Team Liquid continues exclusive broadcasting partnership with Twitch

More live and on-demand content is on its way.

Nicole Carpenter  -  a day ago

These gamer-themed drinks further solidify South Korea's gaming dominance over North America

Korean culture is vastly different when it comes to gaming.
Scott Duwe - 3 days agoCulture

Nier: Automata, Metroid and Earthbound highlight SGDQ 2017 schedule

When will your favorite games be showcased?
Adam Newell - 4 days agoCulture

Twitch will hold a Carl Sagan Cosmos marathon

Science week begins April 24.
Nicole Carpenter - 6 days agoCulture

Twitch's new subscription program could significantly increase streamer revenue

A new tier system for subscriptions allows viewers to up their streamer support.
Nicole Carpenter - 8 days agoCulture

PewDiePie to start streaming on Twitch

The biggest YouTuber of all time is coming to Twitch, in the wake of controversy.
Callum Leslie - 18 days agoCulture

SGDQ 2017 game list officially revealed

Have your favorite speedrunners and games made the cut?
Adam Newell - 21 days agoCulture

In the latest streaming rights battle, Persona 5 developers want to control how the game is broadcast

Atlus want players to buy and experience the game for themselves.
Callum Leslie - 22 days agoCulture

The best and worst of esports April Fools' Day jokes

Its the worst day of the year for grumpy news writers.
Callum Leslie - a month agoCulture