What is the Ascendant Challenge this week in Destiny 2?

Let's hope it's an easy one.

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Ascendant Challenges are one of the several moving parts involving the Dreaming City’s intricate Curse, which envelops the area in a three-week time loop. The curse ranges from weak to strong to strongest, and each cycle brings players a ton of treasure to hunt for—if they’re brave enough to dive into the Ascendant Plane in search of riches, that is.

Destiny 2 has a total of six Ascendant Challenges, which rotate every week. They’re a surefire source of Dreaming City gear, including reissued versions of Waking Vigil, Tigerspite, and Twilight Oath. Finishing an Ascendant Challenge grants a piece of Legendary gear, but players can get their hands on an extra drop if they have Petra Venj’s weekly bounty.

Ascendant Challenges yield one piece of gear each week, plus another from Petra’s bounties. Those objectives are character-based, meaning that players can get six pieces of Dreaming City gear from Ascendant Challenges alone.

To find the entrance to the Ascendant Challenge, players must consume an item called Tincture of Queensfoil, available from Petra for 50 Baryon Boughs or found in chests throughout the Dreaming City. Each Ascendant Challenge will have its own entrance, and though the challenge itself changes every week, its entrance will remain in the same spot whenever it pops up.

What is the Ascendant Challenge this week in Destiny 2?

  • Challenge: Ouroborea
  • Entrance: Aphelion’s Rest (The Strand)
  • Corrupted Eggs: three
  • Ahamkara Bones: one

Getting to the Ascendant Challenge

To enter Ouroborea, you’ll have to go through the Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector, located in the Strand. You’ll find the entrance to it below the Gazebo where Petra Venj stays depending on the Curse week.

Head inside the Lost Sector and go through it normally. After you reach the small ramp leading to the boss room, pop a Tincture of Queensfoil to see the portal floating above. You can also finish the Lost Sector and backtrack. After entering the Ascendant Portal, you’ll spawn inside Ouroborea.

Completing the Ascendant Challenge

Ouroborea has a fairly simple premise that may not be exactly clear the first time you spawn in. Make note of the room in the center, with the statue and a series of shielded crystals, because they’ll be important later.

After you spawn in, look for Taken Blights spread out across the area. It could be hard to spot them in the distance, especially due to the darkness of the Ascendant Plane, so turning up your brightness settings may help. You’ll need to destroy all Taken Blights before you can proceed, so head toward them carefully. There will also be Abyssal Knights around the area, looking to strike you if you get too close or take too long. They’re easy to bypass, though.

After you’ve broken all Taken Blights, you can head back to the center platform with the statue and the crystals. Destroying all Taken Blights in the area destroys the shield around the crystals and you’ll need to shoot them all out to complete the Ascendant Challenge. Supers will also damage them, so don’t be afraid to spend a charge to clear them more quickly. You’ll have a number of enemies chasing you at that point, so area damage can be helpful.

After you’ve destroyed all the crystals, the portal leading you back to Aphelion’s Rest should appear and bring a chest with Dreaming City gear for your trouble.

How to get Dreaming City gear?

The Ascendant Challenge is one way of getting Dreaming City gear, but players will find far more options than that if they check with Petra Venj’s stock.

Petra offers a weekly bounty for completing the Ascendant Challenge, which will award you with an extra piece of gear for your trouble. Each week, she’ll also offer a bounty that costs Dark Fragments and yields an Offering to the Oracle. Taking the reward to the Oracle in the Spine of Keres will give you an extra drop and, on weeks where the Curse is strongest, will let you visit Queen Mara Sov’s throne room. (There’s also an Ahamkara Bone there).

In addition, check out Petra’s bounties every day for a daily objective that also gives out gear, as seen in its tooltip. (Challenge: The Shattered has been broken for some time, however, so don’t get your hopes up.) Finishing eight daily bounties and doing Petra’s weekly quest will also yield Dreaming City gear if you have bought the objectives from her inventory. Like Ascendant Challenges, these are on a weekly lockout per character, meaning you can accomplish them more than once a week as long as you’re not running the same guardian.