A massive cherry blossom biome in Minecraft.
Screenshot via Dot Esports

25 best Minecraft 1.20 seeds

There are so many unique ones to explore.

If you’re looking to explore all that the 1.20 Minecraft update has to offer then you’ll want to do so with the best seeds possible.

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There are limitless seeds in Minecraft, which means that there are so many amazing ones for players to see. However, it can be difficult to find the best ones. Here are 25 of the best Minecraft seeds we found while playing that showcase many different features for players to explore.

Cherry blossom seeds in Minecraft 1.20

A cherry blossom biome by a ice spikes biome.
This is the view right by where you spawn. Screenshot via Dot Esports

One of the biggest highlights in the 1.20 update was the vast and vibrant cherry blossom grove biomes that can be found around the world. Each of these areas is packed with twisted cherry blossom trees constantly raining down pink leaves and pink flowers scattered around the grassy biome. You’ll also regularly find bees buzzing around and beehives they call home hiding in the cherry blossom trees.

Cherry and ice seed: 6509357572236430916 

  • Spawn: -3, 91, 78
  • Two Strongholds
  • Ancient City
  • Mushroom Fields

Players are met with a stunning view featuring a cherry blossom grove biome right next to an ice spikes biome. There’s also a village right behind the cherry blossom biome and another one to the left of it, which makes this an overall great starting point.

A map of the 6509357572236430916  seed in Minecraft.
All the light pink on this map highlights cherry blossom groves. Image via Chunkbase

If you’re up to a bit of traveling, you’ll find an even more impressive cherry blossom grove at about -1009, 146.4, 514.5. This cherry blossom biome is a great place to live since it sits right between two Villages and is right on top of a complex cave system in which you can find lots of valuable ores. There’s even an Ancient City lurking below this area if you’re looking to take on the formidable Warden and explore the deep dark biome.

The Stronghold is right by this massive area, too, so when you’re ready to beat the Ender Dragon, all you need to do is head to -1071.5, 80, 506.5. There’s a second Stronghold that players can visit at 2,228, 38, 692, hiding right underneath the extremely rare mushroom fields biome.

Massive cherry blossom grove seed: -1980245934846405814

A cherry blossom biome that spans over two mountains in Minecraft.
This biome spans across two mountains in this seed. Screenshot via Dot Esports
  • Spawn: -18, 80, 3
  • Ancient City
  • Multiple Villages
  • Fairly well-rounded supply of resources
A map of the -1980245934846405814 seed in Minecraft.
There’s a wide variety of other areas players can explore in this seed too. Image via Chunkbase

The spawn area of this seed isn’t particularly remarkable, although there is an Ancient City close by and two Villages, so players can do a bit of traveling to find a stunning cherry blossom grove. This biome covers two tall mountains and has a village to one side and a ruined Nether portal on the other.

Players can set up a home here and have everything they’ll need to progress through the game with ease. This cherry blossom biome can be found in this seed at -2800, 143, 460.

Cherry circle seed: 1691256543523180978

A circular cherry blossom biome in Minecraft.
This perfectly circular cherry blossom biome is an extremely rare find. Screenshot via Dot Esports
  • Spawn: 64, 70, -96
  • Enormous amount of Villages
  • Plenty of Trail Ruins

For those happy to travel a distance to find something extraordinary, this one is for you. Head to 12037, 109, 1383, and you’ll find a cherry blossom biome that is perfectly circular around a lake located in the center.

There’s also a village right by this biome, so players could easily set up here permanently. Biomes don’t usually spawn in such a unique format, so the long journey you’ll need to take to reach it will be worth the effort.

A map of the 1691256543523180978 seed.
You’ll have to travel extremely far for this biome, but it’s worth the effort. Image via Chunkbase

Cherry circle village seed: 69420021128211429

  • Spawn: -1, 135, -1
  • Zombie Village
  • Massive cave system
  • Unique Cherry Blossom crater formation
A cherry blossom grove circled around a deep valley with an abandoned village in Minecraft.
The circular structure of these trees is similar to the last seed, but this one has a village. Screenshot via Dot Esports

This is one of the coolest spawn points I’ve ever seen in a Minecraft seed. You start off on the side of a hill in a cherry blossom grove with a village sitting encircled by stunning pink trees all around.

