How to get Dawning Spirit in Destiny 2’s The Dawning event

Chocolate chip Dawning Spirit doesn't sound that bad.

Image via Bungie

The holiday season is right around the corner, and its joy has already made it to Destiny 2 with the Dawning Spirit event. 

Players will be able to experience the season’s greetings in Destiny 2 by baking cookies. Delivering these goods to certain NPCs will allow players to unlock rewards while earning Dawning Spirit in the process. Earning Dawning Spirit may look confusing at first, but you may even accumulate it without noticing since Dawning Spirit is a reward for a series of Dawning-related activities.

Finishing bounties from Eva Levante can yield a good amount of Dawning Spirit. Her daily bounties award two Dawning Spirit, while her weekly missions give out 10 each. Repeating bounties are simple: they just require players to bake cookies, and each gives out one Dawning Spirit.

Completing Eva Levante’s Bounties will allow players to earn Dawning Spirits, but it isn’t the only way to earn them. Players looking to earn even more Dawning Spirits can equip the Starfarer 7M. After equipping the ship, receiving any Dawning ingredient has a chance of dropping extra Dawning Spirit.

Fans can collect Dawning Spirit and bake cookies in Destiny 2 until the event wraps up on Jan. 4. Focusing on completing event-related tasks until that date will be the priority of most players since it’ll take another year for the holiday event to return to Destiny 2