How TFT Set 7 Draconic Augments work: Full list and updates

Over 100 new and returning Augments shape the Dragonlands meta in Set Seven.

Image via Riot Games

Augments are returning to Teamfight Tactics with improved balance and strategic gameplay options within Set Seven Dragonlands.

The return of Augments to TFT Set Seven highlights what these effects bring to design and gameplay. No longer known as Hextech, the Set Seven effects are now called Draconic Augments. And with the new name come a few changes worth noting.

Draconic Augments will appear at Stages 2-1, 3-2, and 4-2. Players have the option in TFT Set Seven to reroll Augment options for one gold, but only once per game. The Dragonslands set contains more Gold Augments, fewer multi-tier Augments, Augments that offer high risk/reward, and trait Augments that promote synergistic gameplay styles while also increasing flexibility. 

Similar to Augments from Gizmos and Gadgets, there are a total of three tiers within the TFT Set Seven Dragonlands set: Silver, Gold, and Prismatic.

PercentageFirst Draconic ArmorySecond Draconic ArmoryThird Draconic Armory
10 percentSilverSilverGold
Two percentSilverSilverPrismatic
18 percentGoldSilverGold
Three percentGoldGoldPrismatic
Two percentGoldSilverPrismatic
Five percentPrismaticSilverGold
One percentPrismaticPrismaticPrismatic
One percentSilverPrismaticSilver
Two percentPrismaticGoldGold
Six percentGoldSilverSilver
Three percentSilverGoldPrismatic
20 percentGoldGoldGold
One percentPrismaticSilverPrismatic
One percentSilverPrismaticPrismatic
10 percentGold PrismaticGold
One percentGoldPrismaticPrismatic
One percentPrismaticGoldPrismatic
Two percentGoldPrismaticSilver
One percentPrismaticPrismaticGold

Here are the overall percentage rates of each tier at each of the three stages throughout a game.

Augment tierStage 2-1Stage 3-2Stage 4-2
Silver27 percent44 percentNine percent
Gold62 percent39 percent76 percent
Prismatic11 percent17 percent15 percent

Players are more likely to see Gold tier Set Seven Draconic Augments at all stages of a game. The Gold tier also has the highest number of Augments contained within it. Crown and Soul Augments (Prismatic tier) have been reworked from Set Six while Heart and Crest Augments now apply toward TFT Set Seven traits. Players will also no longer get shown three trait-related Augments within the same Armory.

Hextech Augments

Over 100 new Draconic Augments are in TFT Set Seven, but there are also Set Six Hextech Augments that are contained within the Dragonlands set as well. Some have been reworked and a total of 16 have been completely removed, not including trait-specific Hextech Augments.

Here are the removed Hextech Augments:

Archangel’s EmbraceBackfoot 1/2/3Battlemage 1/2/3Disintegrator 1/2/3
DominanceFour ScoreGolden Gifts 1/2High Five
Keepers 1/2Knifes Edge 1/2/3Phalanx 1/2/3Titanic Force
Treasure Trove 1/2/3Weakspot 2/3Woodland CharmUnderdogs

A total of 19 Hextech Augments were either rebalanced, moved tiers, or reworked via their transition into TFT Set Seven Draconic Augments. Adjustments included a rework to The Golden Egg, balance changes to Rich Get Richer, First Aid Kit has multiple tiers, and tier shifts for Augments like Binary Airdrop.

All adjusted and original Hextech Augments, along with every new Draconic Augment are listed out below according to tiers (with trait-specific Heart, Crest, Crown, and Soul separated out).

Draconic Augments with multiple tiers

There are only four new Draconic Augments that have multiple tiers. Each of the multiple-tier Set Six Hextech Augments that carried over and new TFT Set Seven Draconic Augments appear in the Silver, Gold, and Prismatic tier unless otherwise specified.

