TFT Set 7 cheat sheet: Traits and champions

Choose your comp synergies wisely with an in-depth guide to all traits in Set 7.

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New realms and unique abilities will usher in Teamfight Tactics Set Seven Dragonlands, containing a total of 14 Origin and 14 Class traits.  

Multiple islands make up what is known as the Dragonlands in TFT Set Seven, showcasing a total of 28 new and returning traits assigned to the champions within the magical realm. Unique traits assigned to one champion return, along with favorites like Assassin, Bruiser, Cavalier, Mystic, and Mage. New traits offer skillful crafting of team comps to vertical synergies packed with power and health, and a variation of Mutant from Gizmos and Gadgets offers several random traits for that spice of dragon life. 

Here are the 28 TFT Set Seven Dragonland traits via the Riot Games cheat sheet in alphabetical order. Stats and abilities are subject to change with each patch. Any balance changes to the TFT Set Seven traits will get updated at the release of each patch. 

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Astral (3/6/9)

With the Astral Origin, every fifth shop has increased odds to show Astral champions while also granting an Astral orb. The minimum number of Astral units within an Astral shop is three. With each breakpoint, your team gains bonus ability power, and the orb increases in value. Players can get an Astral Emblem but not through a Carousel.

  • Three: 10 ability power
  • Six: 40 ability power and orb increases in value
  • Nine: 80 ability power and orb increases in value. Orb component drop rate frequency is 45 percent.

Astral Set Seven champions are Nidalee, Skarner, Vladimir, Nami, Illaoi, Varus, and Aurelion Sol

Assassin (2/4/6)

Assassin TFT Dragonlands champions have an Innate ability that has them leap to the enemy backline when combat starts. All Assassin units jump prior to other units moving per a nerf to the trait in the 12.12 B-patch. A unit with the Assassin trait has the ability to critically strike. At each breakpoint, Assassin units gain bonus critical strike chance and critical strike damage.

  • Two: 15 percent crit chance and five percent crit damage
  • Four: 30 percent crit chance and 25 percent crit damage
  • Six: 45 percent crit chance and 45 percent crit damage

Set Seven Assassin units are Kayn, Qiyana, Diana, Talon, and Pyke.

Bard (1)

The Bard trait is a unique trait to the five-cost TFT champion Bard. With Bard on the battlefield, all allies that survive combat have a 20 percent chance to create a Doot. Bard always creates a Doot when dancing. A Doot increases the odds of seeing tier three, four, and five champions in the shop by one percent, allowing players to hit high-cost units consistently at level seven. 

Bruiser (2/4/6/8)

Activating the Bruiser trait provides your team with bonus health. All Bruiser units gain double the bonus at each breakpoint. 

  • Two: 200 bonus health
  • Four: 325 bonus health
  • Six: 450 bonus health
  • Eight: 700 bonus health

Set Seven Dragonlands Bruiser champions are Skarner, Tahm Kench, Shen, Illaoi, Olaf, Sylas, Ornn, and Sy’fen. 

Cannoneer (2/4/6/8)

Every fifth attack from a unit with the Cannoneer trait fires a cannon shot that explodes for physical damage around the target. Each breakpoint increases the attack damage. 

  • Two: 125 attack damage
  • Four: 225 attack damage
  • Six: 325 attack damage
  • Eight: 425 attack damage

Cannoneer TFT Set Seven champions are Senna, Jinx, Tristana, and Corki.

Cavalier (2/3/4/5)

Champions with the Cavalier trait have an Innate ability that has them charge towards their target whenever they move. Units with the Cavalier trait gain armor and magic resistance that increases at each breakpoint. At the start of combat, along with after each charge, Cavalier champions gain double the amount of armor and magic resistance for a total of four seconds. 

  • Two: 35 armor and 35 magic resistance
  • Three: 60 armor and 60 magic resistance
  • Four: 85 armor and 85 magic resistance
  • Five: 110 armor and 110 magic resistance

Set Seven Dragonlands champions with the Cavalier trait are Sejuani, Lillia, Nunu, and Hecarim. 

Dragon (1)

Only one dragon on the battlefield can activate the Dragon trait. Dragon units take up two slots, gain 700 bonus health, and provide plus-three to the marked trait. Set Seven TFT dragons are Shi Oh Yu, Idas, Sy’fen, Daeja, Shyvana, Aurelion Sol, and Ao Shin. 

Dragonmancer (3/6/9)

Activating the Dragonmancer trait provides a Blessing item. This item allows you to choose a hero before the start of combat each round. The hero gains bonus health and ability power at each breakpoint, increasing by 20 percent per star level of your Dragonmancer units. 

