All TFT Set 10 trait cheat sheet for Remix Rumble

Build a victorious comp and a musical masterpiece.

Space groove Blitzcrank skin for TFT
Set 10 Blitzcrank | Image via Riot Games

Traits for Teamfight Tactics are getting a new look and sound through Set 10 Remix Rumble, showcasing musical tracks for each trait and some individual champions as well. 

The main theme for TFT Set 10 is a musical one, featuring 29 traits, or bands, using their musical skills to win lobbies and throw down jamming beats at the same time. The main mechanic for TFT Set 10 is Headliner, showcasing powered-up variants of Remix Rumble champions. And the secondary mechanic is Portals in conjunction with Augments. Legends are not returning in TFT Set 10. 

Every TFT Set 10 trait, activated abilities, and stats

Players essentially become a DJ in Set 10 in addition to crafting a winning meta comp, according to Riot. Each trait gets activated at a breakpoint, with stats increasing through the more breakpoints activated. Heartsteel, for example, is a vertical trait with breakpoints at three, five, seven, and nine. Upon unlocking nine, the bonus ability is 10 times Hearts as opposed to one at the breakpoint of three. 

Here’s every TFT Set 10 trait in Remix Rumble and how it interacts with champions on the board. All traits, abilities, and stats are according to in-game stats provided by Riot. 

8-bit Set 10 trait

When your team deals damage, your score goes up. For every high score you’ve beaten, 8-bit champions gain more attack damage.

  • Two: 1.75 percent per high score.
  • Four: Three percent per high score.
  • Six: Five percent per high score and unlock a grand prize upon reaching the top high score. The grand prize high score is 456789.

Country Set 10 trait

When your team loses 30 percent of their health, a Dreadsteed charges onto the battlefield and empowers your team. Each Country unit’s star level increases the Dreadsteed’s health and attack damage. Hecarim base health is 425 and attack damage is 40.

  • Three: Dreadsteed
  • Five: Midnight Dreadsteed
  • Seven: Infernal Invocation Dreadsteed which grows in size as Country units get starred up.

Disco Set 10 trait

Gain a placeable Disco Ball. During combat start and every few seconds, champions next to the Disco Ball gain stacking attack speed and are healed for a percentage of their maximum health every three seconds.

  • Three: Five percent attack speed and three percent of maximum health.
  • Four: 10 percent attack speed and four percent of maximum health.
  • Five: 15 percent attack speed and four percent of maximum health. Gain another Disco Ball. 
  • Six: 20 percent attack speed and six percent of maximum health.

EDM Set 10 trait

Players will use the EDM selector to sample a champion. Periodically, EDM champions transform into the sampled champions, sampling their attack damage and ability power, along with casting their ability. Scaling power is 80/90/100/120 percent.

  • Two: Sample at 80 percent effectiveness
  • Three: Sample at 90 percent effectiveness
  • Four: Casts one second more frequently, sample at 100 percent effectiveness
  • Five: Casts two seconds more frequently, sample at 120 percent effectiveness

Emo Set 10 trait

Emo Champions have reduced maximum mana. Whenever an ally dies, Emo champions gain mana.

  • Two: 20 percent reduced maximum mana and 10 gained.
  • Four: 25 percent reduced maximum mana and 20 gained. 
  • Six: 30 percent reduced maximum mana and 25 gained, plus 20 ability power

Heartsteel Set 10 trait

Earn Hearts by killing enemies. Gain even more by losing player combat. Every few player combat rounds, convert Hearts into powerful rewards. Heartsteel is the economy trait for TFT Set 10. The number of Hearts you gain increases for each Heartsteel member in play. Hearts per loss per Stage is 10/18/25/32/40.

  • Three: One times Hearts
  • Five:  2.5 times Hearts
  • Seven: Six times Hearts
  • 10: 12 times Hearts and keep 80 percent of Hearts between cashouts and cashout every round.

Hyperpop Set 10 trait

Grant mana and seconds of attack speed to their two closest allies after casting.