The village sitting at the bottom of this cherry blossom area is abandoned, which means only Zombie Villagers live there. This means they can’t trade unless players heal them, but the stunning view from this spawn area is worth the effort if you are hoping to set your home up in the area. There are also a few other Villages fairly close by if you want to visit those instead.

Down near where the abandoned village sits, there is a massive cave system players can use to gather ores like iron and diamond. If you venture deep enough, you’ll even come across a mineshaft packed with loot for players to recover.

A map of the 69420021128211429 seed in Minecraft.
There are lots of cherry blossom biomes near spawn in this seed. Image via Chunkbase

Cherry circle pillager seed: -8420851757348915402

  • Spawn: 1, 65, -6
  • Large amount of Trail Ruins
  • Woodland Mansion
A circular cherry blossom biome with a pillager output sitting on the edge in Minecraft.
These pillagers set up their home in the stunning pink biome. Screenshot via Dot Esports

This seed spawns you into a massive, sprawling dark oak forest, but if you head to around 415, 139, 2040, you’ll find a circle of cherry blossom trees with a pillager outpost overlooking the area. They usually don’t spawn in areas like this one, so this presents you with a fun area to explore or set up your home.

Outside of the cherry blossom area, there’s a Woodland Mansion fairly close to spawn, quite a few Archaeology opportunities near there, and tons of Villages scattered around.

A map of the -8420851757348915402 seed in Minecraft.
You’ll find the pillager outpost in the cherry blossom biome south of spawn. Image via Chunkbase

Village surrounded by cherry blossom trees seed: -631232650754339095

  • Spawn: 0, 109, 0
  • Picture-perfect Village location
  • Loads of Cherry Blossom Trees
A Minecraft village surrounded by Cherry Blossom Trees in Minecraft.
These Villagers have an incredibly cozy spot to call home. Screenshot via Dot Esports

While the cherry blossom seeds listed above all have plenty of resource-heavy points of interest nearby, this one is a bit different. Sure, it may not be near a stronghold or any Ancient Cities, but sometimes you want a nice, beautiful location to call home without having to do much to pretty it up yourself.

The village located near -210, 210, just a bit southeast of your spawn point, is sequestered away between beautiful cherry blossoms and small mountains. The Villagers in charge of building this spot really chose some prime real estate. While there aren’t loads of additional Villages nearby, this seed is a great choice for those who like to turn a single village into their home.

A map of the -631232650754339095 Minecraft seed.
This seed might not have tons of nearby Villages, but a village surrounded by cherry blossom trees is pretty adorable. Image via Chunkbase

Archaeology seeds in Minecraft 1.20

The 1.20 update added the Archaeology feature, which allows players to uncover ancient artifacts by carefully brushing suspicious sand and gravel. These blocks can only be found in structures like Desert Pyramids, Desert Wells, and warm Ocean Ruins, so players might want a seed that gets them close to these structures to test out the Archaeology feature as soon as possible.

Desert temples galore seed: 6379870233718797262

A Desert Pyramid in the desert.
Players can find suspicious sand inside Desert Pyramids. Screenshot via Dot Esports
  • Spawn 9, 64, -11
  • Numerous Desert Temples and Ruins
  • Plenty of Villages
  • Nice variety of biomes

Players who want to start testing out the Archaeology feature that arrived in the 1.20 update may enjoy this seed since it spawns them into a desert with three Desert Pyramids nearby. The desert is one of the best biomes to hang around in when you want to practice Archaeology, and this seed has a massive one all around the spawn area.

A map of the 6379870233718797262 seed.
Players have lots of desert biomes to test their Archaeology skills. Image via Chunkbase

Trail Ruins seed: 3525815545798372731

  • Spawn: 7, 99, 11
  • Numerous Trail Ruins
  • Handful of Villages
The top of a Trail Ruins.
These ruins don’t look like much from afar, but they’re great for Archaeology. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Players will spawn close to a few different Trail Ruins in this seed. These structures are generally mostly buried underground, making finding them a luck-based process unless you specifically track their coordinates.

In this seed, players have three Trail Ruins located immediately around them and quite a few more in the surrounding area they may venture out to. Players can uncover these structures and play around with the Archaeology feature while doing so.

