Another large patch takes place on the second day of Set 6 PBE testing.
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TFT Set 6 Patch 11.24: Full notes and updates

Break out the notepad because 11.24 is packed with changes.

An enormous Teamfight Tactics patch was revealed by Riot Games for Set Six, with buffs to underperformers, nerfs to dominant carriers, and a host of Hextech Augment balance changes. 

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Patch 11.24 within Gizmos and Gadgets is the second major update in Set Six and will last through the winter holidays. It’s packed with balance changes, adjustments, and reworks. The 11.24 TFT update focuses on Hextech Augment balance, combat pace, and a shift away from one and two-star reroll. Hyper Roll Cho’Gath players can celebrate over the Set Six champion gaining twice as many Feast stacks and the points earned via TFT for League events have been reworked. 

From a massive number of Hextech Augment changes to nerfs and buffs applied to champs and traits, here are the TFT Set Six Patch 11.24 notes

11.24 Hextech Augment balance changes

TFT Set 6 Orianna
Image via Riot Games

A major overhaul was applied to trait Augments, giving players the chance to hit breakpoints earlier when grabbing one of these effects during the early game. The Duet bug has been resolved, while Spell Blade and Duet received reworks. 

  • Broken Stopwatch (Clockwork): Moved from prismatic to gold tier amd stun duration reduced from five to four seconds
  • Duet (Socialite): Provides a second spotlight and grants a bonus of 500 maximum health to spotlighted champions
  • Featherweights: Bonus attack speed and movement speed reduced from 35/50/70 to 30/40/60 percent
  • Innovator Heart: No longer offered as first Hextech Augment choice
  • Innovator Soul: No longer offered as third Hextech Augment choice
  • Item Grab Bag: Item Grab Bag one and two no longer grant Reforger
  • Level Up!: No longer offered after choosing March of Progress
  • March of Progress: XP per round increased from four to five
  • March of Progress: Moved from gold to prismatic tier
  • Spell Blade (Arcanist): Reworked to “After casting their ability, Arcanists’ next attack deals bonus magic damage equal to 200 percent of their ability power.”
  • Windfall: Gold reduced from 20/25/30 to 15/25/35
  • Gold Reserves (Mercenary): Percent bonus damage per gold increased from one to two percent
  • Gold Reserves: Damage cap remains at 60 percent, now achieved at 30 gold
  • Stand United: Bonus attack damage and ability power per active trait buffed from 2/3/4 to 3/4/5
  • Knife’s Edge: Attack damage reduced from 30/45/60 to 25/40/55
  • Cram Session (Academy): Mana restored after the first cast increased from 80 to 90 percent

Portable Forge Armory options

  • Death’s Defiance: Attack damage increased from 15 to 30
  • Death’s Defiance: Attack speed increased from 15 to 30 percent
  • Death’s Defiance: Ignore Pain percent increased from 60 to 70 percent
  • Gold Collector: Gold drop chance reduced from 100 to 75 percent
  • Manazane: Starting mana increased from 15 to 50
  • Zhonya’s Paradox: Ability power increased from 15 to 45
  • Zhonya’s Paradox: Armor and magic resistance increased from 25 to 35
  • Rocket Propelled Fist: Will now ignore Blitzcrank’s hook target when deciding which unit to hook. Rocket Propelled Fist and Blitzcrank will always hook two different targets

Trait Augments

Buffs were applied to most TFT Hextech Set Six trait Augments within the Silver, Gold, and Prismatic tiers. Heart Augments now grant a champion of the same trait, making it easier to hit breakpoints or econ. Gold Augments have been renamed Crests, granting a champion from that trait.

And Prismatic Augments (Crowns and Souls) have been changed to now grant two emblems, allowing players to capitalize on the trait’s power. Other Soul Augments also grant gold in addition to the original benefit and emblems also provide a small amount of combat power depending on their recipe or default 150 health.

Silver Augments 

  • Assassin Heart: Talon
  • Bodyguard Heart: Leona
  • Bruiser Heart: Trundle
  • Challenger Heart: Warwick
  • Clockwork Heart: Zilean
  • Enchanter Heart: Taric
  • Enforcer Heart: Vi
  • Imperial Heart: Swain
  • Mutant Heart: Kog’Maw
  • Protector Heart: Blitzcrank
  • Scholar Heart: Lissandra
  • Scrap Heart: Ekko
  • Sniper Heart: Tristana
  • Syndicate Heart: Zyra
  • Twinshot Heart: Graves

Gold Augments

  • Arcanist Crest: Twisted Fate
  • Assassin Crest: Ekko
  • Bodyguard Crest: Leona
  • Bruiser Crest: Trundle
  • Challenger Crest: Warwick
  • Chemtech Crest: Zac
  • Imperial Crest: Talon
  • Mutant Crest: Kog’Maw
  • Scholar Crest: Heimerdinger
  • Scrap Crest: Ekko
  • Sniper Crest: Tristana
  • Syndicate Crest: Zyra