  • Arcane Nullifier: Your unit’s abilities ignore 25/35/50 percent of the target’s magic resistance and reduce healing received by 50 percent for eight seconds.
  • Axiom Arc (Silver/Gold): When your units kill an enemy they gain 20/30 mana.
  • Best Friends: Your units that start combat only adjacent to each other gain 15/25/35 attack speed and 15/25/35 armor. 
  • Built Different: A rework in Patch 12.12 changed Built Different to have stats that scale with Stages, between Stages two and five in Constructed and four and eight in Hyper Roll.
  • Built Different One: Health and attack speed adjusted to 250/300/350/400 health and 40/50/60/70 percent attack speed.
  • Built Different Two: Health and attack speed adjusted to 300/400/500/600 health and 50/60/70/80 percent attack speed.
  • Built Different Three: Health and attack speed adjusted to 400/500/600700 health and 60/70/80/90 percent attack speed.
  • Celestial Blessing: Your units heal for 12/15/20 percent of the damage dealt by attacks and abilities. Excess healing is converted to a shield up to 300/450/600 health.
  • Cybernetic Implants: Your units equipped with an item gain 125/200/300 health and 10/20/30 attack damage.
  • Cybernetic Shell: Your champions holding an item gain 125/200/300 health and 20/30/40 armor.
  • Cybernetic Uplink: Your champions holding an item gain 125/200/300 health and restore 2/3/4 mana per second.
  • Double Trouble: If you have exactly two copies of a champion on your board, they both gain 30/40/50 attack damage, ability power, armor, and magic resistance. When you upgrade to a three-star, gain a two-star copy. 
  • Electocharge: When your units receive a critical strike, they deal damage that scales per stage. Electocharge has a one-second cooldown.
  • Electrocharge 1: 50/65/80/95
  • Electrocharge 2: 75/95/115/135
  • Electrocharge 3: 115/145/180/220
  • Exiles: Your units that start combat with no adjacent allies gain a 25/35/50 percent maximum health shield for 10 seconds.
  • Featherweights: Your one and two-cost units gain 30/40/60 percent movement and attack speed.
  • First Aid Kit (Silver and Gold): All healing and shielding received by your units are increased by 25/35 percent.
  • Future Sight (Gold/Prismatic): Know who you will fight next. Gain a Zephyr/Radiant Zephyr. 
  • Item Grab Bag (Silver and Prismatic): Gain one random completed item in Silver tier. Gain two random completed items and two Reforger in Prismatic-tier.
  • Luden’s Echo: When your units cast and deal ability damage, the first target hit, and a nearby enemy takes bonus magic damage that scales per stage.
  • Luden’s Echo One: 60/80/100/120
  • Luden’s Echo Two: 85/110/135/160
  • Luden’s Echo Three: 120/160/200/240
  • Makeshift Armor: Your units with no items gain 30/45/60 armor and magic resistance.
  • Mediation: Your units without items equipped restore 4/6/8 mana per second.
  • Phalanx: Your units that start combat in the back two rows gain 25/35/50 armor and magic resistance. 
  • Stand United: Your units gain 2/3/4 attack damage and ability power per trait active across your team.
  • Second Wind (Silver/Gold): After 10 seconds of combat, your units heal 40/60 percent of their missing health. 
  • Thrill of the Hunt (Silver/Gold): Your units heal 400/700 health on kill. 
  • Tri-Force: Your three-cost champions gain 133/233/333 health, 13/23/33 starting mana (granted at the start of combat), and 23/33/43 percent attack speed. Tri-Force is only offered as an Augment option if a player has two or more three-cost units in play.

Silver Draconic Augments

The Silver tier has a total of six new Draconic Augments, not including trait-specific Heart Augments.

