Riot drops huge TFT 11.24 B-patch, adjusting Yone and nerfing Hextech Augments

The 11.24 B-patch is a solid holiday gift to TFT players.

TFT Set 6 Chogath
Image via Riot Games

A total of 33 balance changes will take place in tomorrow’s Teamfight Tactics 11.24 B-patch, according to Riot Games game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer.

The TFT 11.24 B-patch will hit Live servers tomorrow, containing a large number of balance changes heading into the “long holiday break,” according to Mortdog. Yone is getting an adjustment due to a bug fix, preventing the Set Six champions clone from gaining double benefits from challenger and Academy trait stats.  And Set Six Hextech Augments like Unstable Evolution (Mutant trait), Underdogs, and Ascension are slated for nerfs, according to the TFT 11.24 B-patch preview on Twitter. 

Cho’Gath has popped off within the TFT 11.24 meta, earning a revert to his health buff within Patch 11.23, along with a mana and attack damage nerf. To compensate for the bug fix getting applied to Yone, the Challenger and Academy trait champion is slated to get an increase in attack damage and attack speed. 

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Kassadin will also get a bug fix, no longer allowing the Set Six champion’s damage reduction to stack on itself. Vex was nerfed in Patch 11.23, followed by a scheduled buff within the 11.24 B-patch. And Samira is getting another buff to her spell attack damage percentage. 

Galio is getting his health reduced and his attack damage nerfed again, while Akali is getting hit via heath, spell damage, and her spell threshold. Other notable changes scheduled to occur are a nerf to the Protector trait shield generation and buff to Chemtech trait via attack speed and health regeneration. 

The TFT 11.24 B-patch is scheduled to release on Dec. 14 and will remain in effect through the winter holiday break.