close attention to the safe zones and the clock. The Confinement zone is an abandoned prison split in two parts and it’s key northeastern location makes it a great place to set traps. The Bayfront and Refinery zones make up the center part of the map. The Refinery buildings split the area in two and the location is full of natural resources.

The Maze and Foundation regions located in the western part of the map are great places for ambushes and battles. The top of the Shrine, in north Kalahari, is one of the best locations for a good view of the map and the biggest chance of survival. 

Kalahari’s ranked mode hasn’t been released yet, but Garena said it will be added to the game after listening to feedback and making adjustments.