New details revealed on shroud’s scooter accident yesterday

The streamer had several elbow injuries after flying off his scooter onto the asphalt.

Streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek was involved in a scooter accident on Monday and injured his left arm and shoulder, his friend Justin “Just9n” Ortiz confirmed last night during a livestream on Twitch.

Shroud was driving his scooter when “he hit the brakes too hard, and he flew over the handlebars about 10 to 12 feet onto the asphalt,” Just9n said. He said shroud was looking out for his right arm, so he managed to fall on his left arm instead with all of his weight after being tossed by the scooter.

Just9n said he wasn’t there immediately after the accident, but he heard more info about shroud’s injuries from other people. “He’s got a bunch of road rash from about his hip down to the middle of his thigh. It’s all purple and blue.” Just9n also said Shroud landed on his elbow and “put a huge hole on his elbow” and apparently tore a ligament while also losing a piece of an elbow bone after hitting the asphalt. “They need to go in and reattach that bone to his elbow, and I think the bone might have been fractured as well.”

Shroud said on Twitter yesterday that he was going to have surgery on his elbow that same day. He confirmed the fractures and injuries are all in his left arm.

Despite shroud’s tweets showing he was taking this accident to the public in a lighthearted way, Just9n said on his Twitter that shroud “almost died.”

Neither shroud nor Just9n have updated information about shroud’s elbow surgery or his overall condition after the scooter accident. Considering shroud already Tweeted after the event, it’s likely that the most serious injuries are only in his left arm.

Just9n or shroud himself might give more updates about the accident in the upcoming hours.

Update March 12 at 4:42 pm CT: Just9n published an update on shroud’s health this afternoon. He said shroud is currently in surgery and published pictures of the streamer smiling and signaling with his hands. Shroud has a big red injury on his elbow in that picture.