Clash Royale season 16, Shocktober, has begun

Two new cards are coming to the game this season.

Image via Supercell

Clash Royale’s 16th season, called Shocktober, is underway. The season will introduce a new Pass Royale, two new cards, and more.

The season 16 Pass Royale has a free and paid variant. The paid version costs $4.99 and offers significantly better rewards. Both versions of the Pass Royale contain 35 tiers that offer rewards. Players have to earn crowns by playing matches to advance through these tiers.

At tier 35, players will unlock a legendary chest, which guarantees one legendary card. At tiers 10 and 20 of the paid Pass Royale, a new tower skin and emote will be unlocked. This season’s Pass Royale isn’t offering a tower skin to free-to-play players.

Screengrab via Supercell

The main highlight of Shocktober is the two new cards: the Electro Giant and Electro Spirit. The Electro Giant adds an interesting mechanic to the game. All enemy troops in a radius around it will get hit by zaps of lightning when they deal damage to the Giant. The Electro Giant focuses on buildings and costs eight elixir.

The Electro Spirit, on the other hand, jumps onto enemies, dealing damage and stunning them for a brief period.

Screengrab via Supercell

The Electro Giant is also the boosted card for the season. This means that the card’s level will be “boosted” to the player’s king level for the season. Players can unlock the Electro Giant through the ongoing “Electro Giant Enters the Arena” draft challenge in the events tab. An event for unlocking the Electro Spirit will start on Oct. 14.