Legends of Runeterra’s next region will be Shurima

Ascend to greater heights with the newest set.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s immediate future has been revealed in today’s “New Year, New League” stream. The next region to be added to the game will be Shurima, Riot announced today.

Similar to Call of the Mountain’s release pattern, the upcoming set will be divided into three different expansions that will have a majority of Shurima-based cards to help the newest region match the number of cards that every other region in the game has. Aside from being similar to Call of the Mountain’s card release schedule, Riot also said it will ramp up the number of cards included outside of the bi-monthly card cycle, with an Aphelios-centered Champion Expansion being the first in February and another unnamed champion in July.

Image via Riot Games

Based on what was teased by Riot, Shurima seems to have mechanics tied to treasure hunting for relics, predicting future outcomes, and even wielding the power of the Ascended.

Thanks to a Twitter Post outside of the stream, Riot has revealed the three expansion names for the upcoming Shurima Set. The next three sets are as follows:

  • Expansion One: Empires of the Ascended
  • Expansion Two: Guardians of the Ancient
  • Expansion Three: Rise of the Underworlds

While new cards and keywords haven’t been shown off yet, it’s expected that the reveal season will be coming soon. In addition to the next confirmed region, the next event teased at the end of the Runeterra portion of the stream will most likely be tied to the Ruined King’s Ruination.

LoR’: Empires of the Ascended will be released after the conclusion of the next Seasonal Tournament in March. The next expansion coming before the Shurima set will bring Aphelios to the game.