A map of the 3525815545798372731 seed.
The small feather-looking icon is the brush tool used for Archaeology in Minecraft. Image via Chunkbase

Mega desert seed: 135900

  • Spawn: 5, 66, -6
  • Plenty of Desert Temples and Ruins
  • Numerous Trail Ruins
An enormous Minecraft desert viewed from above.
Anakin Skywalker would hate this Minecraft seed. Screenshot via Dot Esports

If you like the desert biome in Minecraft, then this is the seed for you. This is an enormous desert with plenty of wells, ruins, and temples to find. It’s a great choice for archeology enthusiasts, and you’ll also find a nice helping of Villages in the desert.

It’s also surrounded by warm ocean water, which means you could find plenty of ocean ruins for underwater archeology purposes. Hopefully, you’ll even be able to find a Sniffer egg!

A map of the 135900 Minecraft seed.
Desert Wells, Desert Ruins, and plenty of Desert. Image via Chunkbase

Warm oceans and trail ruins seed: -1237183892916451978

  • Spawn: 47, 66, -12
  • Handful of Trail Ruins
  • Warm Ocean location
  • Loads of Desert Ruins
A warm ocean biome in Minecraft.
Warm ocean ruins mean you’ve got a good chance of finding some Sniffer eggs. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Maybe you have an interest in Minecraft archeology, maybe you want to find a Sniffer egg, but you don’t like the desert. Never fear, as this seed will provide you with a nice, warm ocean directly to the west of your spawn location. It even includes a handful of Trail Ruins. You’ll be able to exercise your love for archeological brushing without having to travel across a miserably hot desert.

Of course, if you feel like braving a little bit of desert heat, the desert north of your spawn point is absolutely filled with Desert Ruins and Temples.

A map of the -1237183892916451978 Minecraft seed.
Head to the east, find some Trail Ruins, Villages, and Warm Oceans. Image via Chunkbase

Well-rounded seeds in Minecraft 1.20

If there’s no particular feature you’re seeking to start off your next Minecraft world, then you might enjoy these well-rounded seeds that have a bit of everything located around them.

Everything you need seed: -4701114812458603382

  • Spawn: -259, 84, 106
  • Dark Oak Forest and Jungle
  • Numerous Ocean Ruins and Shipwrecks
A water and cave system around a forest in Minecraft.
I found an intricate water and cave system that would be great to live near in this seed at -76, 98, -1,093.4. Screenshot via Dot Esports

The spawn of this seed might not look like much, but you’ve got lots of options every way you look. You start off on an island, and the waters surrounding it have all kinds of useful structures like a nearly complete Nether portal at -454, 50, 4.9. All you need to complete it is waiting in the chest right by it. Throw in a few ocean ruins right off the island you spawn on, complete with shipwrecks packed with treasure, and you’ve got yourself a strong start.

With this seed, you also have easy access to just about every biome you might want depending on which direction you head. There’s a dark oak forest starting at about -673, 77, -377.7 and a jungle right behind it at about -961, 90, -338.3, which quickly grants players access to two of the rarer Minecraft biomes.

This seed also has one of the biggest cherry blossom grove biomes I’ve seen yet, which can be found at around 1472.2, 171.6, -389.9. If you’re looking for a seed that has it all, this one is packed with anything and everything you might need.

An overall map of seed -4701114812458603382 in Minecraft.
Here’s a map of the general area around spawn for this seed. Image via Chunkbase

Structures seed: 46546761360

  • Spawn: 44, 66, -37
  • Woodland Mansion
  • Several Pillager Outposts
  • Great choice for Armor Template enthusiasts
A woodland mansion in Minecraft.
Players usually have to travel thousands of blocks to find this structure. Screenshot via Dot Esports

The 1.20 update brought armor trims to the world of Minecraft which allows players to collect templates from around the world that they can then use to customize their armor like never before. All armor trim templates can only be gathered from dangerous locations like Strongholds, Woodland Mansions, and shipwrecks.

This seed is a great one for players who want to kick off their Minecraft experience by tracking down armor templates. There’s a Woodland Mansion not too far away from spawn, quite a few Pillager Outposts, and many Nether portals you can use to visit the Nether. All of these locations are key for obtaining armor trim smithing templates, so this is a great seed for tackling this task.

