All Set 7 TFT Champions: Abilities, cost, stats, and traits

A guide taking a deep dive into each Set Seven champion and their abilities.

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A total of 58 Teamfight Tactics champions roam the realms of Set Seven Dragonlands, from dragons and mage casters to tanks, melee, and ranged units. 

The Dragonlands set also brings a new mechanic that doubles the cost of dragons while tripling the Origin trait. Each dragon packs a punch in Set Seven, but they aren’t the only units dishing out damage. Returning favorites like Xayah, Thresh, Heimerdinger, and Olaf are ready for a challenge, and new champion dragons like Shi Oh Yu and Idas are ready to synergize teams to victory. 

Here’s every TFT Set Seven Dragonlands champion and their abilities. All stats are subject to change with each patch. Any balance changes made to the TFT Set Seven champions will be updated when the most recent Dragonlands patch is released. 

One-cost TFT Set Seven champions

A total of 13 one-cost champions are in the Dragonlands set.

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Aatrox (Shimmerscale and Warrior)

Aatrox strikes his target for 275/305/385 percent attack damage as physical damage and heals himself for 300/350/400. Mana is 50/100.

Ezreal (Tempest and Swiftfoot)

Ezreal fires an energy bolt toward his target. The first enemy hit takes 200/250/325 magic damage and grants Ezreal a 10-percent bonus attack speed, stacking up to five times. Mana is 0/40.

Heimerdinger (Trainer and Mage)

Heimerdinger lobs an egg at the highest health enemy, dealing 225/325/475 magic damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. Mana is 50/100.

Karma (Jade and Dragonmancer)

Karma fires a burst of energy toward her target that explodes in the center of the target, dealing 210/280/350 magic damage in a small area around the enemy hit. Should the target die before the burst explodes, it will still hit where the target was upon perishing. Mana is 0/50.

Leona (Mirage and Guardian)

Soar Barrier: Leona creates a barrier around herself, reducing all incoming damage by 30/40/60 for a total of four seconds. Mana 0/60. 

Nidalee (Astral and Shapeshifter)

Nidalee transforms into Cougar form for the rest of combat, reducing her attack range to one while gaining bonus movement speed and 40 percent attack speed. In Cougar form, every third attack swipes her target for 210 percent attack damage for physical damage. Mana is 0/45.

Sejuani (Guild and Cavalier)

Sejauni swings her mace, hitting all enemies in a cone for “X” magic damage (X equals six percent maximum health). She quickly strikes again, repeating the damage on her target and the enemy directly behind it and stunning them for 1.5/2/3 seconds. Mana is 50/90.

Senna (Ragewing and Cannoneer)

Senna launches black mist toward the farthest enemy, striking the first enemy hit and dealing 210/220/230 physical damage (100/175/250 percent attack damage) on a small area. The first enemy hit receives an additional 300/500/700 bonus magic damage. Mana is 30/90.

Sett (Ragewing and Dragonmancer)

For the next 30/50/80 seconds after casting his ability, Sett gains 70/80/90 armor and magic resistance. Throughout the duration of his spell, every other punch deals 160 percent attack damage as bonus physical damage. Mana is 30/60.

Skarner (Astral and Bruiser)

Skarner shields himself via Crystalline Exoskeleton for 300/360/420 for a total of eight seconds and gains 30/50/80 percent attack speed while the shield holds. Mana is 40/90.

Tahm Kench (Revel and Bruiser)

Tahm Kench shields himself with Thicker Skin for 240/250/275 for five seconds. The next three enemy attacks Tahm Kench receives during this duration deal 75/100/125 magic damage to the attacker. Mana is 60/120.

Taric (Jade and Guardian)

Taric grants himself and his closest ally a protective rune that increases armor by 60/80/150 for a total of four seconds. Mana is 50/100.

Vladimir (Astral and Mage)

Vladimir deals 275/325/375 magic damage to his target and heals himself for 270/300/330 health. Mana is 0/70.

Two-cost TFT Set Seven Champions

There are a total of 13 two-cost champions within the Dragonlands set.

