NoPixel GTA RP player applications are temporarily closed

There's a backlog of over 4,000 applications to be reviewed.

Image via Rockstar Games

The famous GTA V Roleplay server NoPixel is temporarily closed for player applications, an announcement on its official website says.

The NoPixel team closed applications due to the flood of users, but it should start accepting them again in a week or two, a server manager told Dot Esports.

According to the website message, NoPixel moderators closed those applications for some time after accumulating a backlog of over 4,000 applications “due to website issues.”

NoPixel, which is the server where big Twitch streamers usually play, chooses which players can have access to its 32-slot server by asking them to fill out a “Civilian Application” form.

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Applications by donators who contributed to NoPixel before the forms were closed “will still be added to the front of the list in the application process,” the message reads. The team expects to resume accepting standard applications soon and says they should be “in full swing.”

NoPixel currently has only a single server. Any player who is whitelisted to play GTA RP in it will probably have to wait for a queue to get into the server, since NoPixel has increased in popularity since the recent rise of GTA RP on Twitch. Some Twitch streamers have priority in these queues.

While people who want to play with their favorite streamers wait for the applications to be resumed, they can find other GTA RP servers to play with their friends and strangers. Most of them work like NoPixel and require players to fill out an application form and follow the server rules when playing if they are accepted.

Those who just want to see streamers participating in crazy talent shows or drug deals gone bad can just go to Twitch and watch the most popular GTA RP characters in action.