Prismatic Augments 

  • Academy Soul: Changed to Academy Crown and gives two Academy emblems
  • Arcanist Soul: Changed to Arcanist Crown and gives two Arcanist emblems
  • Assassin Soul: Changed to Assassin Crown and gives two Assassin emblems
  • Bodyguard Soul: changed to Bodyguard Crown and gives two Bodyguard emblems
  • Bruiser Soul: Changed to Bruiser Crown and gives two Challenger emblems
  • Challenger Soul: Changed to Challenger Crown and gives two Challenger emblems
  • Chemtech Soul: Changed to Chemtech Crown and gives two Chemtech emblems
  • Imperial Soul: Changed to Imperial Crown and gives two Imperial emblems
  • Mutant Soul: Changed to Mutant Crown and gives two Mutant emblems
  • Protector Soul: Changed to Protector Crown and gives two Protector emblems
  • Sniper Soul: Changed to Sniper Crown and gives two Sniper emblems
  • Syndicate Soul: Changed to Syndicate Crown and gives two Syndicate emblems
  • Clockwork Soul: Additionally grants eight gold
  • Enchanter Soul: Additionally grants eight gold
  • Enforcer Soul: Additionally grants eight gold
  • Scholar Soul: Additionally grants eight gold
  • Scrap Soul: Additionally grants eight gold

11.24 TFT trait balance changes

TFT Set 6 Lux
Image via Riot Games

Chemtech seven and nine were improved within TFT Patch 11.24, while the Innovator trait got hit with nerfs to the mechanical bear and dragon.

  • Challenger: Attack speed reduced from 30/60/90/145 to 30/55/80/130 percent
  • Chemtech: Champions dropping below health threshold duration will always last eight seconds
  • Chemtech: Attack speed changed from 50 percent across the board to 25/50/75/100 percent
  • Chemtech: Health regeneration changed from four percent across the board to 3/4/6/10 percent
  • Innovator: Mechanical Dragon Electrifying Roar ally critical damage buff reduced from 75 to 40 percent
  • Innovator: Mechanical Bear attack damage and ability power buff reduced from 25 to 20
  • Mutant: Adrenaline Rush chance for extra attack adjusted from 33/66 to 40/75 percent
  • Clockwork: Bonus attack speed increased from 10/30/55 to 10/35/70 percent
  • Academy: Bonus attack damage and ability power adjusted from 18/35/50/70 to 18/40/50/70
  • Academy: Bonus attack damage and ability power per cast buffed from 3/5/8/12 to 3/5/10/15
  • Arcanist: Team ability power adjusted from 20/20/50/120 to 20/20/50/145
  • Arcanist: Total ability power adjusted from 20/65/100/125 to 20/60/100/145
  • Bruiser: Health adjusted from 125/225/350/700 to 125/225/400/700
  • Imperial (5): Non-Tyrant bonus damage buffed from 0/50 to 0/75 percent
  • Syndicate: Bonus armor and magic resistance increased from 50 to 60
  • Syndicate (7): Omnivamp, armor, and magic resistance bonus increase adjusted from 50 to 33 percent
  • Twinshot: Bonus attack damage increased from 5/30/60 to 5/40/80

11.24 champion buffs and nerfs

Image via Riot Games

Katarina was nerfed, but it likely won’t cause her to become unplayable, while Trundle was also hit. Shaco got a much-needed buff. Jayce had his melee form nerfed but his ranged form buffed. 


  • Garen: Decisive Strike missing health damage percentage reduced from 20 to 15 percent
  • Camile: Maximum mana nerfed from 0/50 to 0/60
  • Darius: Maximum mana nerfed from 50/95 to 50/100
  • Darius: Decimate healing reduced from 125/150/175 to 120/140/160
  • Kassadin: Null Sphere mana reave adjusted from 35/50/65 to 50 percent across the board


  • Katarina: Shunpo damage nerfed from 180/225/300 to 160/200/250
  • Trundle: Chomp attack damage steal percentage reduced from 20/30/50 to 20/25/40
  • Trundle: Chomp attack speed slow reduced from 50 to 25 percent
  • Blitzcrank: Rocket Grab damage nerfed at three-star from 150/300/1337 to 150/300/900
  • Kog’Maw: Barrage target maximum health bonus damage adjusted from 6/7/10 to 7/8/9 percent
  • Zyra: Delay from cast and stun has been slightly reduced