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Ashe (Jade, Dragonmancer, and Swiftshot)

Ashe fires a volley of six arrows. Enemies hit by at least one arrow take 125/175/250 magic damage and suffer 25 percent reduced attack speed for three seconds. Mana is 40/90.

Braum (Scalescorn and Guardian)

Braum raises his shield for four seconds, reducing his damage taken from that direction by 75/80/90 percent. Mana is 30/60.

Gnar (Jade and Shapeshifter)

Gnar transforms into Mega Form, jumping to his target and knocking up nearby enemies for one second. Gnar also gains 50/80/150 attack damage and 40/50/75 armor. Mana is 0/70.

Jinx (Revel and Cannoneer)

Jinx summons a line of traps centered on her target. The traps detonate after a brief delay, dealing 250/400/600 magic damage and stunning enemies hit for 1/1.5/2 seconds. Jinx gains 25 mana for each empty trap. Mana is 50/100.

Kayn (Ragewing, Shimmerscale, and Assassin)

Kayn sweeps his scythe in a line through his target, dealing 275 percent attack damage as physical damage to enemies and an additional 90/150/275 magic damage to the first enemy hit. Mana is 0/60.

Lillia (Scalescorn, Cavalier, and Mage)

Lillia strikes a small area around her target’s location, dealing 215/275/350 magic damage spread amongst all enemies hit and 190/240/320 bonus magic damage to the enemy at the center of the blast. Mana is 0/50.

Nami (Astral, Mage, and Mystic)

Nami launches a wave at her target that bounces to 2/3/4 additional targets, prioritizing low-health targets. Enemies hit take 150/180/210 magic damage and allies hit heal for 170/190/210. Mana is 50/90.

Qiyana (Tempest and Assassin)

Qiyana dashes to the best position to strike enemies with her blade, dealing 200/275/375 magic damage and disarming enemies hit for 1.5/1.75/2 seconds. Mana is 40/100.

Shen (Ragewing, Bruiser, and Warrior)

Shen creates a zone around himself for 2.5/3/4 seconds, in which all nearby allies dodge basic attacks. While the shield is active, Shen gains 50/75/100 magic resistance. Mana is 60/105.

Thresh (Whispers and Guardian)

Hooks the farthest enemy, dealing 175/350/800 magic damage and pulling them toward himself for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds. Mana is 150/150. Targeting was adjusted in Patch 12.12 to allow Thresh to hook Cavalier units that start combat farthest from him.

Tristana (Trainer and Cannoneer)

Tristana fires up to three explosive charges, prioritizing the closest targets without a charge. Charges detonate after one second, dealing 140/170/210 percent of attack damage as physical damage to nearby enemies and 130/160/200 bonus magic damage to the target. The time to first missile launch is 0.3 seconds with 0.5 seconds between each launch. Mana is 0/60.

Twitch (Guild and Swiftshot)

Twitch hurls an exploding Flask at his target, dealing “X” physical damage (X equals 40/80/150 percent attack damage plus 125/130/135 maximum health percent) and reduces the armor of enemies hit by 40 percent for five seconds. Mana is 40/80.

Yone (Mirage and Warrior)

Yone has a passive in which basic attacks alternate between dealing 90/150/225 bonus magic damage and dealing 30/35/40 percent of attack damage as bonus physical damage. Yone has no mana. 

Three-cost TFT Set Seven champions

The Dragonlands set has a total of 13 three-cost champions.

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Anivia (Jade, Evoker, and Legend)

Anivia summons a prismatic storm around her target, dealing 325/475/750 magic damage over three seconds. Enemies in the storm have their magic resistance reduced by 40 percent. Mana is 40/80. Anivia’s ability damage is dealt with every passing second.

Diana (Scalescorn and Assassin)

Diana shields herself for 300/350/400 and summons 5/6/7 orbs around her. These orbs burst for 80/90/110 magic damage when they hit an enemy. When the final orb bursts, her shield refreshes. Mana is 0/70.

