TFT 6.5 team signs off on huge 12.5 B-patch

This is not a normal B-patch.

Image via Riot Games

Over a dozen Teamfight Tactics nerfs and a handful of buffs will go into effect tomorrow via the 12.5 B-patch that will carry through the remainder of March.

Addressing the pace and damage output from champions, a larger than normal B-patch will go live tomorrow. The month of March is missing a normal TFT update due to Riot giving its team time off, with Patch 12.6 scheduled to release on March 30.

Dropping a large number of changes via the 12.5 B-patch poses a risk, according to game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, with a number of tournaments scheduled to take place in March.

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The goal of the TFT 12.5 B-patch is to “lower the pace of combat by lowering the highest DPS champs total damage output, said Mortdog, along with toning down “the ceiling on outlier Augments.” Hextech Augments taking a nerf hit include One For All, Irresistible Charm, Sharpshooter, So Small, and Snipers Nest. Also getting hit with nerfs are the Clockwork, Debonair, and Innovator (bear and dragon) traits.

Reroll TFT Set 6.5 champions like Ashe, Brand, Twitch, Talon, Syndra, Senna, and Gnar are all slated to receive nerfs tomorrow too. Draven, Ahri, and Irelia are also getting hit, along with defensive units like Vex and Morgana.

Despite a large number of nerfs in the TFT 12.5 B-patch, there are a few buffs too. Sivir is getting her bounce attack damage percentage buffed, while five-cost Set 6.5 champs like Kai’Sa and Galio are also getting some love.

Finally, playing Striker comps may improve via the trait getting its attack damage increased, in addition to Sivir and Rek’Sai buffs.

The TFT 12.5 B-patch will go into effect on March 8 at around 2pm CT.