How to find the cherry blossom grove biome in Minecraft

You'll be surrounded by vibrant pink trees, bees, and falling leaves.

A cherry blossom biome in Minecraft.
Image via Mojang

You may want to find and explore many unique biomes while playing Minecraft, but few are as memorable as the rare cherry blossom grove. Like the elusive mushroom fields, tracking down this biome is challenging, so here’s what you need to know to find a cherry blossom grove biome in Minecraft.

How to find the cherry blossom biome in Minecraft

Like the meadow biome, you can generally find cherry blossom grove biomes worldwide in higher altitude areas. Still, just like all other biomes, generation is unpredictable, so some world seeds will have more of these biomes present than others. Cherry blossom grove biomes are tough to find since they are considered a rare biome.

If you’ve ever gone searching for a mushroom fields biome, you have a solid idea of how tough finding a cherry blossom biome is. To see this biome naturally, it will come down to what your seed looks like, although you can also use a cherry blossom seed to make the process easier.

A cherry blossom forest.
Pink flowers cover the ground in these biomes. Screenshot via Dot Esports

To find a cherry blossom grove naturally, consider making a spyglass. The signature pink trees throughout this biome will be easy to spot from a distance, but the spyglass will make the process easier since you can closely analyze areas from afar.

Once you have a spyglass ready, embark on an adventure until you come across the cherry blossom biome. Along the way, climb to the peaks of any mountain and use your trusty spyglass to check all around you before proceeding.

Best areas to look for the cherry blossom biome in Minecraft

While there is no way to guarantee you naturally come across a cherry blossom biome since it all comes down to what your seed looks like, there are some tips you can keep in mind regarding the best areas to find one.

  • Seek out and closely navigate through any high-altitude areas you come across. Cherry blossom biomes usually generate up high.
  •  Look for mountain ranges since cherry blossom biomes are more likely to appear in high-altitude areas like these. The vibrant pink trees should also be easy to spot—otherwise, primarily blue and green areas like this.
  •  Cherry blossom biomes will usually be located in the lower regions of mountain ranges, but climbing to the top is the best way to ensure you can check all sides of the mountains to notice it quickly.
  •  While you’re more likely to find this biome up high, you may also come across a cherry blossom biome as a plateau near a plains biome or a meadow on the other side of a river.
  •  Keep your eyes out for bright pink. The cherry blossom grove is the only biome with massive, vibrant pink trees, so if you spot anything pink in the distance, there’s a good chance you’ve found one unless it turns out to be just a regular Minecraft pig.
A Sniffer sitting underneath a cherry blossom tree in a cherry blossom grove biome.
Players can mine cherry wood from the trees to craft all kinds of pink wooden objects. Image via Mojang

While you can use these general tips to increase your odds of locating a cherry blossom biome, finding it naturally will mostly come down to luck and seed generation, as with every Minecraft biome. But if you’ve tried and failed to find one, consider using a command cheat to track one down.

How to use the locate cherry blossom biome command in Minecraft

If you want to bypass the wandering around and get yourself to a cherry blossom grove instantly, you can use a command to locate and teleport to one immediately. The command you can use to find the closest cherry blossom biome is:

  • /locate biome minecraft:cherry_grove

You can use this command by opening the chat box and either typing it out or copying it from here and directly pasting it. You have to enable cheats for this to work, so turn them on before using this command.

Once you have this command in the chat box and enter it, the coordinates of the closest cherry blossom biome will appear. From here, you can either teleport to this location instantly by clicking on the coordinates, or you can choose to traverse your way to the biome naturally by using Minecraft’s coordinate system.

Tip: Trying the command several times in new locations helps

If the first cherry blossom biome you find is a lame one, try traveling far away before entering the command again. It should reroute you to a different one if the previous one is no longer the closest option.

A cherry blossom biome with the "/locatebiome minecraft:cherry_grove" command typed into the chat box.
This is what the command should look like when typed into the chat box. Screenshot via Dot Esports

The first cherry blossom grove I encountered only had one tree and was a microbiome, so I had to try again to get the entire cherry blossom experience. Because of this, keep in mind that not every version of this biome will be the stunning pink wonderland you’re seeking, and be prepared to visit a few of them before you find one that is truly breathtaking.

Best cherry blossom seeds in Minecraft

The 1.20 update brought some fun biomes to Minecraft, but it’s no shock that a quick favorite was found: cherry blossoms or groves. So, here are five suggestions for the best world seeds for cherry blossoms.

  • Chain of Cherry Blossoms | Seed: 3368699220760197849
    • If you want cherry blossoms, choose the biome with the most available. This seed has the most cherry blossom groves in any seed. Players won’t know what to do with themselves and the view from above.
  • Meadow of Love | Seed: 4730575252807339304
    • This seed features a large, almost heart-shaped meadow in a valley. Most players like the combination of snow and cherry blossoms, but this biome is so beautiful that it doesn’t need it. It’s also among the most plentiful seeds in terms of the cherry blossoms themselves.
  • Icy Blossom Gorge | Seed: -6384763643079588144
    • If you want the cherry blossom biome combined with snowy environments, which many do, this Icy gorge could be for you. This seed is beautiful and begs for you to explore it. Spawn in, bask in its glory, and get to exploring.
  • Cherry Blossom Mountain Crater | Seed: -6384763642759109712
    • Players can easily come across resources with this seed being primarily a crater. Plentiful resources and the cherry blossom biome make for a beautiful, resourceful sandbox awaiting your play.
  • Cherry Blossom Island | Seed: 6490327980339166064
    • Cherry Blossom Island is considered a bit more challenging, but it offers the cherry blossom biome with an added level. This island is considered a survival island thanks to its minimal available resources. If you want to give the cherry blossom biome a go with a little added challenge, this seed is right for you.


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