A map of seed 46546761360 in Minecraft.
The ocean near spawn is particularly packed with structures players can explore. Image via Chunkbase.

All five village types seed: -8899408267126324480

  • Spawn: -40, 72, -7
  • All five Village types
  • Extreme biome diversity
  • Pillagers
  • Ocean Monuments
  • Ancient Cities
A screenshot of four different Minecraft biomes merged into one location.
It’s almost like every region of Minecraft bundled into one little zone. Screenshot via Dot Esports

This Minecraft seed is an absolute must for those who fancy themselves nomads. You’ll be able to find all five Village types within at least 2,500 blocks of one another, and that’s good news for those who enjoy traveling and trading with Villagers.

Of course, the enormous amount of biome diversity in such a small area also means you’ll be able to load up on resources that would take you a long time to find otherwise. Even better, there’s a healthy amount of Ocean Monuments in the sea southwest of your spawn point and a few Ancient Cities to the northwest.

A map of the -8899408267126324480 Minecraft seed.
It almost feels like you’re looking at a globe. Perhaps a “cube” in this case. Image via Chunkbase

Unique seeds in Minecraft 1.20

These Minecraft seeds have special and odd features that make them quite unlike the rest. If you’re seeking something unique, these seeds are solid options for you.

Woodland Mansion on the water seed: -370860789905770107

  • Spawn -189, 65, 329
  • Woodland Mansion in a unique location
  • Enormous amount of Villages
A strange woodland mansion in the middle of water in Minecraft.
You’ve probably never seen a Woodland Mansion spawn like this. Screenshot via Dot Esports

This seed is great if you want to start off near an icy and snowy biome, but the really impressive part of this seed is a strangely spawned Woodland Mansion. Players can use this seed in the Bedrock version of Minecraft, and the mysterious Woodland Mansion can be found at -1976, 99, 1640.

I checked on both Bedrock and Java Minecraft, and the Woodland Mansion will only spawn at this location in the Bedrock version of the game. Since this structure is only supposed to appear situated deep within a dark oak forest, this occurrence is extremely rare and makes for a fun world to play in.

This structure likely spawned here because there is a very small dark oak forest that is essentially impossible to see. Regardless, players can loot this massive structure for valuable rewards and later choose to turn it into their home since it has such a unique location.

An overall map of seed -370860789905770107.
There are Villages everywhere in this seed. Image via Chunkbase

Endless mushroom fields seed: -7291835737515029772

  • Spawn -237, 94, 356
  • Enormous Mushroom Fields biome
  • Loads of shipwrecks
  • Loads of Ocean Ruins
A huge mushroom fields biome in Minecraft.
This biome seems neverending. Screenshot via Dot Esports

This seed has the most massive mushroom fields island I’ve ever seen in Minecraft, and it’s also not very far away from spawn. Players can find this area at -841, 94, 768, and it is a great place to live since no hostile mobs can spawn within it.

In addition to this strangely large island, players will also find shipwrecks, Ocean Monuments, and Nether portals all around the nearby area. It’s fairly easy to find anything you’re searching for in this seed, but the best part about it is certainly the huge mushroom island.

A map of the -7291835737515029772 seed in Minecraft.
There’s lots of water around the spawn area of this seed. Image via Chunkbase

Isle of mountains: 937250616

  • Spawn: -6, 149, -4
  • Variety of different wood near spawn
  • Nice mix of biomes
  • Perfect chasm leading underground near spawn at -11, 98, -242
Isle of mountains seed from Minecraft.

It’s always fun to start a Minecraft world on an isolated island. Start here, however, and you’ll have a veritable archipelago of resources at your disposal. The main, giant island that you spawn on has a variety of biomes smashed together in a small space, and a convenient chasm nearby that will give you early access to some ores and other deep-in-the-earth goodies.

When you tire of island life, you’ve got plenty of trees around you to craft a boat of your liking and set a course for adventure. Just make sure you keep your eyes peeled and dip beneath the waves now and then, as there’s more than a few shipwrecks to the north and south of your starting island.

