All Call of Duty season start and end dates

New seasons, new opportunities.

Image via Activision

Each Call of Duty season comes bundled with huge content patches. These patches are essential to keeping the existing player base engaged with their favorite game while also attracting many returning or new players to the franchise.

The season system embraced its final form with the release of Modern Warfare and Warzone. It was unclear what would happen to the season count with the release of new CoD games, but Black Ops Cold War answered that question by resetting the season count to one.

That trend has continued in Vanguard and looks to continue even further with subsequent Call of Duty releases over the next few years. Activision has found a formula that works when it comes to making some cash and pumping out content.

Modern Warfare 2

The first season of the MW2 season started out rocky with multiple bugs and a lack of new content. There is only around one month left in the inaugural MW2 season and there are some doubts on if Infinity Ward will learn from its pain points when it comes to creating season two. The first season of MW2 and Warzone 2 ends on Feb. 1 according to the battle pass countdown, which is when the second season will presumably take over.

Here’s the full list of all the Call of Duty seasons with their start and end dates.

The Modern Warfare era
SeasonStart DateEnd Date
1Dec. 3, 2019Feb. 11, 2020
2Feb. 11, 2020April 7, 2020
3April 7, 2020June 10, 2020
4June 10, 2020Aug. 4, 2020
5Aug. 5, 2020Sept. 28, 2020
6Sept. 29, 2020Dec. 16, 2020
The Black Ops Cold War era
1Dec. 16, 2020Feb. 25, 2021
2Feb. 25, 2021April 21, 2021
3April 22, 2021June 16, 2021
4June 17, 2021Aug. 12, 2021
5Aug. 13, 2021Oct. 6, 2021
6Oct. 7, 2021Dec. 7, 2021
The Vanguard era
1Dec. 8, 2021Feb. 13, 2022
2Feb. 14, 2022April 27, 2022
3April 27, 2022June 22, 2022
4June 22, 2022Aug. 24, 2022
5Aug. 24, 2022Oct. 28, 2022
The Modern Warfare II era
1Nov. 16, 2022Feb. 1, 2023
2Feb. 1, 2023TBD

This article will be updated as more CoD seasons are released.