A speedrunner is playing Ocarina of Time blindfolded for charity

Runnerguy2489 is going above and beyond the call of duty.

Adam Newell  -  a day ago

Professional wrestling will air live on Twitch

Independent wrestling company Wrestle Circus opened its Twitch channel yesterday.
Nicole Carpenter - 2 days agoCulture

Harry Potter speedrunner takes things to the next level—on a unicycle

That's one way to keep your runs interesting.
Adam Newell - 7 days agoCulture

Twitch Affiliates will "soon" get sub buttons and ad revenue

To differentiate the tiers, Partners will get "premium features" that are yet to be announced.
Nicole Carpenter - 9 days agoCulture

German state government to explore support for esports

It’s the first time esports has made it into a coalition agreement in Germany.
Thiemo Brautigam - 9 days agoCulture

Jeff Sessions' senate testimony will air live on Twitch following Comey success

After a good turnout for the Comey hearing, Twitch will stream political content again.
Nicole Carpenter - 12 days agoCulture

Report: Women make up nearly one-third of esports viewers

Esports isn't actually a boy's club, according to a new report.
Nicole Carpenter - 18 days agoCulture