Undefeated Canada and Denmark on Global Games collision course

Being a player down didn't phase the North American side.

Callum Leslie  -  9 hours ago

Blizzard halts Chinese Hearthstone team league over simulated gambling

Players could bet on their games, and Blizzard didn't like it.
Callum Leslie - 6 days agoHearthstone

Warrior, Rogue, and Hunter dominate early Un'Goro meta

The first meta reports are out, and its all change.
Callum Leslie - 6 days agoHearthstone

Hearthstone ranked tracker changes incoming, Wild packs on the horizon

The game's director has opened up on upcoming changes.
Callum Leslie - 7 days agoHearthstone

U.S. and Canada sweep aside European Global Games opposition

All the trash talk was put to one side, at least for a few hours.
Callum Leslie - 14 days agoHearthstone

Red Bull Team Brawl to return for a series of events in 2017

The first Brawl takes place in just three days time.
Callum Leslie - 15 days agoHearthstone