  • AFK: You cannot perform actions for the next three rounds. Afterward, gain 20 gold.
  • Band of Thieves: Gain one Thief’s Gloves
  • Big Friend: Your units that start combat next to a unit with over 2,000 health take 18 percent less damage for the rest of combat. 
  • Dominance: After winning your combat, gain one bonus gold for every two surviving units. Dominance may appear as an Augment option if you are on a two or more win-streak.
  • Late-game Specialist: Gain 40 gold when you reach level nine. 
  • Pandora’s Bench: Gain five gold. At the start of every turn, champions in your three rightmost bench slots transform into random champions of the same cost. 
  • Pandora’s Items: Gain a random component. At the start of each turn, items on your bench are randomized. This does not include Force of Nature, Spatula, and consumables.
  • Phony Frontline: Gain two Target Dummies with a health of 500.
  • Preparation: Units on your bench gain 10 attack damage and ability damage every round, up to 30. Stats per stack are 6/8/12 and maximum stats are 24/32/48. Will not appear at Stage 4-2.
  • Recombobulator: Champions on your board permanently transform into random champions that cost one more. Gain three Magnetic Removers.

Draconic Silver Heart Augments

  • Assassin Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Assassin. Gain a Kayn.
  • Astral Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Astral. Gain a Nami.
  • Bruiser Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Bruiser. Gain a Braum.
  • Cannoneer Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Cannoneer. Gain a Tristana.
  • Cavalier Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Cavalier. Gain a Lillia.
  • Dragonmancer Heart: Removed
  • Evoker Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Evoker. Gain a Lulu.
  • Guardian Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Guardian. Gain a Thresh.
  • Guild Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Guild. Gain a Twitch.
  • Jade Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Jade. Gain a Gnar.
  • Mage Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Mage. Gain a Nami.
  • Mirage Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Mirage. Gain a Yone.
  • Mystic Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Mystic: Gain a Nami.
  • Ragewing Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Ragewing. Gain a Shen.
  • Revel Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Revel. Gain a Jinx.
  • Scalescorn Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Scalescorn. Gain a Braum.
  • Shimmerscale Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Shimmerscale. Gain a Kayn.
  • Swiftshot Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Swiftshot. Gain a Twitch.
  • Tempest Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Tempest. Gain a Qiyana.
  • Warrior Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Warrior: Gain a Yone.
  • Whispers Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Whispers. Gain a Thresh.

Gold Draconic Augments

The Gold tier in TFT Set Seven Dragonlands has an abundance of Draconic Augments. A total of 35 are new, not including the Crest trait-specific Augments.