Elise (Whispers and Shapeshifter)

Elise transforms into Spider Form for the rest of combat, losing one attack range and replacing her ability with Venomous Bite, which she immediately casts. Base spell damage is 210/260/310. Elise’s armor and magic resistance are 30.

Venomous Bite: Elise’s next attack deals 350/550/1200 bonus magic damage. If this kills her target, she ascends, becoming untargetable before dropping near the lowest health enemy and immediately casting Venomous Bite again. Mana is 0/50.

Illaoi (Astral and Bruiser)

Illaoi slams the idol into the ground, summoning three tentacles that lash out, dealing 125/175/250 magic damage to enemies in a cone. Illaoi steals 33 percent armor and magic resistance from each enemy hit for a total of five seconds. Mana is 40/80.

Lee Sin (Tempest and Dragonmancer)

Lee Sin kicks his target, stunning them for 2/2.5/4 seconds and knocking them back. The target and all enemies they hit take 295/375/495 magic damage. Mana is 40/100.

Lulu (Trainer, Mystic, and Evoker)

Lulu enchants the nearest 3/4/5 targets. Enchanted allies gain 70/80/120 percent attack speed for five seconds. Enchanted enemies are stunned and transformed into harmless dragonlings for 1.5 seconds, taking 20 percent increased damage while stunned. If there are fewer than three units nearby, Lulu will enchant herself. Mana is 75/150.

Nunu (Mirage and Cavalier)

Nunu encourages Willump to bite his target, dealing 350/500/800 magic damage. If Willump’s target has less health than he does before the bite, it deals an additional 50 percent damage that becomes True damage. Mana is 40/100.

Olaf (Scalescorn, Bruiser, and Warrior)

Passive: Olaf seeks glorious death, permanently gaining 200/210/220 percent attack damage (10 in Hyper Roll) whenever he dies. Upon increasing star levels, Olaf keeps the highest stack count as opposed to combining the stacks of every copy.

Active: Olaf strikes his target dealing 200 percent of attack damage for physical damage and gains 35/50/75 percent attack speed for a total of six seconds. If he’s below 50 percent health, the attack speed is doubled. Mana is 50/100.

Ryze (Guild and Mage)

Ryze hurls one Arcane orb at his target, dealing 180/260/420 percent maximum mana as magic damage. Each cast increases his max mana by 20 and the number of orbs thrown by one. Mana is 0/20. 

Swain (Ragewing, Dragonmancer, and Shapeshifter)

Swain transforms into Dragon form, replacing his attacks with fireballs that deal 65/105/165 magic damage and replacing his ability with Greater Fireball.

Greater Fireball: Swain’s next fireball (65/105/165) deals 50 percent more damage and explodes in an area around his target. Mana is 0/45.

Sylas (Whispers, Mage, and Bruiser)

Sylas whirls his chains, dealing 110/170/240 magic damage to enemies hit. If Sylas has already shielded himself for 365/415/475, his spell Petricite Burst will hit two Hexes and Mana-Reave any enemy hit. The shield can stack. Mana is 70/140.

Varus (Astral and Swiftshot)

Varus sends out a cosmic tendril toward his target that strikes the first enemy hit, dealing 210/220/230 percent attack damage as physical damage and stunning them for 1.5/1.75/2 seconds. Tendrils then spread to three nearby enemies, dealing 120/180/280 magic damage and stunning them for the remainder of the duration. Mana is 60/120.

Volibear (Shimmerscale, Dragonmancer, and Legend)

Volibear rages, gaining 375/650/1200 bonus health. Bonus health does not scale with ability power. For the rest of combat, every third attack from Relentless Storm deals 110/160/225 magic bonus damage to up to 4/4/4 additional enemies. Mana is 0/60.

Four-cost TFT Set Seven champions

A total of 11 four-cost champions are in the Dragonlands set, including dragons that cost eight gold in the TFT shop.

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Corki (Revel and Cannoneer)

Corki launches a barrage of four missiles toward his target, striking the target enemy hit for 50/70/200 percent attack damage as physical damage. The final missile is called The Big One, and it deals 50 percent bonus damage plus 155/185/400 percent of attack damage as physical damage. Mana is 20/80.

