Rogue and Hunter on the rise in the post-nerf Hearthstone meta

Things have changed dramatically in the past week.

Callum Leslie  -  13 hours ago

Trinity Series will return on Sept. 27

ESL is bringing Trinity Series back for season two later this month.
Joe Tortorice - 3 days agoHearthstone

HCT Americas playoffs marred by disconnect issues

Some players had a miserable time.
Callum Leslie - 8 days agoHearthstone

One player is bringing three Quest decks to HCT Americas Playoffs

Get ready for the Jungle Giants meta—maybe.
Callum Leslie - 12 days agoHearthstone

Major changes are coming to Hearthstone on Sept. 18

Innervate, Hex, and Fiery War Axe are among the cards that are being nerfed.
Justin Binkowski - 12 days agoHearthstone