  • Three: 300 health and 18 percent ability power
  • Six: 750 health and 40 percent ability power
  • Nine: 1,400 health and 70 percent ability power

The champions that have the Set Seven Dragonmancer trait include Karma, Sett, Ashe, Lee Sin, Swain, Volibear, and Yasuo. 

Evoker (2/4/6)

Set Seven champions with the Evoker trait gain mana whenever an ally or enemy casts an ability. Mana gained increases at breakpoints. Champions with the Evoker trait are Anivia, Lulu, Sona, and Aurelion Sol.

  • Two: Three mana
  • Four: Seven mana
  • Six: 12 mana

Guardian (2/4/6)

Activating the Guardian trait has a Guardian unit shield themselves and their closest ally once per combat at 30/50/75 percent health. Shields stack and increase at each breakpoint. 

  • Two: 300 shield
  • Four: 500 shield
  • Six: 800 shield

Set Seven champions with the Guardian trait are Leona, Taric, Braum, Thresh, and Idas. 

Guild (1/2/3/4/5/6/7)

Activating the Guild trait grants a unique bonus to your team, with Guild allies gaining double the amount. Bonuses increase for each Guild member on the battlefield.

Set Seven Guild champions

  • Sejuani: +100 health
  • Twitch: +10 attack speed
  • Ryze: +10 ability power
  • Talon: Plus-eight attack damage
  • Bard: Plus-two mana
  • Emblem: Plus-five omnivamp (healing for a percentage of damage dealt)

Guild bonus 

  • One: 100 percent
  • Two: 120 percent
  • Three: 140 percent
  • Four: 160 percent
  • Five: 180 percent 
  • Six: 200 percent
  • Seven: 250 percent

Jade (3/6/9/12)

Activating the Jade trait summons a Jade statue that grows in power at each breakpoint. Allies adjacent to a statue during each combat gain attack speed and maximum health, healing every two seconds. When a statue is destroyed, it deals 33 percent of its health as magic damage to nearby enemies. Statues, healing, and attack speed increase at each breakpoint.

  • Three: One statue, plus-two percent healing, and +15 percent attack speed
  • Six: Two statues, plus-four percent healing, and +40 percent attack speed
  • Nine: Three statues, plus-eight percent healing, and +70 percent attack speed
  • 12: Four statues, +25 percent healing, and +200 percent attack speed

Set Seven champions with the Jade trait are Karma, Taric, Ashe, Gnar, Anivia, Neeko, Soraka, and Shi Oh Yu.

Legend (3)

The Legend Set Seven TFT trait activates at three units. During each combat, an adjacent ally bestows their spirit to the Legend, which gains 100 percent of their health, armor, and magic resistance, along with 30 percent of their ability power. 

Champions with the Dragonlands Legend trait are Anivia, Volibear, and Ornn. 

Mage (3/5/7)

Activating the trait has Mage units cast twice while having a modified ability power that increases at each breakpoint. 

  • Three: 80 percent ability power
  • Five: 105 percent ability power
  • Seven: 125 percent ability power

Set Seven champions with the Mage trait are Heimerdinger, Vladimir, Lillia, Nami, Ryze, Sylas, and Zoe. 

Mirage (2/4/6/8)

Similar to the Mutant trait from Gizmos & Gadgets, the Mirage trait has a total of seven possible traits that rotate each game. Breakpoints stay the same with each variation. Set Seven champions with the Mirage trait are Leona, Yone, Nunu, Daeja, and Yasuo. 

Electric Overload

Attacking or being hit by an attack prompts a chance to deal a percentage of maximum health as magic damage to adjacent enemies. The chance increases at each breakpoint. 

  • Two: eight percent chance
  • Four: 25 percent chance
  • Six: 33 percent chance
  • Eight: 50 percent chance

Warlord’s Honor

Mirage units gain bonus health and ability power that increases at each breakpoint. Each victorious combat the Mirage units participate in increases the bonus by 10 percent, stacking up to five times. 

  • Two: 200 health and 20 ability power
  • Four: 300 health and 30 ability power
  • Six: 450 health and 45 ability power
  • Eight: 600 health and 60 ability power

Dawnbringer’s Determination

The first time a Mirage unit drops below 50 percent health, it rapidly heals for a portion of its maximum health, increasing at breakpoints.  

  • Two: Heal 40 percent maximum health
  • Four: heal 65 percent maximum health
  • Six: Heal 65 percent maximum health, heal a second time
  • Eight: Heal 110 percent maximum health, heal a second time

Duelist’s Dexterity

Mirage units gain bonus attack speed that increases at the trait’s breakpoints, up to eight stacks.