  • Ancient Archives: Gain one Tome of Traits.
  • Ascension: After 15 seconds of combat, your units deal 50 percent more damage.
  • Beast’s Den: Units that start combat next to at least two Shapeshifter units gain 35 percent attack speed and movement speed. Shapeshifter units always gain this bonus. Gain a Gnar.
  • Better Together: Aura items that buff your team have their effects increased by 33 percent. Gain a Locket of the Iron Solari. 
  • Blue Battery: After casting their ability, your units restore 20 mana.
  • Calculated Loss: After losing your combat, gain two gold and a free Shop refresh.
  • Clear Mind: If you have no units on your bench at the end of a round, gain three experience points. Clear Mind will never appear at Stage 1-4.
  • Cluttered Mind: If your bench is full at the end of a round, gain three experience points.
  • Combat Training: Your champions permanently gain one attack damage every time they kill an enemy unit. Champions start with five attack damage. Upon increasing star levels, Combat Training keeps the highest stack count rather than combining stacks.
  • Component Grab Bag: Gain three random item components. Component Grab Bag will only appear at Stages 3-2 or 4-2.
  • Cutthroat: Assassin units Mana-Reave the first unit they attack, increasing their maximum mana by 50 percent until they cast. Assassin units deal 20 percent more damage against Mana-Reave targets. Gain a Qiyana. 
  • Devastating Charge: Cavalier unit’s first attack after charging deals 90 magic damage, increased by one percent for each armor and magic resistance they have. Gain a Lillia. 
  • Dragon Alliance: The dragon trait remains active regardless of how many dragons you have. Dragons gain 25 armor and magic resistance. Gain a random tier-four dragon. 
  • Dragon Horde: The Dragon trait remains active regardless of how many dragons you have. Dragons gain 15 attack damage and ability power. Gain a random tier-four dragon. 
  • Essence Theft: Evoker units when they attack gain five mana from their targets. Gain a Lulu. 
  • Eternal Protection: When one of your Jade champions would die, the nearest Jade statue protects them, losing 70 percent of its maximum health and transferring 150 percent of that amount to the champion. Gain an Ashe. 
  • Eye of the Storm: At the start of combat, the unit in the center of the board gains 40 ability power, increased to 120 after Tempest lightning strikes. Gain a Qiyana. 
  • Gadget Expert: Direct damage items deal 40 percent more damage as true damage. Gain a Stattik Shiv.
  • Gear Upgrades: Guild champions holding an item gain 25 armor and another 200 percent of their Guild bonus. Gain a Twitch. 
  • Hallucinate: MIrage champions take 90 percent less damage for the first five seconds of combat. Gain a Yone. 
  • Heroic Presence: Guardian units taunt all enemies every two seconds. Enemies that attack a Guardian unit’s shield take magic damage equal to six percent of the shielded unit’s maximum health (up to once per second). Gain a Thresh. 
  • High-End Shopping: Champions appear in your Shop as if you were one level higher. Gain 10 gold. High-End Shopping won’t appear as a first Augment option.
  • Hot Shot: Cannoneer cannon shots burn their targets, dealing eight percent of the target’s maximum health as True damage over four seconds, and reducing healing by 50 percent for the duration of the burn. Gain a Tristana. 
  • Hustler (formerly Hyper Roll): If you have less than 20 gold at the end of a round, gain three gold.
  • Inspire: When the Dragonmancer hero gets a takedown, champions that share a trait with the Dragonmancer hero gain 70 percent attack speed for four seconds. Gain an Ashe. 
  • Jeweled Lotus: Magic and true damage from your units’ abilities can critically strike. Units additionally gain a 20 percent critical strike chance.
  • Intercosmic Gifts: Astral orbs have a 50 percent chance to spawn a smaller orb that contains bonus loot. Gain a Nami. 
  • Last Stand: The first time you would die, stabilize at one health instead. After this effect triggers, your units gain 200 health, 20 armor, 20 magic resistance, and  20 percent omnivamp (healing equal to a percentage of physical, magic, and True damage).
  • Loot Master: Gain a random component every four combat rounds when you have at least two Guild active. Gain a Twitch. 
  • Mage Conference: While the Mage trait is active, a random Mage unit portals onto your bench after combat with a player. Gain a Lillia. 
  • Metabolic Accelerator: Your Tactician moves faster and heals two health at the start of each round. Can only show up at Stage 1-4.
  • Nomads: Scalescorn units gain 10 percent damage every time they start combat in a new Hex, up to 30 percent. Gain a Lulu. Temporarily removed during PBE testing.
  • Party Favors: Gain one gold for every six firecrackers launched by Revel champions each combat. Additionally, gain a special prize the first time 100 total firecrackers are launched. Gain a Jinx.
  • Party Time!: After a Revel unit scores a takedown, they gain 80 percent attack speed for a total of four seconds. Gain a Jinx.
  • Penitence: Enemies are disarmed for three seconds the first time they attack a Jade statue or are damaged by a Jade statue’s explosion. Gain a Gnar. 
  • Personal Training: At the end of combat, champions that started combat adjacent to a Bruiser unit permanently gain 30 health, increased by 20 if they survived. Gain a Shen. Upon increasing star levels, Personal Trainer keeps the highest stack count as opposed to combining the stacks from every copy.
  • Press the Attack: Attacks from Swiftshot units apply a stack on their target for five seconds. Every third stack consumes all stacks to deal true damage equal to five percent of the target’s maximum health. Gain a Kayn. 
  • Portable Forge: Open an Armory and choose one of three unique Artifacts crafted by Ornn. The chance to drop gold is 60 percent.
  • Reckless Spending: If you purchase both XP and a shop refresh during the planning phase, Shimmerscale champions gain 50 percent damage for the next combat phase. Gain a Kayn. Players are no longer required to purchase XP at the maximum level. The effect will trigger with only shop refreshes at that point. Players who have March of Progress will not get offered Reckless Spending.
  • Rich Get Richer: Gain 10 gold. Your maximum interest is increased to seven, and the trait only shows up at Stage 1-4.
  • Ricochet: Cannoneer cannon shots bounce once, dealing 50 percent less damage. Gain a Tristana. 
  • Salvage Bin: Gain a random completed item. Selling champions breaks apart their full items into components. This does not include Force of Nature.
  • Scorch: Every fifth instance of Ragewing champions damage deals 33 percent more damage and is converted to true damage. Gain a Kayn. 
  • Sunfire Board: At the start of combat, burn all enemies for one percent of their maximum HP over 15 seconds and reduce healing received by 50 percent.
  • Tantrum: After casting their first ability, Ragewing units restore 100 percent of their maximum Rage.
  • Tiamat: Additional attacks from Warrior units deal 40 percent of their damage to enemies in a one-Hex area around their target. Gain a Yone. 
  • Titanic Strength: Bruiser units gain 1.5 percent of their health as attack damage. Gain a Tahm Kench. 
  • Tiny Titans: Your Tactician heals 30 health, grows larger, and has 135 maximum health. 
  • Three’s Company: Gain three random three-cost champions. Three’s Company can only appear at Stage 1-4.
  • Trade Sector: Gain a free Shop refresh each round and five gold upon choosing the Draconic Augment. Trade Sector will only show up at Stage 3-2.
  • True Twos: The True Twos Draconic Augment was reworked in Patch 12.12 to gain one random two-star tier-one champion and one random two-star tier-two champion.
  • Twilight Umbrage: Units that start combat next to Whispers units are stealthed for seven seconds. Temporarily removed during PBE.
  • Wise Spending: Gain two experience points when you refresh your Shop.
  • Woodland Trinket: At the start of combat, your highest attack speed champion creates two 360 health copies of themself (excluding items).

