Clash Royale’s Electro Giant is getting a much-needed buff

His hitpoints have been increased.

Image via Supercell

The Electro Giant card was released into Clash Royale with the season 16 update on Oct. 5, and while it added an interesting mechanic to the game, it has proved to be rather ineffective.

Electro Giant can hit enemy troops with zaps of lightning in a small radius around him, but its cost of eight elixirs and ability to be taken down with a ranged card made players demand a buff. Well, it’s happening.

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Clash Royale underwent a maintenance break today to give the Electro Giant a much-needed buff. Supercell that the Giant “felt a bit squishy,” it is getting a 12.5 percent increase to his hitpoints. The Electro Giant now has a similar HP to the Mega Knight and Lava Hound.

This isn’t all. The Electro Giant will be getting another buff with the release of season 17. In this, the Giant’s counterattack damage will be increased so that it scales alongside his level. Supercell said that it isn’t possible to release this buff with the current version of the game, which is why it will come with season 17.

Season 16 of Clash Royale will end on Nov. 2 and the season 17 update should drop on the same day. Supercell has also revealed that the new update will also have “many changes and improvements to the current Clan Wars.”