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The main NPCs players will communicate with in DMZ.

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While there are no set ways to win in Call of Duty’s new DMZ game mode, players do have clear objectives and missions within the mode. Most of these missions are given to players by the four factions in DMZ. The factions offer goals for players to complete during their time in a drop and also allow them to gain XP and earn other rewards.

When players initially begin DMZ, they will be “recruited” by each of these four factions. Essentially, players will meet with them and be given their first mission to complete. Once that’s done, players will be on their way to ranking up in each faction and be given the opportunity to earn rarer rewards that they can use or sell.

Below, we’ll go over each of the three factions more in-depth so players can get an idea of who they’re working with in DMZ.

The four factions in DMZ

The four factions become unlocked in stages. As players rank up their first faction, they will unlock access to the second, eventually the third and fourth. You can find out how to unlock each faction and their backgrounds below.


Legion is the first faction you have access to in DMZ. This faction consists of private military contractors that are looking to make their mark in the ongoing global conflict. Legion wants you to find out more intel on what lies in DMZ, and you’ll be given missions to accomplish just that. Once you join the Legion, you’re said to not exist on paper anymore, and your missions could be considered an act of war.

If you’re covert enough, however, you can stay submerged under the Legion banner. Although, there look to be some internal struggles that could arise as players continue to rank up in the Legion faction.

White Lotus

After players complete a series of missions for the Legion, they’ll be recruited by the White Lotus faction. White Lotus is said to quietly dominate the DMZ, but they’re quickly losing control over that authority. It’s up to you to help the faction regain that control.

Forces from Al Qatala have reduced White Lotus’ foothold in the region significantly. Previously, White Lotus used the DMZ’s natural resources to supply their backers, who were publically recognized and expanding in the area. But with the rise of Al Qatala, White Lotus needs help to ensure they remain superior in the region. Players will complete missions for the faction to assist them in retaking their original base of operations, which would play a vital role in re-establishing their dominance.

Black Mous

Black Mous, is only unlocked after players have completed a certain number of missions for both Legion and White Lotus. Black Mous is described as an “anonymous, decentralized group” that has a “shadow presence over the DMZ.” Essentially, Black Mous is a secret organization that specializes in espionage to complete missions. The three rules that Black Mous follows are: “do not talk about the Black Mous, do not reveal your personal identity, and do not attack the defenseless.”

Black Mous utilizes technology within the DMZ to aid their recon and help them to stay undetected.

Those are the three factions that players will first have access to in DMZ. It’s possible that more are added in the future, though.


This mysterious faction gives no details, not even a slither of information. The newest faction, [REDACTED] arrived in season three and has five tiers to grind through, but this particular faction likes to remain anonymous and leaves no paper trail.

You won’t hear much about this faction; it likes to keep a low profile.


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