Best 3-plate vests in Call of Duty DMZ season 3, ranked

These are the best vests to use in DMZ.

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In Call of Duty DMZ, you can choose from various tools, equipment, and body armor to successfully complete faction missions. With season 3, four new types of body armor were added to the game, and you need to know the best three-plate vests to use in DMZ.

In DMZ, you must complete missions for different factions quickly, and these missions happen across both the Ashika Island and Al Mazrah maps. You will come across enemy operators and AI combatants, and the regular three-plate armor vest does not provide the best protection against these opponents. From our experience, it’s best to collect the items required to Barter these three-plate vests to get the best out of every run in DMZ.

Here are the best three-plate armor vests to use in Call of Duty DMZ.

Best three-plate body armor in Call of Duty DMZ

In DMZ, you can use the Barter System from the buy station to get different types of three-plate vests. These body armors come with certain perks that help you out during tricky situations. We recommend finding the materials required to Barter these vests first before visiting a buy station.

Three-plate Medic Vest

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The three-plate Medic Vest is the best body armor to use if you are playing in a squad. This body armor allows you to revive teammates much faster. Similarly, while wearing this vest you can use self-revive kits to get back up from a knocked state even faster.

You can also carry the Revive Pistol to implement the medic playstyle properly while teaming up with friends. Here are the items you’ll need to trade the three-plate Medic Vest from the Barter System.

  • One Watch
  • One Liquor
  • Three Bandages

Three-plate Comms Vest

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The three-plate Comms Vest is the best body armor to use if you are playing a solo run in Call of Duty DMZ. The three-plate Comms Vest comes with a UAV boost that increases the duration and effectiveness of all UAVs. Activating UAV towers, or using UAV Killstreaks will last for longer, while using the AI UAV radios will make it function like an Advanced UAV.

The three-plate Comms Vest also provides an audio cue when opponents are nearby. The easiest way to get this body armor is to use the Barter System by trading the following items.

  • One Soothing Hand Cream
  • Two Batteries
  • Two Hard Drives

Tempered Plate Carrier

The Tempered Plate Carrier is another good body armor you can choose while playing DMZ. This body armor is an improved carrier that protects the same as three-plate vests but only requires two armor plates. You can conserve plates while using the Tempered Plate Carriers and have that extra slot in your backpack to keep killstreaks or other equipment.

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Here are the items required in the Barter System recipe for the Tempered Plate Carrier in DMZ.

  • One Classified Document
  • One Sensitive Document
  • Two regular Documents

Three-plate Stealth Vest

The three-plate Stealth Vest ranks fourth on the list, but it comes with a set of unique benefits that can adapt to any playstyle. The three-plate Stealth Vest comes with a built-in Ghost Perk. Essentially it allows you to move around the map undetected by enemy radar. You can get this vest while playing solo to quietly complete faction missions.

Similarly, while playing in a squad, you can sneak up on enemy operators undetected while wearing the three-plate Stealth Vest. Collect the following items and take them over to a buy station to use the Barter System to trade the three-plate Stealth Vest.

  • One Game Console
  • One Comic Book
  • Two Electrical Components
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