Draconic Crest Augments

  • Assassin Crest: Gaom am Assassin Emblem and a Kayn.
  • Astral Crest: Gain an Astral Emblem and a Nami.
  • Bruiser Crest: Gain a Bruiser Emblem and a Taric.
  • Cannoneer Crest: Gain a Cannoneer Emblem and a Jinx.
  • Cavalier Crest: Gain a Cavalier Emblem and a Sejuani.
  • Dragonmancer Crest: Gain a Dragonmancer Emblem and an Ashe.
  • Evoker Crest: Gain an Evoker Emblem and a Lulu.
  • Guardian Crest: Gain a Guardian Emblem and a Braum.
  • Guild Crest: Gain a Guild Emblem and a Twitch.
  • Jade Crest: Gain a Jade Emblem and an Ashe.
  • Mage Crest: Gain a Mage Emblem and a Vladimir.
  • Ragewing Crest: Gain a Ragewing Emblem and a Shen.
  • Scalescorn Crest: Gain a Scalescorn Emblem and a Braum.
  • Shimmerscale Crest: Gain a Shimmerscale Emblem and a Kayn.
  • Swiftshot Crest: Gain a Swiftshot Emblem and an Ashe.
  • Tempest Crest: Gain a Tempest Emblem and a Qiyana.
  • Warrior Crest: Gain a Warrior Emblem and a Shen.

Prismatic Draconic Augments

The Prismatic tier has seven new TFT Set Seven Draconic Augments, not counting Crown and Soul Augments that are support traits and synergies.