Screenshot of the overworld map for Minecraft seed 937250616.
The mainland isn’t too far away, but far away enough for your island to be nice and private. Image via Chunkbase

Icy shipwreck seed: -3271674935876727390

  • Spawn: 0, 94, 0
  • Shipwreck in a unique location
  • Mushroom Field biomes in unique locations
A shipwreck frozen in an icy biome and two mushroom field biomes in the distance behind it.
It’s quite rare to find a shipwreck spawned like this one. Screenshot via Dot Esports

This seed will spawn you into a true winter wonderland and has a massive snowy plain biome right by an expansive ice spikes biome. If you head to around -981, 85, 408 in the Bedrock version of Minecraft, you’ll find a shipwreck stuck in ice, which makes for great storytelling or gameplay opportunities.

In the distance near the shipwreck, you’ll also find random mushroom field biomes in the middle of all the ice. Everything about this seed is quite unique, as players can find an expansive icy area in one direction and normal green biomes in the other.

A map of the -3271674935876727390 seed.
Much of the area near spawn is covered in ice. Image via Chunkbase

Pirate temple outpost seed: 3546842701776989958

  • Spawn: 169, 72, 29
  • Pirate ship, temple, desert village, and outpost near spawn
A pirate ship, outpost, temple and village seed in Minecraft.

This is a wacky seed. From the moment you spawn, you can make out a Pillager outpost through a line of trees. That Pillager outpost happens to be smack dab in the middle of a beached pirate ship, a desert temple, and a desert village.

Head near that jumbled smorgasbord right after you spawn, and you’ll likely see and/or hear Villagers being attacked by Pillagers. You can rush in to try and save the day, but it’ll be tough with nothing more than your fists. If you do take out the Pillagers, however, you’ll have a bounty of resources for starting your latest Minecraft world.

Screenshot of the pirate temple outpost seed in Minecraft.
That desert is filled with treasures! Maybe they can help you take on the Outpost. Image via Chunkbase

Huge lush cave seed: 8486672581758651406

  • Spawn -6, 64, 8
  • Huge lush cave
  • Woodland Mansion
  • Cherry Blossom Trees
  • Ancient City
A massive lush cave in Minecraft.
The lush cave in this seed is quite unlike any other one I’ve seen. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Of all the seeds I’ve explored, this one remains one of my favorites. This seed is so good that I have two different Minecraft worlds on it because I needed to play Survival on it twice.

You first spawn in a massive dark oak forest, and if you head slightly away from spawn to 25.5, 66, 53.7, you’ll find a huge lush cave with glow berries strung everywhere, water all around, and a massive empty cavern to work with. This is a great area to set up the home of your dreams, as you can construct something amazing overlooking this lush cave.

There’s also a Woodland Mansion just over the hill where the lush cave is hidden and a cherry blossom biome hiding an ancient city not too far away from spawn.

A map of the 8486672581758651406 seed in Minecraft.
The dark forest you spawn in here is massive. Image via Chunkbase

Village Woodland Mansion hybrid seed: -2659250400746428090

  • Spawn: 0, 194, 0
  • Unique Woodland Mansion and Village location
  • Loads of Buried Treasures
A Minecraft Village and Woodland Mansion side-by-side.
Which came first? The Village or the Woodland Mansion? Screenshot via Dot Esports

There are a lot of unique Woodland Mansion spawns on this list, and that’s because it’s just so irregular to see them anywhere but inside of a Dark Forest biome. However, this seed has a lakeside Woodland Mansion, with an entire Village attached to it.

Perhaps the Villagers thought they’d move in. Whatever the case, that Woodland Mansion is a sweet spot to loot right after starting your game, and there are plenty of Cherry Blossom trees nearby as well. Maybe you can use those to brighten up the dreary Woodland Mansion.

A map of the -2659250400746428090 seed in Minecraft.
The beach to the west of your spawn point is filled with buried treasure. Image via Chunkbase

Flat foundation for building seed: -4327592569074059702

  • Spawn: 0, 67, 0
  • Several large, open plains
  • Plenty of Villages
  • Ideal for building
A screenshot of several large, open plains in Minecraft.
Is it as flat as Superflat? No, but it’s pretty flat for a survival world seed. Image via Dot Esports

In all of the seeds listed so far, we’ve talked a great deal about exploring. However, this is Minecraft. At some point, you’ll probably want to build something. In fact, you might be all about the building in Minecraft, which means this seed is perfect for you.