  • One: Three mana and 10 percent attack speed.
  • Two: Five mana and 20 percent attack speed.
  • Three: Seven mana and 35 percent attack speed.
  • Four: 10 mana and 60 percent attack speed.

ILLBEATS Set 10 trait

This trait is unique to Illaoi. Gain two/two/eight placeable Spirit Tentacles, based on Illaoi’s star level. Tentacles gain Illaoi’s bonus armor and magic resistance.

Jazz Set 10 trait 

Your team gains bonus health and deals bonus damage for each active non-unique trait.

  • Two: Two percent bonus health and one percent damage.
  • Three: Three percent bonus health and two percent damage.
  • Four: Four percent bonus health and three percent damage. 

K/DA Set 10 trait

All units that start combat in the lighted Hexes gain maximum health, ability power, and attack damage. K/DA champions go All Out, which doubles these bonuses. Your lighted hex pattern changes each game.

  • Three: Plus 10 percent maximum health, 10 attack damage, and 10 ability power.
  • Six: Plus 15 percent maximum health, 15 attack damage, and 15 ability power. 
  • Seven: Plus 22 percent maximum health, 22 attack damage, and 22 ability power. 
  • Ten: Plus 50 percent maximum health, 50 attack damage, and 50 ability power—plus 10 mana per second.  

Maestro Set 10 trait

Maestro is a unique trait for Jhin. Jhin has an attack speed of 0.9 and converts one percent bonus attack speed into 0.7 percent attack damage. While conducting, Jhin’s rifles fire at the same rate, and he gains 10 mana per volley. Every fourth volley deals 200 percent damage.

Mixmaster Set 10 trait

The Mixmaster trait is unique to Sona. Sona is the Mixmaster and chooses a mode to modify the team’s attacks and abilities.

Pentakill Set 10 trait

Pentakill champions deal more damage and reduce damage by 15 percent. When an enemy champion dies, empower a Pentakill champion, increasing their bonus damage 25 percent. The fifth kill empowers all Pentakill champions and your team gains 50 percent attack speed.

  • Three 15 percent bonus damage
  • Five: 30 percent bonus damage
  • Seven: 45 percent bonus damage
  • Ten: 110 percent bonus damage,  and 50 percent damage reduction

Punk Set 10 trait

Gain bonus health and attack damage. This bonus is increased by one percent each time you spend gold on a shop refresh. After Punk units fight in combat, your first shop refresh costs one gold and grants plus-three percent attack damage.

  • Two: Gain 160 health and 16 percent attack damage. 
  • Four: Gain 260 health and 26 percent attack damage.  
  • Six: Gain 420 health and 42 percent attack damage.  

True Damage Set 10 trait

Deal bonus true damage. True Damage champions holding an item gain a unique Bling Bonus for their ability. 

  • Two: 15 percent damage
  • Four: 30 percent damage
  • Six: 45 percent damage
  • Nine: 125 percent damage and Bling Bonuses go Platinum.


Wildcard is a unique trait for Kayn. If you win combat with Kayn, he becomes the Shadow Assassin. If you don’t, Rhaast takes over instead. Every time he kills two enemy champions, you gain a reward based on his form.

  • Shadow Assassin: Three gold.
  • Rhaast: One Tactician health.

Big Shot Set 10 trait

Gain attack damage. This bonus is increased for three seconds when Big Shot champions use their ability.

  • Two: 10 percent attack damage and 40 percent after casting
  • Four: 15 percent attack damage and 60 percent after casting
  • Six: 25 percent attack damage and 80 percent after casting

Breakout Set 10 trait

Akali is a member of KDA or True Damage depending on which Trait has more fielded champions. She gains a different ability depending on which form she takes and her skin changes. The Breakout trait is unique to Akali. KD/A and True Damage Headline units count as two instead of one.

Brawler Set 10 trait

Your units gain 150 health. Brawler units gain additional maximum health.

  • Two: Plus 20 percent maximum health.  
  • Four: Plus 40 percent maximum health.
  • Six:  Plus 80 percent maximum health.  

