TFT Set 7 PBE nerfs and buffs increase heading into weekend

Big changes are starting to drop.

Image via Riot Games

A big Teamfight Tactics Set Seven PBE patch will drop later today, targeting champions, traits, Draconic Augments, and the Treasure Dragon.

Set Seven is two days into PBE testing, which is typically when the big patches start to take place. Today’s Dragonlands patch contains over two dozen nerfs and buffs, from champions and traits to Draconic Augments. A large number of bug fixes were also resolved, from the Treasure Dragon “ding” audio cue to Talon not damaging himself if a target isn’t in range. Another large patch is expected to drop tomorrow, according to TFT game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. Today’s patch will drop shortly after 3pm CT. 

Draconic Augments Blue Battery (one) and Golden Ticket, formerly Hextech Augments, were removed. Several of the Shimmerscale trait items received big adjustments. Cannoneer bonus damage was nerfed while the Dragonmancer trait’s ability power was buffed. And the Mirage trait had a couple of its variations tweaked. 

Yasuo is slated to get a significant buff to his attack damage today, along with a health increase. Attack damage was also increased for Shyvana and Yone but nerfed for Varus and Talon. The mana for Zoe was nerfed. Volibear and Tristana had several levers adjusted, while Aatrox is slated to get significant buffs to his spell percent attack damage and heal. 

Players can test all the PBE nerfs and buffs taking place today shortly after 3pm CT. The official launch of TFT Set Seven Dragonlands is scheduled to take place on June 8 via Patch 12.11