Hecarim (Ragewing and Cavalier)

Hecarim summons spectral riders that charge through his target, dealing 100/200/1600 magic damage and stunning enemies hit for 2.5/25/8 seconds. Mana is 60/105.

Daeja (Mirage and Dragon)

Daeja is an eight-cost dragon who appears as a tier-four champion in the TFT shop. 

Passive: Daeja’s triple missile barrage attacks deal 25/40/150 bonus magic damage and reduce the target’s magic resistance by five.

Active: Daeja sends a wind blast toward the largest group of enemies, dealing 275/375/1800 magic damage. Mana is 0/100.

Idas (Shimmerscale, Dragon, and Guardian)

Idas is an eight-cost dragon that appears in the TFT shop as a tier-four champion

Idas hardens her scales for two seconds, reducing incoming damage by 35/55/300. She then roars, healing herself for 450/600/3000 health and shielding other allies for 180/275/2000 for six seconds. The shield grants 30 percent attack speed while it holds. Mana is 80/160.

Neeko (Jade and Shapeshifter)

During each combat, Neeko disguises herself as the nearest allied champion, adding their bonus attack damage, attack speed, and ability power to her own and copying all other stats except health. She gains a shield for a percentage of 275/400/2000. Her tether prioritizes the highest health target within one range to clone. If no target is within one range, she prioritizes distance.

When the shield breaks, Neeko transforms into Neeko form and casts Pop Blossom, dealing 300/425/1500 magic damage to nearby enemies and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. Neeko then casts Pop Blossom every 100 mana. Neeko’s mana is 0/150. 

Ornn (Tempest, Bruiser, and Legend)

Ornn summons an elemental that charges through the farthest enemy and heads toward Ornn, dealing 350/550/900 magic damage to enemies hit and slowing those enemies’ attack speed by 50 percent for two seconds. When the elemental reaches Ornn, he redirects it toward another distant enemy, dealing 350/550/900 magic damage to enemies hit and stunning them for 1.25/1.75/8  seconds. Mana is 80/180.

Shi Oh Yu (Jade, Mystic, and Dragon)

Shi Oh Yu is an eight-cost dragon that appears in the TFT shop as a tier-four champion.

Shi Oh Yu enters Jade stance, gaining 20/25/50 percent damage reduction, immunity to crowd control, and empowering her next three attacks with special effects that deal 250/275/1000 percent attack damage as physical damage. Mana is 30/90.

  • Attack one: Deals physical damage and stuns the target for 1.25 seconds.
  • Attack two: Deals True damage.
  • Attack three: Ends the stance, dealing physical damage to all enemies in a line and knocking them up for one second.

Sona (Revel and Evoker)

Sona plays her ultimate chord toward the farthest enemy, dealing 250/350/1000 magic damage to enemies and stunning them for 1/1/4 seconds. Mana is 100/160.

Sy’fen (Whispers, Bruiser, and Dragon)

Sy’fen is an eight-cost dragon that appears in the TFT shop as a tier-four champion.

Sy’fen charges toward the farthest enemy within two Hexes, dealing 150/170/450 percent attack damage as physical damage and knocking up enemies they pass through.

After charging, Sy’fen bites an enemy, dealing 500/600/3000 percent attack damage as physical damage while ignoring 50 percent of the target’s armor. Mana is 120/175.

Talon (Guild and Assassin)

Talon goes into stealth mode for 1.5 seconds and flings out a ring of blades, dealing 325 percent attack damage as physical damage to enemies hit. He then leaps to an enemy and recalls the blades, dealing that damage again and dealing 120/200/1200 percent attack damage plus 75/100/300 percent as physical damage to his target. Mana is 75/125.

Xayah (Ragewing and Swiftfoot)

For a total of four seconds, Xayah throws her feathers at up to 2/2/4 enemies near her target. Feathers are left behind her targets. At the end of this duration, Xayah recalls her feathers. Each one deals 18 percent attack damage plus 12/20/60 bonus damage as physical to enemies hit. Mana is 0/60.

