Riot Mort reveals TFT Patch 10.24 B-patch

A total of five nerfs go live today.

Teamfight Tactics Yone
Image via Riot Games

A 10.24 Teamfight Tactics B-patch will go into effect today, according to lead game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. 

Patch 10.24 has seen the return of comps like six Dusk and Divine, along with the rise of forcing Zed and Cultist. At around 2pm CT on Dec. 1, the TFT team will enact a B-patch consisting of five major nerfs. Mortdog revealed an upcoming nerf to Yone and Zed (revert/nerf), along with trait nerfs to Cultist, Keeper, and the item Runaan’s Hurricane. 

Mortdog also said Jarvan IV will “receive adjustments in the upcoming 10.25 patch” on Dec. 9, along with a fix to overflowing a champ from carousel.

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Yone and Zed have dominated the 10.24 meta over the last week. The five-cost Adept/Exile champion has been racking up massive damage during the late-game stages as a one-star unit and Ninja/Shade have been tearing up teams via speed and Rapid Firecannon. Nerfs to Yone and Zed should balance out the mid and late-game stages. 

Cultist and Keeper trait nerfs will also even the playing field during the mid game in which player damage was recently adjusted in TFT Patch 10.24—increasing damage by one during stages three and four. Warwick, however, wasn’t on the nerf list for the B-patch taking place today. 

Thanks to recent buffs in 10.24, the Divine/Hunter has been tearing units up with the help of Runnan’s Hurricane. A nerf to the item in today’s B-patch should calm Warwick down, allowing stronger units to take him down before he shreds an entire team. 

Scheduled to go live on Dec. 1 at around 2pm CT, the TFT 10.24 B-patch won’t reset the meta. But it should create an opportunity for other comps to shine during all three stages. 

Update Dec. 1 9:45am CT: Mort said on Twitter that the B-patch won’t go live until around 6pm CT, previously scheduled for 2pm CT, to not interfere with a regional tournament taking place today.