xQc ends his GTA RP character’s life in dramatic fashion

The GTA RP scene is becoming more and more popular.

xQc kills off NoPixel RP character
Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

Grand Theft Auto roleplay servers are the newest craze among popular Twitch streamers. That includes former Overwatch pro Félix “xQc” Lengyel, who recently picked up GTA RP on the NoPixel server.

Jean-Pierre—xQc’s character name on NoPixel—met an untimely demise on stream on yesterday. After running up to the roof of a tall building, xQc turned to his friend Boggs Dann, who is roleplayed by prominent Twitch streamer, Pokelawls. “I will cherish these moments forever,” xQc said to Pokelawls, before making his character jump off the roof of the building. With dramatic music playing in the background and great acting, it was a scene worthy of an Oscar.

Unfortunately, there were a few reasons why xQc killed off his character in NoPixel that weren’t just for content creation. Recently, xQc’s community had become aggressive towards him and other streamers due to his choices in the game. He even had to address the situation on his social media.

“I know this might come to some of you as a surprise, but when streamers are playing RP, the character they are playing isn’t REAL,” XQC said. “It’s only fun because it is not real, and we are making choices we wouldn’t make in real life. Stop being so aggressive, it ruins it for everyone.”

This has been a problem for many roleplaying streamers, as many viewers may not like what they do in-game.

Now, this doesn’t mean that xQc will stop streaming NoPixel RP. This may mean, however, that he will make a return to streaming Overwatch and Apex Legends for the time being.