When will Clash Royale season 16 end?

Shocktober will go on for about a month.

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Clash Royale’s 16th season, called Shocktober, is currently underway. It began on Oct. 5 and brought two new cards to the mobile game: the Electro Giant and Electro Spirit.

The season will go on for about a month. According to the in-game countdown, season 16 of Clash Royale will end on Nov. 2. Players can expect the next season to begin on the same day with a new content update dropping. Thus, players have until this date to complete all 35 tiers in the Pass Royale to make the most of it.

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The Electro Giant adds an interesting mechanic to the game. Although the Giant only focuses only on buildings, whenever he is damaged he will hit enemy troops in a small radius around him with zaps of lightning. The Electro Spirit, on the other hand, jumps onto enemies and can stun up to nine enemies for a short duration. The spirit also deals a bit of damage.

The arena for this season is the Electro Valley Arena, fitting the electric theme of the season. The boosted card of the season is the Electro Giant. This means that the card’s level will be boosted to the player’s king’s level for the entire season.

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The season 16 Pass Royale contains two seasonal exclusive content. This includes the Electro Tower Skin and the Electro Giant Emote. Besides this, players can get up to 40,000 gold, a legendary chest, and more rewards through by advancing through all 35 tiers of the Pass Royale.

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