Shroud goes live on Twitch for first time after accident, provides new updates on his injury

The streamer will have a second surgery to add a plate to his elbow.

Streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek went live on Twitch today for the first time since the scooter accident that seriously injured his left elbow three days ago.

Shroud said he was unable to play anything unless it was one-handed, so he was just chatting with his viewers for the first hours of his Twitch livestream. He went live after a bit over 24 hours since he announced he was getting discharged from the hospital after his first elbow surgery.

Shroud confirmed a version of the accident his friend and fellow streamer Justin “Just9n” Ortiz had told to his viewers the day after shroud’s accident. Shroud said, “I was probably going 40 miles per hour. I slammed on the brakes and I flew over the handlebars.” He said he probably flew 10 or 15 feet after that and saw his fall in slow motion. “I purposefully shifted my whole body to go my left side, so the whole left side of my body is just road rashed and fucking busted up, and my right side is just chilling.”

Shroud said he kept his head up and avoided falling on his face, and that he tried to avoid landing on his left arm as well. “You can only do so much when you’re falling like that. All I did was keep by head up, land on the left side of my body, and hope for the fucking best.”

Later on in the stream, shroud said he may have several fractures in his elbow, but he may just have a single fracture. His first surgery was to clean the area and make sure it wasn’t infected. He will have another evaluation next week to check if there are still no infections and if there aren’t, he will have another surgery to put a plate in his elbow. After that, shroud will either use a sling or a cast on his left arm.

By the time of writing, shroud provided no information about streaming while he’s recovering from the injury.