How TFT Set 10 Pentakill trait works: Full gameplay guide

Rock your way to victory.

Yorick playing heavy metal on guitar
Set 10 Yorick | Image via Riot Games

Smashing guitars in Teamfight Tactics Set 10 is the trait Pentakill, featuring seven Remix Rumble champions who increase in power through takedowns. 

Challenging the other Set 10 vertical traits (bands) like Heartsteel and K/DA, the Pentakill trait features flexibility, bonus damage upon takedowns, and damage resistance. Each trait in Remix Rumble is named after a genre of music and has its own musical track that mashes together with other trait tracks upon activation. The Pentakill trait is heavy metal, featuring seven champions who are ready to thrash enemy boards.

Pentakill TFT Set 10 champions and Headliner bonus

Every TFT Set 10 champion has a Headliner bonus as it’s the main mechanic in Remix Rumble. A Headliner champion comes in at two stars and adds plus-one to one of their traits. Here are the Set 10 Pentakill champions and their Headliner bonus. 

  • Olaf (Pentakill, Bruiser): Headliner grants bonus health, armor, and magic resistance
  • Kayle (Pentakill, Edgelord): Headliner grants bonus attack speed
  • Gnar (Pentakill, Superfan, Mosher): Headliner grants bonus health and transformation at combat start
  • Mordekaiser (Pentakill, Sentinel): Headliner grants bonus health and ability power
  • Viego (Pentakill, Edgelord): Headliner grants bonus health and attack damage
  • Karthus (Pentakill, Executioner): Headliner grants bonus ability power
  • Yorick (Pentakill, Mosher, Guardian): Headliner grants bonus health and extra zombies that deal extra damage

Gnar is the best reroll option within the Pentakill trait while Olaf is another option should the stars align during the early games Stages. Both Viego and Karthus are solid four-cost carriers that players can build strong end-game comps around.  

Kayle is a decent backline unit during the early stages. Mordekaiser is the tank of the TFT Set 10 Pentakill trait and Yorick is a powerful five-cost whose zombies can overrun enemy boards. 

How to play the TFT Set 10 Pentakill trait

Karthus showing off armor before battle
Set 10 Karthus | Image via Riot Games

Pentakill is a unique trait in Remix Rumble that has its champions take less damage while dealing out bonus damage. Each time a Pentakill unit takes out an enemy, they go full heavy metal mode by having their damage increase significantly. And on the fifth takedown during that round, all Pentakill champions gain attack speed. 

The Pentakill trait in Set 10 has breakpoints at 3/5/7/10. Players can hit 10 through a Headliner champion with plus-one Pentakill and by crafting a Vest together with a Spatula to form a Pentakill Emblem. 

Best Pentakill TFT Set 10 comps

Gnar reroll was a hot comp to play during PBE testing for TFT Set 10. There are multiple ways to play it, using Mosher and Bruiser synergy, or tapping into Superfan and Edgelord. 

Karthus carry was another popular build during PBE, running five total Pentakill units in addition to other strong Remix Rumble champions like Neeko, Blitzcrank, and Akali.

All best comps are based on PBE testing. Additional end-game comps will be added after the official launch of TFT Set 10 on Nov. 21.


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