Best TFT 6.5 Neon Nights 12.5 meta comps

A B-patch has opened the meta up within Neon Nights.

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Patch 12.5 opened up the Teamfight Tactics Set 6.5 meta without nerfing the best Neon Nights comps at launch into the ground. 

There are four weeks between TFT Patch 12.5 and 12.6. A large B-patch dropped shortly after the update with the goal of toning down re-roll comps and creating a healthy meta heading into the final tournaments within Neon Nights. Ranked gameplay on the ladder saw an increase in re-roll builds, along with the return of multiple ways to play the Debonair comp following the release of Patch 12.5, both of which were nerfed in the B-patch.

Flex Innovator and Legendary are still the two best TFT comps, but they aren’t always guaranteed to place first in a lobby, as seen at the Innovation Cup. Warwick stepped up as a playable re-roll comp after the 12.5 B-patch and Sivir received a buff that brought some life back into Set 6.5 Striker comps.

The Patch 12.5/B-patch meta is all about flexibility, along with a willingness to adjust based on Hextech Augment options presented in each game. Players can attempt to force the best TFT comps, but if Mortdog isn’t smiling upon them, there are plenty of other options to explore for a top-four finish and even a lobby victory. 

From reroll to trait-focused carriers, here are the best Set 6.5 TFT 12.5 B-patch meta comps.

Innovator flex

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Innovator dragon received some nerfs in TFT Patch 12.5, shifting the meta to a variety of five Innovator comps. Innovator flex can run Ezreal, Senna, Jayce, Irelia, and even Kha’Zix as primary carriers with Seraphine, Orianna, Ekko, and Vi as secondary carriers, according to Wrainbash. Running five Innovator Set 6.5 units is imperative, but the rest of your build can flex depending on items, TFT champions acquired in a roll-down, and what the remainder of the lobby is playing.

Ezreal pairs well with attack damage items like Infinity Edge, Giant Slayer, and Last Whisper, while Seraphine shines with Morellonomicon and Spear of Shojin. Jayce can use the same items as Ezreal during the late-game stages or become a frontline TFT Set 6.5 unit with defensive items. 

Innovator Hextech Augments create even more flexibility while Luden’s Echo deals additional magic damage. And Augments like Mediation and Makeshift Armor improve Set 6.5 units that don’t have any items, buffing up your team as a whole. 

Chemtech stomp

Warwick returns to the TFT meta via the 12.5 B-patch. Re-roll comps were hit across the board within the B-patch but left Warwick and Tryndamere alone. Challenger is still a viable trait within Neon Nights, providing attack speed that can wipe out an opponent’s team in the blink of an eye.

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The best items for Warwick are debatable, with players choosing between Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Statikk Shiv as the first priority item. Both are flexible and can get used later in a game if transitioning or seeking to strengthen board states. Other items Warwick wants are Titans Resolve and Quicksilver. Tryndamere, on the other hand, wants AD-focused Set 6.5 items, like Last Whisper, Blood Thirster, and Infinity Edge.

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Chemtech players can still choose to re-roll Twitch as a playable comp as well. Despite a nerf that adjusted the Twinshot Set 6.5 champion’s attack damage percentage, Twitch can still earn lobby victories and top-four finishes. The best TFT items for Twitch are Runaan’s Hurricane, Last Whisper, and Infinity Edge.

Hextech Sivir and Irelia

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Sivir went from support carry to a primary carrier again following the TFT 12.5 B-patch. Paired with Irelia, the two become a force most Set 6.5 comps will have a hard time dealing with. Bruiser champions in conjunction with Hextech units that can provide a solid front line of defense while running four Scrap is an alternative option. A Quicksilver is a necessary third item for Sivir and Zeke’s Herald can increase her speed, providing more damage for the rest of the team to clean up enemy TFT Set 6.5 units.

