The Super Mario Odyssey any-percent speedrun record has fallen under an hour for the first time

Someone finally broke any-percent's biggest milestone.

Image via Nintendo Fair Use

For the first time in Super Mario Odyssey any-percent speedrun history, a speedrunner has successfully broke the one-hour mark to finish a run in 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

NicroVeda, one of the top three speedrunners in the category, became the first to break the legendary milestone last night.

LilKirbs and Chaospringle, the two other major runners, were mere seconds away from breaking the one-hour mark themselves as the trio raced against each other to see who could do it first. The three runners all have personal bests within three seconds of each other, which shows how tight the race has been over the past month.

There’s still a chance that NicroVeda could bring the run closer to the 59-minute mark—but that would require a new perfect run since the sum of all his best segments comes close to 59 minutes and 12 seconds.

Of course, now that the speedrun has finally fallen below the hour mark, it’s unclear how much shorter it could get. If new tricks or glitches are discovered in the future, we could see the overall time of the speedrun fall further either by seconds or minutes.

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