The Witchwood Decklist Compilation: Week 2

We are now in the second week of The Witchwood expansion, and the meta is finally settling down with decklists being thoroughly refined. We will also get access to the Monster Hunt PVE mode this week! Let’s take a look at some of the new decks that have cropped up and are viable for grinding […]

The Witchwood Deck Highlights: Week 1

With the Year of the Raven finally here and the meta slowly settling in, we have a few new decks breaking into the meta but Tier 1 decks from the previous meta are still as effective. Cube Warlock shows no signs of slowing down and Aggro Paladin seems to be doing better than ever thanks […]

Top Ten Cards from The Witchwood We Are Looking Forward To!

With all of the cards revealed by Ben Brode and Day9 in the final reveal stream yesterday, we have now seen every card from the expansion. If you want to check out the live stream, check out the video link below for the latest reveals and a few really funny games. We are very excited […]

Notable cards leaving Standard in the Year of the Raven Rotation

With only a couple weeks or more to go for The Witchwood release, it’s not too long until cards from Whispers of the Old Gods, One Night in Karazhan and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan leave Standard. Here are some of the most notable cards that are leaving Standard this month. This is a personal list […]

Top 250 Legend Wild Fatigue Druid Guide

As someone who mostly plays Standard for climbing and sticks to Wild for fun decks, I decided to give Wild a shot this month for climbing to legend. While the meta is not too different and you expect the same decks on Wild, but the cards in popular decks like Murloc Paladin, Tempo/Burn Mage, Dude […]

Hearthstone’s Next Expansion is The Witchwood!

With Ranked Play issues delaying the announcement for the next expansion that was scheduled at the start of the month, we finally got a glimpse of what’s to come in the upcoming expansion! We are getting 135 new cards (as usual), and it’s going to be a fresh new meta with the set rotation happening […]

KnC Kingsbane Rogue Guide

Rogue has been doing fairly well in the current meta with its “Mill” decks in Standard thanks to plenty of greedy decks running around and no consistent counter play available against Kingsbane. This variant of Kingsbane Rogue is brought to you by Gallon, who has been a consistent high ranked player and an active member […]

Cube vs Control Warlock: A Comparison of The Behemoths

Both Cube and Control Warlock decks have been ruling the current meta. Despite Blizzard spokespersons stating that Cube Warlock pre-nerf patch meta, was only the twelfth strongest deck and its winrate was nothing to be concerned about. But after the nerf patch hit, the meta has slowed down considerably with slow Warlock decks ruling the […]

Aggro Murloc Paladin Guide: Murlocs vs Warlocks

Aggro Murloc Paladin Guide: Murlocs vs Warlocks With the recent nerfs going live, the meta is looking to shift in favor of decks like Jade Druid, Secret Mage and most importantly, Cubelock. Warlock as a class has become a lot stronger than before and both Control Warlock (Giant version) and Cubelock are in a solid […]

Standard Rotation 2018 – Notable Cards That Are Moving Out

With only about 3 months left until the next rotation hits, there’s very little time to play with cards from One Night in Karazhan, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan and Whispers of the Old Gods. The sets have been responsible for some of the most powerful decks to exist in Hearthstone and archetypes like Jade Druid […]