  • Two: Six percent attack speed per stack
  • Four: 12 percent attack speed per stack
  • Six: 20 percent attack speed per stack
  • Eight: 30 percent attack speed per stack

Spellsword’s Enchantment

During each combat, Mirage units gain ability power per attack that increases at trait breakpoints.

  • Two: Six ability power
  • Four: 10 ability power
  • Six: 14 ability power
  • Eight: 18 ability power

Executioner’s Edge

Attacks and spells from Mirage units critically strike units below a health threshold that increases at breakpoints.

  • Two: 50 percent health and +20 percent crit damage
  • Four: 65 percent health and +30 percent crit damage
  • Six: 80 percent health and +40 percent crit damage
  • Eight: 100 percent health and +50 percent crit damage

Pirate’s Greed

After each combat round, gain a treasure chest that contains gold and sometimes other TFT Dragonlands loot. 

Image via Mortdog (
  • Two: Gain a deckhand’s chest (average gold of 1.6)
  • Four: Gain a lieutenant’s chest (average gold 4.02)
  • Six: gain a captain’s chest (average gold 6.87 and 25 percent chance for component)
  • Eight: Gain an admiral’s chest (average gold 13.5 and 30 percent chance for full item)

Mystic (2/3/4/5)

Activating the Mystic trait grants your team magic resistance that increases at each breakpoint.

  • Two: 50 magic resistance
  • Three: 100 magic resistance
  • Four: 175 magic resistance
  • Five: 300 magic resistance

Champions in Set Seven Dragonlands with the Mystic trait are Nami, Lulu, Shi Oh Yu, and Bard. 

Ragewing (3/6/9)

Champions with the Ragewing trait do not use mana, generating Rage instead. Every attack from a unit with Ragewing generates 15 Rage. After casting an ability, the unit will enrage for a total of four seconds, gaining attack speed and omnivamp (healing for a percentage of damage dealt) that increases at each breakpoint. Champions will not generate Rage while enraged. 

  • Three: 50 percent attack speed and 20 percent Omnivamp
  • Six: 135 percent attack speed and 50 percent Omnivamp
  • Nine: 250 percent attack speed and 75 percent Omnivamp

Set Seven champions with the Ragewing trait are Senna, Sett, Kayn, Shen, Hecarim, Xayah, and Shyvana. 

Revel (2/3/4/5)

Revel champions launch a firecracker that deals magic damage to a random enemy after dealing damage with an ability. Magic damage from the firecracker increases at each breakpoint.

  • Two: 110 magic damage
  • Three: 150 magic damage
  • Four: 210 magic damage
  • Five: 290 magic damage

Set Seven champions with the Revel trait are Tahm Kench, Jinx, Corki, and Sona. 

Scalescorn (2/4/6)

Units with the Scalescorn trait benefit from not having a dragon on the team. Champions with the trait deal bonus magic damage that increases at each breakpoint and take 20 percent reduced damage from enemies with more than 1,700 health. 

  • Two: 15 percent magic damage
  • Four: 50 percent magic damage
  • Six: 125 percent magic damage

Champions that have the Scalescorn trait are Braum, Lillia, Diana, and Olaf. 

Shapeshifter (2/4/6)

Shapeshifter units transform, gaining bonus maximum health heals that increase at each breakpoint. 

  • Two: 40 percent maximum health
  • Four: 90 percent maximum health
  • Six: 145 percent maximum health

Champions in Set Seven Dragonlands that have the Shapeshifter trait are Nidalee, Gnar, Elise, Swain, Neeko, and Shyvana.

Shimmerscale (3/5/7/9)

Activating the Shimmerscale trait provides a unique item, with more items offered at increased breakpoints. The order of items changes every game. Exclusive item drops are 1/2/4/5.

The Shimmerscale items are:

