The best TFT Patch 11.11 comps in Set 5 Reckoning

Rank up in a reroll meta.

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Adjustments to shop changes at levels six and seven within the Teamfight Tactics 11.11 patch have shifted the meta away from four-cost carries, creating a large number of comps able to top four in lobbies. 

Patch 11.11 brought about several system changes that have redefined the meta in TFT. Reroll strategies have returned thanks to shop changes at levels six and seven, increasing the chance to three-star a two and three-cost champion. Jax and Vel’Koz were nerfed, toning down the once-dominant Skirmishers and Spellweaver builds, shifting Hellions into S-tier status.

Meta experts Wrainbash, GrandVice8, and BunnyMuffins all agree that the two best TFT Patch 11.11 comps are Draconic with Sett carry and Hellions with Teemo. Both builds will win a lobby but require the TFT convergence stars to align. Due to the shop changes, players can also choose from a number of honorable mention comps like Varus reroll, Kayle, and Abomination/Legendary. 

Here are the best TFT Patch 11.11 comps in Set Five Reckoning:


Draconic has been a sleeper comp since the launch of Set Five Reckoning, relying upon a three-star Sett and his band of hatching dragon eggs to dominate on the battlefield while earning players more gold than their opponents. An increase in percentage rates for two-cost champions at level six has boosted the Draconic build, allowing players to run multiple three-star champions and still cash-in for extra gold.

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The only catch to running Draconic is that players need to hit three champs within the trait no later than stage 2-6 or run the risk of losing too much HP in the early-game stages, resulting in a bottom-four finish. 

Sett runs best with items like Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge but can also do well with Thieves Gloves. A third item can be either a Guardian Angel, Jeweled Gauntlet, or a Hand of Justice. A three-star Ashe is a solid second carrier, equipped with Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Spear of Shojin, and Runaan’s Hurricane. Other alternate carries include Volibear with a Morellonomicon or Teemo with Guardian Angel and Jeweled Gauntlet. 


Hellions have been dominating early and midgame stages, along with TFT Hyperroll, since the launch of Set Five Reckoning. Unlike Draconic builds, Hellions isn’t a reroll comp. The builds strength within the meta has come about due to the Skirmishers and Spellweaver nerfs, providing it less opposition in the late-game stages. Players will want to fast-eight with Hellions and then start rolling for Teemo. Without the mushroom bomb thrower, the build falls off quickly and could result in an eighth-place finish.  

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Ziggs is the item holder for Teemo while Kennen is the true star of the build during the early and midgame stages. Ideal best-in-slot items for Teemo are Guardian Angel and Jeweled Gauntlet. A third item can be either a Statikk Stiletto (Shadow Statikk Shiv) or a Spear of Shojin. 

Kennen can tear up an opponent’s team with two key items: Morellonomicon and Guardian Angel. With Skirmishers out of the top meta slots, three-staring Kennen has become easier and is worth pursuing should the TFT shop roll in your favor. 


Similar to Hellion and Draconic, Legionnaire builds require certain requirements to win a lobby. Unlike the other two comps, running Legionnaire provides players with flexibility that will typically finish top-four. Legionnaire can succeed with either Yasuo, Riven, or Draven. Getting either of the three to three-star will win the lobby with good positioning and proper itemization. 

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Draven has been the most popular carry so far in the TFT 11.11 patch meta, running two Legionnaire, three forgotten, and Dragonslayer. BiS items for Draven are Shadow Bloodthirster, Sacrificial Infinity Edge. A solid third item could include Last Whisper, Guardian Angel, or Giant Slayer depending on the lobby. 

Yasuo and Riven are different from Draven but can still run him in their own builds. Yasuo likes four Dragonslayer and Nightbringer but can still pop off in Riven’s six Legionnaire build. Ideal items on Yasuo are Rapid Fire Cannon and Jeweled Gauntlet. Infinity Edge is a solid third item choice, along with Runaan’s Hurricane or a defensive item. 

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Riven works best with AD items like Bloodthirster and Deathblade. The third item slot depends on the lobby meta, ranging from Runaan’s Hurricane to Quicksilver Sash. Both sword wielders are strong during the midgame but fall off late-game as a two-star.