Syndicate flex

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The Syndicate trait got a huge buff in Patch 12.5 through a number of minor buffs applied to TFT Set 6.5 champions like Ashe, Braum, and Morgana. Ashe reroll has since climbed the ranked as a best TFT comp to play but remains difficult to pilot due to how fast the fights are in Neon Nights. Players will want speed through utility items like Zeke’s Herald and from traits like Clockwork to improve their board state prior to hitting three-star Ashe. 

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Running seven Syndicate via emblems from Hextech Augments will typically earn players a first-place finish. But sometimes hitting all the Syndicate Set 6.5 units is harder than it looks on paper. Running five Syndicate is standard, while shifting to three Syndicate and either three or four Enchanter is another viable option. 

Ashe goes well with attack damage items and is best during the mid and late-game stages with a Quicksilver as her third item. Morgana and Braum favor defensive items. And Orianna takes a Zeke’s Herald, providing attack speed while also protecting your backline. 

Debonair flex

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Patch 12.5 improved the gameplay of Draven without VIP status, buffed Brand, didn’t nerf Talon, and opened up the meta for Syndra re-roll to become a viable TFT comp to play. Much like the Innovator trait, the Debonair comp has a ton of flexible carriers that can synergize with a variety of solid late-game Set 6.5 units and traits. 

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Brand is best as a three-star if players want to keep him as a primary carrier, and so is Syndra. Both want ability power items, while Draven and Zeri take attack damage items. Brand is best with four Arcanist and only three Debonair TFT Set 6.5 units.

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Players should choose a Debonair path based on items received during the early-game stages and choose Hextech Augments that will support their late-game builds at Stages 3-5 and 5-1. Talon re-reroll was left untouched during the 12.5 TFT patch, with little changing from the Debonair comp.

Socialite power

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Irelia isn’t as strong as she was at the launch of Neon Nights but can still carry players to a top-four finish via the traits Striker and Socialite. She pops off best when placed within the Socialite spotlight but this can lead to problems during the late game stages when enemies can properly position around your main carry. Irelia might also need a Quicksilver as her third item due to the amount of crowd control present during the late-game stages.

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Equipping alternative carriers can improve late-game board states. Senna is a powerful carrier, especially at three-star. So is Gnar. And don’t count Sivir out: she can still put out good damage, especially with a Zeke’s Herald or two. Players can also opt to run Morgana on the frontline for more defense if hitting Silco isn’t a possibility, activating the Enchanter trait for more protection across the board. 

Other best TFT comps

Due to the flexibility of Set 6.5 via Hextech Augments and the meta being wide open depending on what TFT comps players are choosing to focus on in a lobby, there are a number of viable builds players can choose to achieve a top-four placement.


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Mutant comps are still very strong but require Malzahar as the main carrier, Kha’Zix preferably as the secondary carrier, and good defensive items on Cho’Gath.

Twinshot re-roll

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The Twinshot trait was buffed via the TFT 12.5 patch, along with a minor buff to Lucian. Gangplank is still a strong carrier while Jinx is a solid late-game addition that can advance the comp to a top-four placement and even a lobby victory.

Yordle re-roll

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Yordle re-roll is back but can sometimes still act as a bait-chase trait TFT comp. A three-star Vex in conjunction with Poppy on the frontline can protect your backline units while Corki works best with items like Blue Buff, Rabadon’s Deathcap, and Hextech Gunblade.

Senna re-roll

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Senna re-roll thrives in the meta via the Enchanter buffs from TFT Patch 12.5. Ideal items on Senna are attack damage items, while Morgana three-star can hold the frontline.


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Bruisers took a slight hit after the nerfs to Renata Glasc and Vi, but the Set 6.5 TFT comp is still playable. Renata pairs well with items like Morellonomicon and Blue Buff while Vi thrives via defensive items like Titans Resolve, Bramble Vest, and Ionic Spark.

Update March 12 at 1pm CT: The TFT 12.5 meta was updated following a B-patch.