  • Ekko: Parallel Convergence ally bonus attack speed nerfed from 40/50/75 to 35/40/50 percent
  • Shaco: Health increased from 650 to 700
  • Shaco: Deceive base damage buffed from 75/100/125 to 90/110/130
  • Shaco: Maximum mana buffed from 50/90 to 40/80
  • Taric: Starlight Bastion healing adjusted from 375/475/600 to 325/425/600
  • Vex: Personal Space stacking shield bonus upon being destroyed reduced from 25 to 10 percent
  • Vex: Personal Space shield nerfed from 550/700/900 to 500/600/750
  • Vex: Personal Space damage nerfed from 125/200/275 to 100/135/175
  • Cho’Gath: Health buffed from 1300 to 1400
  • Heimerdinger: Rocket Swarm damage adjusted from 70/100/150 to 70/95/140
  • Lissandra: Iron Maiden damage nerfed from 250/350/575 to 225/300/500
  • Lissandra: Iron Maiden attack damage reduction duration nerfed from five to four seconds
  • Lissandra: Iron Maiden attack damage reduction reduced from 40 to 30 percent.
  • Samira: Attack damage reduced from 80 to 75


  • Fiora: Attack damage increased from 70 to 75
  • Fiora: Blade Waltz attack damage scaling increased from 160 to 170 percent
  • Jhin: Maximum mana buffed from 0/80 to 0/70
  • Jhin: Attack damage reduced from 95 to 90
  • Jhin: Curtain attack damage scaling adjusted from 150/225/344 to 150/200/344 percent
  • Lux: Final Spark mana refund on kill reduced from 30 to 20 
  • Orianna: Mana adjusted from 80/180 to 50/140
  • Orianna: Shockwave stun duration adjusted from 1.5/1.5/4 to 1/1/4 seconds
  • Sion: Health increased from 1750 to 1850
  • Sion: Decimating Smash adjusted from 2/2.5/5 to 2/3/6 seconds
  • Urgot: Maximum mana buffed from 0/60 to 0/50
  • Yone: Attack damage reduced from 80 to 75


  • Akali: Health increased from 800 to 850
  • Akali: Perfect Execution initial dash damage increased at one-star from 275 to 300
  • Galio: Health increased from 1800 to 1900
  • Galio: Attack damage reduced from 150 to 120
  • Galio: Colossal Entrance damage buffed from 150/200/2000 to 200/300/9001
  • Galio: Increased crash zone radius at three-star
  • Jayce: Armor and magic resistance reduced from 40 to 30
  • Jayce: Melee form shield amount nerfed at one and two-star from 400/600/3000 to 350/500/3000
  • Jayce: Ranged form attack damage gain buffed at one and two-star from 35/60/1000 to 45/70/1000
  • Jinx: Attack speed reduced slightly from 1.05 to one
  • Jinx: Rocket Launcher attack damage scaling nerfed at two-star from 210 to 200 percent
  • Viktor: Mana adjusted from 0/140 to 0/150
  • Viktor: Chaos Ray damage nerfed at one and two-star from 350/450/1500 to 325/425/1500

11.24 item balance changes

TFT Set 6 Dr Mundo
Image via Riot Games

A new ability was added to Blue Buff. Frozen Heart was buffed and Ionic Spark received a slight nerf. 

  • Blue Buff: A newly added ability grants an additional 20 starting mana
  • Frozen Heart: Attack speed slow increased from 25 to 35 percent
  • Ionic Spark: Maximum mana damage ratio reduced from 225 to 200 percent

11.24 bug fixes

TFT Set 6 Tahm Kench
Image via Riot Games
  • Set Six champions will no longer randomly swap targets after casting their spells
  • Tactician scouting has been reactivated within the Double Up mode
  • Upon getting affected by Guardian Angel, Lissandra will no longer have her cast fizzle out on either herself or enemy units
  • Lissandra will now properly retarget a new enemy unit if her original target gets terminated during the spell cast time
  • The “Deploy to Battlefield/Return to Bench” hotkey will no longer instantaneously move a unit to the bench and then back to the battlefield
  • Upon taking Calculated Loss as a first Hextech Augment, it will no longer give a reroll on Stage 2-1
  • A bug associated with seven Mercenary that prevented a Soldier payout has been resolved
  • Mutant Spatula mana reduction will now work properly
  • The second and “secret” Socialite Hex that existed without the Duet Augment has been fixed
  • Two Talons will no longer refresh each other’s bleed stacks when attacking the same unit
  • A visual effect where a victory sequence would continually get shown after the champion was hidden has been resolved
  • Allies of Blitzcrank will no longer target his Rocket Grab target if they are immune to crowd control and didn’t get hooked
  • Kai’Sa will now fire her missiles after dashing if stunned or in Guardian Angel stasis
  • A bug preventing Enforcer (4) from stunning the enemy unit with the highest damage dealt last combat has been resolved
  • Tome of Traits is no longer considered a unit with The Clear Mind Hextech Augment
  • A fix was applied to Zilean’s tooltip that will now properly show a 25 percent attack speed reduction at one-star
  • A fix was applied to Underdogs that will now correctly tick every second instead of every other second for twice the heal amount
  • Ezreal will now gain mana on his first attack after casting his ability
  • Rocket Propelled Fist from the Portable Forge Hextech Augment will fire its hook even if the unitholder is stunned
  • Malzahar will gain mana on the first attack after casting his ability for the first time in combat
  • The Double Up victory sequence will no longer show an empty board when displaying the winners

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