Teamfight Tactics 10.24 B-patch nerfs champions, traits, and Runnan’s Hurricane

Five nerfs balance out the 10.24 meta.

Teamfight Tactics Kennen
Image via Riot Games

A Teamfight Tactics B-patch has been scheduled for today, nerfing two traits, two champions, and Runnan’s Hurricane. 

With competitive TFT underway, Riot continues to use B-patches to stabilize the meta following an update. Patch 10.24 brought about the return of Zed and Warwick as dominant champions. Yone also shredded his enemies via a rework while the traits Cultist and Keeper dominated during the early and mid game. 

The 10.24 B-patch nerfed Galio within the Cultist trait, reducing his star multiplier from 12 to 14 percent. Galio’s base health was reduced from 1,000/1,650/2,250 to 800/1,400/2,000. And the demon’s attack damage took a hit, getting nerfed from 85/180/320 to 75/160/280. Running Cultist during various stages should still remain a solid option, but it will no longer guarantee an easy win streak. 

In addition to the Cultist nerf, Keeper was toned down some too. The trait had its shield value reduced from 175/250/350 to 150/225/350. Its shield duration was also reduced from 8/10/14 to 8/10/12 seconds. 

Forcing Zed within TFT Patch 10.24 became a priority for many players. The B-patch today reduces his attack speed from 0.8 to 0.75 and nerfs his damage steal from 30/35/40 to 25/30/35. Yone had his total mana increased to 60 (from 50) and his Seal Fate Armor/Magic reduction was nerfed from 90 to 60 percent. Both champions were prevalent within the 10.24 meta and should still be worth playing at various stages. 

Only one item was nerfed in the 10.24 B-patch. Runann’s Hurricane’s attack damage multiplier was reduced from 100 to 90 percent. This change should tone down Warwick in TFT Divine builds, giving other comps a chance to shine during the late game. A bugfix was also applied to Ashe, preventing her from triggering too many on-attack effects during Hunter’s Focus. 

The TFT 10.24 B-patch will go live on Dec. 1 around 6pm CT. It was originally scheduled to hit the servers at 4pm CT but was bumped back due to a tournament taking place at that time.