  • Draven’s Axe: Gain one attack damage per gold in your bank, up to 80 gold. Every attack, this item gains one stack. At 100 stacks, gain eight gold and one item. Holder gains an initial 10 attack damage and attack speed.
  • Goldmancer’s Staff: Gain one ability power per gold in your bank, up to 80 gold—and a 50 percent chance to drop two gold on an enemy kill. Holder gains an initial 30 ability power and 30 mana.
  • Determined Investor: After the holder dies a total of seven times, this item returns to your item tray and transforms into Diamond Hands. Then gain one Champion Duplicator (formerly known as Neeko’s Help) and 15 gold. Holder gains 150 health.
  • Diamond Hands: Once per combat at 66 and 33 percent health, gain one gold and immunity for one second. Holder gains 200 initial health and 20 ability power.
  • Philosopher’s Stone: Removed.
  • Gambler’s Blade: Gain one percent bonus attack speed per gold in your bank, up to 80 gold. Each attack has a six percent chance to drop one gold that is obtained via the Shimmerscale trait. Holder gains an initial 30 ability power and attack speed.
  • Mogul’s Mail: Gain one armor, one magic resistance, and eight health stacks when taking damage. After stacking 40 times, gain two gold, obtained via the Shimmerscale trait. Holder gains 300 initial health.
  • Needlessly Big Gem (Heart of Gold): If the holder is alive after 15 seconds of combat, your units deal one percent more damage (maximum one gold) per gold you have. For every two units alive when this happens, gain one gold. Item must be equipped to a unit and a timer was added during PBE testing so players can see when Needlessly Big Gem procs.
  • Crown of Champions: Every four seconds, the next attack deals 9,001 times the amount of gold in your bank in True damage.

Shimmerscale TFT champions are Aatrox, Kayn, Volibear, Idas, and Zoe. 

Spell-Thief (1)

Unique to Zoe, the trait Spell-Thief nabs a new ability after each cast and at the start of every round. 

Starcaller (1)

The Starcaller trait is unique to Soraka. In addition to healing allies, Soraka heals your Tactician 2/4/75 health depending on her star level. Hyper Roll heal is 1/2/20.

Swiftshot (2/4/6)

Swiftshot units have an Innate ability that increases attack range by two Hexes. Units with the Swiftshot trait activated gain attack speed for each Hex between themselves and their target, with the speed increasing at each breakpoint. 

  • Two: 12 percent attack speed
  • Four: 25 percent attack speed
  • Six: 40 percent attack speed

Units with the Swiftshot trait in Dragonlands are Ezreal, Ashe, Twitch, Varus, and Xayah. 

Tempest (2/4/6/8)

Activating the Tempest trait has lightning strike the battlefield after a total of eight seconds from the start of combat. Enemies are stunned for two seconds and take a percentage of their maximum health as true damage while Tempest units gain attack speed. Percent of maximum health damage and attack speed increase at each breakpoint. 

  • Three: Five percent damage and 25 percent attack speed
  • Four: 20 percent damage and 50 percent attack speed
  • Six: 35 percent damage and 80 percent attack speed
  • Eight: 50 percent damage and 150 percent attack speed

Champions with the Tempest trait in TFT Set Seven are Ezreal, Qiyana, Lee Sin, Ornn, and Ao Shin. 

Trainer (2/3)

Activating the Trainer trait summons Nomsy the dragon. Units with the Trainer trait each feed Nomsy 1/2/3 Snax(s) based on star level, increasing the dragon’s health and ability power. Upon feeding Nomsy 25 Snax, the dragon increases in star level. Nomsy casts a big fireball with three Trainer units on the battlefield. Nomsy base health is 225 and gains 25 health per Snax.

Nomsy base Fireball damage is 85/110/140/175 and Nomsy’s Fireball has an anti-heal of 50 percent reduced healing for the duration of the burn (eight seconds).

  • Two: Summon Nomsy
  • Three: Nomsy’s abilities deal 200 percent more damage and Fireball damage is 255/330/420/525

Set Seven champions with the Trainer trait are Heimerdinger, Tristana, and Lulu. 

Warrior (2/4/6)

Warrior units have a 50 percent chance to increase the damage of their next attack upon attacking. Damage increases at each breakpoint. 

  • Two: 80 percent damage
  • Four: 175 percent damage
  • Six: 325 percent damage

Whispers (2/4/6/8)

Upon activating the trait, Whispers champions shrink enemies, reducing armor and magic resistance by 40 percent for a total of six seconds. Upon damaging an enemy that has been shrunk, units with the Whispers trait gain stacking bonuses that increase with each breakpoint. 

  • Two: Plus-one attack damage and ability power
  • Four: Plus-three damage and ability power
  • Six: Plus-five damage and ability power
  • Eight: Plus-eight damage and ability power

Champions in TFT Dragonlands with the Whispers trait are Thresh, Elise, Sylas, Pyke, and Sy’fen.

Update July 12 11:45am CT: All changes from TFT Patch 12.13 were applied.

Update July 26 10:30am CT: All changes from TFT Patch 12.14 were applied.

Update Aug. 2 10am CT: Astral, Guild, and Trainer stats adjusted from TFT 12.14 B-patch.

Update Aug. 9 1pm CT: All stats and abilities updated from TFT Patch 12.15.


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