  • Ancient Archives: Gain two Tomb of Traits.
  • Band of Thieves: Gain two Thief’s Gloves.
  • Binary Airdrop: Your units equipped with two items temporarily gain a random completed item at the start of combat and a random item component.
  • Cavalier Unity: The Cavalier trait grants bonuses to all of your champions. This does not increase the number of Cavalier on your team. Gain a Sejuani. 
  • Cruel Pact: Buying XP costs three health instead of gold. Cruel Pack can only show up at Stage 2-1.
  • Cursed Crown: Gain plus-two maximum team size, but take 100 percent increased player damage. 
  • High Five: Gain four random five-cost champions. High Five can only appear at Stage 4-6.
  • High Roller: Gain two Loaded Dice and eight gold.
  • Level Up!: When you buy experience points, gain an additional three experience points. You can now reach level 10. This effect is not offered after choosing March of Progress.
  • Living Forge: Gain a random Ornn item now and after every 10 player combats. 
  • March of Progress: Gain four bonus experience points per round. You can no longer use gold to gain experience points.
  • New Recruit: Gain plus one team size.
  • Radiant Relics: Open an Armory and choose one of five unique Radiant items. 
  • The Golden Egg: Gain a massive golden egg that hatches in 11 turns. Players can not sell the egg for any gold. Total gold is capped at 75 and may include a Tactician’s Crown. Victorius player combat accelerates the hatch timer by an additional turn.
  • Think Fast: Shop refreshes are free until the end of this round. Traits and other Augments do not benefit from these free shops. Gain eight gold. 
  • Urf’s Grab Bag: Gain one Spatula and three random item components.
  • Verdant Veil: Your units are immune to crowd control effects for the first 15 seconds of combat. 
  • Windfall: Gain gold based on the number of Augments you currently have. Zero equals 20 gold, one equals 20 gold, and two equals 20 gold. The trait only shows up at Stage 1-4.

Draconic Crown Augments

  • Assassin Crown: Gain an Assassin Emblem, an Infinity Edge, and a Diana.
  • Astral Crown: Your team counts as having one additional Astral. Gain a Redemption and a Varus.
  • Bruiser Crown: Gain a Bruiser Emblem, A Redemption, and an Illaoi.
  • Cannoneer Crown: Gain a Cannoneer Emblem, a Runaan’s Hurricane, and a Tristana. 
  • Cavalier Crown: Gain a Cavalier Emblem, a Redemption, and a Nunu.
  • Evoker Crown: Gain an Evoker Emblem, a Spear of Shojin, and an Anivia.
  • Guardian Crown: Gain a Guardian Emblem, a Gargoyle Stoneplate, and a Braum.
  • Guild Crown: Gain a Guild Emblem, a Giant Slayer, and a Ryze. 
  • Jade Crown: Your team counts as having one additional Jade. Gain a Titan’s Resolve and a Gnar.
  • Mage Crown: Gain a Mage Emblem, a Spear of Shojin, and a Ryze.
  • Mirage Crown: Gain a Mirage Emblem, a Hand of Justice, and a Nunu.
  • Ragewing Crown: Gain a Ragewing Emblem, a Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and a Swain.
  • Revel Crown: Gain a Revel Emblem, a Stattik Shiv, and a Jinx. 
  • Scalescorn Crown: Gain a Scalescorn Emblem, a Giant Slayer, and a Diana.
  • Swifshot Crown: Gain a Swiftshot Emblem, a Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and a Varus.
  • Tempest Crown: Gain a Tempest Emblem, a Hand of Justice, and a Lee Sin.
  • Warrior Crown: Gain a Warrior Emblem, a Giant Slayer, and an Olaf.
  • Whispers Crown: Gain a Whispers Emblem, a Hand of Justice, and an Elise.

Draconic Soul Augments

  • Dragonmancer Soul: Gain a Dragonmancer Emblem, a Hand of Justice, and a Lee Sin. 
  • Mystic Soul: Your team counts as having one additional Mystic. Gain a Spear of Shojin and a Lulu.
  • Shapeshifter Soul: Your team counts as having one additional Shapeshifter. Gain a Sunfire Cape and an Elise.
  • Shimmerscale Soul: Your team counts as having one additional Shimmerscale. Gain a Titan’s Resolve and a Kayn.

Updated June 6 8:40pm CT: All TFT Set Seven Dragonlands final June 6 PBE balance changes were applied.

Update June 22 1pm CT: All TFT Set Seven Dragonlands champions abilities and stats were updated following the release of Patch 12.12.

Update June 28 11am CT: Adjustments were applied from the TFT Set Seven 12.12 B-patch.