Gambit using Nitro Gloves and a Boom Bolt in Fortnite.
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All Mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 5, season 3 and how to get them

Grab the finest gear possible.

There are seven Mythic weapons you can obtain in Fortnite Chapter Five, season three. These are by far the most powerful tools you can collect, which means you need to know how to find them.

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Obtaining Mythic weapons is never an easy task, but the immense damage you can do with them makes the hard work worth it. Here are all of the Mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter Five, season three and how to get them.

Full list of Mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter Five, season three

Gambit standing with the Machinist in Fortnite.
Each boss is holding onto their signature Mythic weapon when you find them. Screenshot by Dot Esports

All seven Mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter Five, season three, how you can get each one, and any additional information you need to know about them is as follows.

ImageNameHow to getLocation
Megalo Don’s Nitro FistsFind and beat Megalo Don. He sometimes stays at Brutal Beachhead and other times ventures across the map.

His location is always marked on the map with a skull icon for his Medallion.
Megalo Don's Combat Shotgun in Fortnite. Megalo Don’s Combat ShotgunLocate and defeat Megalo Don.Megalo Don can be found at Brutal Beachhead or wandering around the map.
Ringmaster’s Boom BoltFind and beat Ringmaster Scarr. She’s always hanging out at the Nitrodome.

Her location is marked on the map with a lion that matches the mask she wears on one of her outfits.
The Machinist’s Combat Assault Rifle in Fortnite.The Machinist’s Combat Assault RifleFind and beat the Machinist. She can either be found at Redline Rig or wandering around the map in a Convoy.

Regardless of where she is, her location is marked with a gear icon on the map.
Conductor Hand Cannon in Fortnite. Conductor Hand CannonClaim Loot Island.The location of Loot Island varies each round.

As it’s about to spawn in, it’s precise spot will be marked for you to see.
Cerberus’ Gatekeeper ShotgunChallenge Cerberus to a duel.He walks around as an NPC at Grim Gate. You can talk with him to start a duel.
Oscar's Frenzy Auto Shotgun in Fortnite. Oscar’s Frenzy Auto ShotgunChallenge Oscar to a duel.He hangs around Classy Courts as an NPC you can talk to. You can challenge him to a fight by talking to him.

There’s only one of each weapon present in every match, which means you’ll be the only one wielding any of the Mythic weapons you manage to claim. Chapter Five, season three of Fortnite has lots of other powerful weapons too, but none of them come close to the Mythic ones.

Regardless of which Mythic weapon you’re after, you have to engage in an epic boss fight to claim it. Beating these battles generally isn’t too difficult as long as you’re equipped with decent gear and healing supplies just in case you need them. These fights are also a lot easier if you play with friends, so consider teaming up with others to tackle them if you’re struggling.

If you can’t get one of these items in your arsenal, they all have non-Mythic variants you can try out. The non-Mythic versions of these items are a lot easier to obtain since many of them, like Nitro Fists and Boom Bolts, can be found anywhere on the map. Practicing with these versions ensures you’ll be ready for the more powerful variants when you do manage to claim them.

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