To the east of your spawn point, an enormous, relatively flat canvas of plains is just waiting for your next great creation. Whether that be a city or an enormous monument, this is a seed where you have plenty of room to build to your heart’s content.

A map of the -4327592569074059702 seed in Minecraft.
Perhaps one of the nearby Villages could serve as a starting point for your empire. Image via Chunkbase

Mushroom island in a lake seed: 1072901690525385019

  • Spawn: -112, 64, -28
  • Mushroom Fields Biome
  • Plenty of Villages surrounding the Mushroom Fields
  • Numerous Ocean Monuments surrounding the Mushroom Fields
A screenshot of a Mushroom Fields biome in Minecraft.
Who doesn’t love Mooshrooms? Screenshot via Dot Esports

While we have already talked about a particularly massive Mushroom Fields biome on this list, this Mushroom Fields biome is for those who might want to make the Mushroom Fields their home. Unlike the one mentioned above, this Mushroom Fields is a smaller island in the middle of a lake that’s completely surrounded by land.

So, instead of having to travel for miles to get to any non-mushroom resource, this Mushroom Fields island is comfortably situated in a spot where you could venture off to a few Villages or various biomes to gather whatever materials you might require. The generous helping of Ocean Monuments in the lake is a pretty nice bonus, too.

A map of the 1072901690525385019 seed in Minecraft.
A perfect little Mushroom island in the middle of a lake. Image via Chunkbase

Stacked floating islands seed: 2056916227383622369

  • Spawn: 0, 77, 0
  • Broken Village spawn: 92, 87, 74
  • Enormous amount of Villages near spawn
Three islands spawned in the sky above a village in Minecraft.
This might be a bug, but it looks positively magical. Screenshot via Dot Esports

This seed is for those who love the magical and broken aspects of Minecraft. This definitely doesn’t seem like the kind of formation that one would expect to run into, but potentially infinite procedural generation can make some wacky stuff.

This could be a fantastic location for a base of operations. Provided you find a way to climb up to the floating islands, of course. Even if you’re not too focused on the trio of floating islands, this seed is lousy with Villages and Ocean Monuments, meaning there’s plenty to explore outside.

Map of the 2056916227383622369 seed in Minecraft.
This seed is filled with Villages. Image via Chunkbase

Enormous cave island seed: -950547527103331411

  • Spawn: -210, 150, -283
  • An enormous, mountainous cave island
  • Loads of buried treasure
Screenshot of a giant island cave in Minecraft.
This looks like it could be the setting for an entire video game. Screenshot via Dot Esports

If you want to start on one of the coolest-looking islands ever, this seed was made for you. Not only do you spawn at the tippy top, but the cave itself is a lush cave system that makes up half of the island and gives it the appearance of a gaping maw out at sea.

Eventually, you’ll have to head to the mainland to gather supplies. This isn’t too bad a deal, however, as most of the beaches near your island are filled with buried treasures. Sadly, that isn’t the case for your starting island. Does it need to have buried treasure of its own when it looks that cool though?

A map of the -950547527103331411 seed in Minecraft.
Not too much surrounding the island, but what an awesome island it is. Image via Chunkbase

Shipwrecked island seed: 5272683004471633236

  • Spawn: -240, 62, 365
  • A unique shipwreck location
  • A unique starting island
  • Ideal for survival fans looking for a challenge
Screenshot of a landbased shipwreck in Minecraft.
Yo ho ho and a bottle of honey. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Perhaps your favorite part of Minecraft is testing your mettle against the elements. If that’s so, this seed could prove to be your greatest challenge yet. The fact that it starts you on an isolated island with nothing but a small forest and a shipwrecked vessel is super unique. It’s also ripe for roleplaying the idea that you washed ashore on this island on the now immobile vessel yourself.

While land isn’t too far away in one direction, this island is pretty remote. You’ll find yourself completely surrounded by deep waters, Ocean Monuments, and Ocean Ruins. If you fancy yourself a maritime Minecraft explorer or just want to see how you fare in surviving some harsh starting conditions, you’ll have to give this seed a spin.

Screenshot of map 5272683004471633236 seed in Minecraft.
Just you, a marooned ship, and a wine-dark sea. Image via Chunkbase

We gathered this information by playing Minecraft Java Edition Version 1.20, Minecraft for Windows on PC, and Minecraft on Xbox Series X.

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