Five-cost TFT Set Seven champions

The Dragonlands set has a total of eight five-cost champions, including dragons that cost 10 gold to purchase from the TFT shop.

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Ao Shin (Tempest and Dragon)

Ao Shin is a 10-cost dragon that shows up as a tier-five champion in the TFT shop. 

Ao Shin fires a barrage of 14 lightning strikes at random enemies. Each strike deals 225/400/2500 magic damage and drains 10 mana from their target. Mana is 0/200.

Aurelion Sol (Astral, Evoker, Dragon)

Aurelion Sol is a 10-cost dragon that appears in the TFT shop as a tier-five champion. 

Aurelion Sol summons an unstable black hole underneath a random enemy. After two seconds it implodes, dealing magic damage to all enemies in the area and increasing their damage taken by 20 percent for 10 seconds. Black holes generated after 18 seconds of combat are larger and deal 15 percent more damage

  • Black hole: Damage is 375/625/5000
  • Mana: 0/60

Bard (Guild, Mystic, and Bard)

Bard sends magical energy toward the largest group of enemies, stunning them for 1.25/2/15 seconds and causing them to take 15/20/9,999 percent increased damage while stunned. If he hits at least one enemy, Bard dances in celebration. A three-star Bard will hit the whole board. Mana is 160/240.

Pyke (Whispers and Assassin)

Pyke dives toward the lowest health enemy and slashes in an X, dealing  325/450/15000 magic damage to his target and 150/250/15000 to the enemies struck. Enemies hit suffer 50 percent reduced healing for eight seconds.

If Pyke hits an enemy below 25/33/100 percent health, he executes them immediately and will recast the Death from Below spell. Mana is 0/50.

Shyvana (Ragewing, Shapeshifter, and Dragon)

Shyvana is a 10-cost dragon that shows up in the TFT shop as a tier-five champion. 

Shyvana transforms into a dragon and immediately casts her spell Flame Breath, which will follow her movements. She then becomes untargetable before divebombing the largest group of enemies, is immune to crowd control effects, and deals 100/175/500 magic damage while stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

Flame Breath: Shyvana breathes fire in a cone for 3.5 seconds, dealing 1050/1650/30000 as flat damage. Flame Breath tick rate is 0.5 seconds and damage from Flame Breath lingers for at least three ticks, up to the maximum damage amount. Mana is 0/60.

Soraka (Jade and Starcaller)

Passive: Soraka heals 100/150/1000 and gains an additional 15 mana per attack.

Active: Soraka calls down a shower of stars over the next two seconds. Allies are healed for 40 percent each time a start hits them. Mana is 100/200. Heal per star is 120/180/1000.

Yasuo (Mirage, Dragonmacer, and Warrior)

Yasuo shields himself for 180/240/2500 for 2/2/20 seconds and dashes through his target, slashing nearby enemies for 160/200/3000 percent attack damage as physical damage.

Every third cast, his slash deals 250 percent attack damage scaling, hits a larger area and knocks up enemies for 1.5 seconds. If Yasuo hits on the last enemy left alive, he repeatedly slashes them until they die. Mana is 0/25.

Zoe (Shimmerscale, Spell Thief, and Mage)

Zoe doesn’t have her own ability. As a spell thief, she will borrow abilities from other dimensions during combat and cast them as if they were her own. Daisy will spawn at the target’s location and Janna Tornado stun is for 1.25 seconds. Mana is 50/100.

  • Final Spark damage: 375/575/9001
  • Daisy Shockwave slam damage: 500/1000/10000

Update June 22 1pm CT: All TFT Set Seven Dragonlands champions abilities and stats were updated following the release of Patch 12.12.

Update July 12 12:15pm CT: All balance changes from TFT Patch 12.13 were applied.

Update July 26 10am CT: All stat and ability adjustments from TFT Patch 12.14 and the AD scaling per star level changes were applied.

Update Aug. 2 10:15am CT: Changes applied to Aurelion Sol, Shyvana, and Sylas from TFT 12.14 B-patch were applied.

Update Aug. 9 1pm CT: All adjustments from TFT Patch 12.15 were applied.

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