Here are all of Destiny 2’s Eververse items this season

I promise you we won't talk about Fenchurch.

Destiny 2 Eververse
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Tess Everis runs Destiny 2’s Eververse store, where players can spend their Silver or Bright Dust to acquire a rotating collection of cosmetics. Tess’ stock changes at reset every Tuesday, bringing in new offerings for players.

Outside of some easily obtained consumables and the odd ornament that changes iron sights, the items in the Eververse store have little to no impact on gameplay. As most Destiny 2 veterans will tell you, however, fashion is the true endgame, and Eververse is generally the place to go to give your guardian the best looks in the Tower—especially if you’re shelling out the free Bright Dust currency.

For Season of the Witch, players can expect to see a few changes. The Eververse set that was slated for season 22 will debut as a ritual set later this season, according to game director Joe Blackburn, and some Season of the Worthy items are returning for a limited time.

Bungie also changed its API formula, which previously allowed websites such as to spot exactly what and when specific items are coming. Now, though, players can only know if a certain item is coming for Bright Dust this season.

Here is the Eververse store rotation, based on data from and on the weekly offerings. Bungie can change these items at any time.

Destiny 2 Eververse rotation, calendar, and items this week

Week five (Sept. 19 to 26)

  • Feast of Feelings Exotic emote
  • Tyrant’s Vision (Eyes of Tomorrow Ornament)
  • Darkblade transmat effect
  • Ravensilk shader
  • Rustberry shader

Bright Dust Offerings

  • Alhidade (Crimson Ornament)
  • Samba Dance Legendary emote
  • VR Exploration Legendary emote
  • Skiff Scribles Exotic Ghost shell
  • Exohelian Exotic ship
  • Out of Dodge Exotic sparrow
  • Sterling Arbor Ghost projection
  • Grayscale Undergrowth Shader
  • Biolume Shader
  • Boreal Char Shader
  • Empirical Imperative Shader
  • Hive Arrival transmat effect
  • Fallen Arrival transmat effect
  • Cabal Shield Breaker transmat effect

Ornaments that will be sold for Bright Dust this season

The items on this list are based on data from Bungie may change these offerings. We’ve only included weapon and armor ornaments.

Armor ornaments:

  • Nucleosynthetic Sheathe (Caliban’s Hand ornament)
  • Reticule Lock (Abeyant Leap ornament)
  • Tyrian Gloves (Contraverse Hold ornament)
  • Europan Scout Visor (Cyrtarachne’s Façade ornament)
  • Secondary Energy (Armamentarium ornament)
  • Efficient Pursuit (Swarmers ornament)

Weapon ornaments:

  • Vexplosion (Sunshot) (sold)
  • MARA Multi-Tool (MIDA Multi-tool) (sold)
  • Tyrant’s Vision (Eyes of Tomorrow)
  • Dragonbone (Deathbringer)
  • Violent Exorcism (Arbalest) (sold)
  • Vigil for Saint-14 (Vigilance Wing)
  • Calus’ Promise (Skyburner’s Oath)
  • Anomalous Domain (Deterministic Chaos)
  • Future Past (Hierarchy of Needs)
  • Inner Beauty (Grand Overture)
  • Infinite Quiver (Le Monarque)
  • Agkistrodon-5SR (Wicked Implement)
  • Erinyes-SG1 (Conditional Finality) (sold)
  • Icthyc Flight (Quicksilver Storm) (sold)
  • Alhidade (Crimson)
  • Wyrm Perilous (Parasite)
  • Promethean Prelude (Grand Overture)
  • End of an Era (The Last Word)
  • Unhearing, to be Told (Imperial Decree Legendary ornament)

Ships, sparrows, and notable items:

  • Dreamcycle Shader (previously Silver-only) (sold)
  • Blight or Flight ship (Withered Hoarder bundle)
  • Solar Shrapnel Shader (previously Silver-only)Dancing Har
  • Festival of the Lost items
  • Wings of the Firebird ship (Season of the Haunted)

Items that will not be sold for Bright Dust this season

The items on this list are based on data from Bungie may change these offerings.