Crowd Divers Set 10 trait 

Crowd Diver units deal bonus damage, plus more damage each second. When Crowd Divers die, they jump on the furthest enemy, dealing 300 magic damage to them and Stunning enemies within an area of effect for 1.5 seconds. The Crowd Diver trait triggers on-kill effects through Heartsteel and Healing Orbs. Crowd Diver units also deal bonus damage that is increased by one percent each second.

  • Two: Five percent bonus damage
  • Four: 20 percent bonus damage
  • Six: 50 percent bonus damage

Dazzler Set 10 trait 

Dazzler abilities dazzle enemies for two seconds, reducing their target’s damage by 25 percent and dealing a percent of the ability’s damage as bonus magic damage over the duration.

  • Two: 20 percent magic damage
  • Four 60 percent magic damage
  • Six: 100 percent magic damage

Edgelord Set 10 trait

Gain attack speed. When their target drops target below 50 percent health, Edgelord units with one-Hex range dash and slash through enemies on their next attack.

  • Three: 30 percent 
  • Five: 50 percent 
  • Seven: 85 percent 

Executioner Set 10 trait

Executioner abilities can critically strike and they gain Critical Strike damage. As their target loses health, the Critical Strike Chance increases.

  • Two: 15 percent Critical Strike and up to 15 percent Critical Strike Chance. 
  • Four: 30 percent Critical Strike and up to 35 percent Critical Strike Chance.
  • Six:  55 percent Critical Strike and up to 55 percent Critical Strike Chance. 

Guardian Set 10 trait

Once per combat at 50 percent health, Guardian units shield themselves and their closest ally for a percent of their maximum health.

  • Two: 30 percent
  • Four: 50 percent
  • Six: 70 percent

Mosher Set 10 trait

Gain attack speed and Omnivamp increased by 100 percent based on the unit’s missing health. Omnivamp is healing for a percentage of damage dealt.

  • Two: 20 percent and 10 percent Omnivamp. 
  • Four: 30 percent and 15 percent Omnivamp.
  • Six: 50 percent and 20 percent Omnivamp.  

Rapidfire Set 10 trait

Your units gain 10 percent attack speed. Rapidfire units gain more every time they attack, up to 10 stacks.

  • Two: Four percent 
  • Four: Seven percent
  • Six: 12 percent 

Sentinel Set 10 trait

Your team gains armor and magic resistance. Sentinel units gain double.

  • Two: Plus 16 armor and plus-16 magic resistance.
  • Four: Plus 35 armor and plus 35 magic resistance. 
  • Six:  Plus 60 armor and plus 60 magic resistance.
  • Eight:  Plus 125 armor and plus-125 magic resistance. 

Spellweave Set 10 trait

Your team gains 15 ability power. Spellweaver champions gain more. Whenever a Spellweave unit casts, all Spellweaver units gain ability power. 

  • Three: 20 and plus-one per cast
  • Five: 35 and plus-one per cast
  • Seven: 60 and plus-two per cast
  • Ten: 120 and plus-10 per cast

Superfan Set 10 trait

Superfan champions improve your Headliner. At the start of the planning phase, if the Superfan trait is active and your Headline champion has three items, not including an item from the Superfan trait, one of two options may occur.

  • If you have three-plus item bench slots, it removes all three and displays a breadcrumb
  • If you have less than three bench slots, nothing happens, and different breadcrumb plays
  • Senna: Spear of Shojin
  • Twitch: Deathblade
  • Samira: Infinity Edge
  • Twisted Fate: Rabadon’s Deathcap

Here are the breakpoint abilities for the Superfan trait.

  •  Three: The Headliner gets a completed item
  •  Four: Headliner gets 250 bonus health and 15 percent Omnivamp
  •  Five: Item upgrades to Radiant item

Update Nov. 14 1:05 pm CT: All TFT Set 10 traits, abilities, and stats were updated following the Nov. 13 PBE patch.

Update Nov. 20 1pm CT: All TFT Set 10 traits, abilities, and stats were updated for Patch 13.23.


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