Armor ornaments:

  • Most Cunning (Hunter universal ornament with Liar’s Handshake)
  • Contingent Charge (Titan universal ornament with Armamentarium)
  • Royal Favor (Warlock universal ornament with Contraverse Hold)

Weapon ornaments:

  • Dancing Harlequin (Huckleberry)
  • Flowing Phoenix (Final Warning)
  • Ceremonial Arsenal (The Navigator)
  • It’s unclear if the 30th Anniversary ornament sets will come for Bright Dust or not.

Ships, sparrows, and other notable items:

  • Roaring Primeval Exotic sparrow (Withered Hoarder bundle)
  • Sekhmet Rig Exotic sparrow (Collaborative Destruction pack)
  • Seventh Seraph Vector Exotic sparrow (Season of the Worthy)
  • Bipectinate Craft Exotic ship (L-uwu-cent Accessories pack)
  • Luminous Void shader

Previous Eververse Items

Week five (Sept. 19 to 26)

  • Simon Says Exotic emote
  • Unhearing, To Be Told (Imperial Decree Ornament)
  • Cannon Fodder transmat effect
  • Tyrian Abyss shader
  • Abyssinian Gold shader

Bright Dust Offerings

  • Agkistrodon-5SR (Wicked Implement Ornament)
  • Conductor Legendary emote
  • Eerie Hands Rare emote
  • Exotech Shell Exotic Ghost shell
  • Swift Persistence Exotic ship
  • Sunny-Day Seeker Exotic sparrow
  • Penguin Ghost projection
  • Lilac Bombast Shader
  • Amethyst Veil Shader
  • Copperbrand Shader
  • Coleoptera Shader
  • Eldritch Effects transmat effect
  • Daito Capsule transmat effect
  • Lattice Entrance transmat effect

Week four (Sept. 12 to 19)

Week four marked the return of select Season of the Worthy items to the Eververse, though these items will be available for a limited time. They are being sold for Silver only, at least in week four.

  • Sparrow Getaway Exotic emote
  • Xenothalassic Voyage sparrow
  • Unspun Fate transmat effect
  • Oiled Gunmetal shader
  • Springtide Faint shader

Bright Dust Offerings

  • Erinyes-SG1 (Conditional Finality Ornament)
  • Square Dance Legendary emote
  • Olfactory Gesture Rare emote
  • Clean Lines Shell Exotic Ghost shell
  • Trussworked Clipper Exotic ship
  • Vice Cruiser Exotic sparrow
  • XIV Ghost projection
  • Springtide Faint Shader
  • Bloody Tooth Shader
  • Gloamstrife Shader
  • Seven Sisters Shader
  • Vex Arrival transmat effect
  • Minotaur transmat effect
  • Pyramid Entrance transmat effect

Week three (Sept. 5 to 12)

  • Dance Off Exotic emote
  • Dragonbone Deathbringer Ornament
  • Swirling Leaf Entrance transmat effect
  • Copperbrand shader
  • Biolume shader

Bright Dust Offerings

  • Icthyc Flight (Quicksilver Storm Ornament)
  • Crabcore Legendary emote
  • Minuscule Melody Rare emote
  • Bright Cycle Shell Exotic Ghost shell
  • Gilded Prowler Exotic ship
  • Surging Current Exotic sparrow
  • Burning Maul Ghost projection
  • Neopop Wave Shader
  • Butterbark Shader
  • Boreal Char Shader
  • Aposematism Shader
  • Cabal Arrival Entrance
  • Ghost Purple transmat effect
  • Cannon Fodder transmat effect

Week two (Aug. 29 to Sept. 5)

  • Gong Show Exotic emote
  • Violent Exorcism Arbalest Ornament
  • Pyramid Entrance transmat effect
  • Erebos Glance shader
  • Cursed Azure shader

Bright Dust Offerings

  • MARA Multi-Tool (MIDA Multi-tool ornament)
  • Stargazer Legendary emote
  • Scene Clapper Legendary emote
  • Astrologic Shell Exotic Ghost shell
  • Wings of the Firebird Exotic ship
  • Overpacked Exotic sparrow
  • Chalice Ghost projection
  • Warbrick Shader
  • Atmospheric Glow Shader
  • Oiled Gunmetal Shader
  • Butterbark Shader
  • Capsule Gang Entrance
  • Cannon Fodder transmat effect
  • Vex Incursion Entrance transmat effect
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