Here’s every TFT Set 6 Hyper Roll change in Gizmos and Gadgets

Get ready for Hyper Roll in TFT Set 6.

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Hyper Roll is getting a number of changes with the launch of Teamfight Tactics Set Six Gizmos and Gadgets, from economy to Hextech Augment Armories. 

Scheduled to officially launch on Nov. 3, TFT Hyper Roll is slated to receive a number of positive changes in conjunction with the new Set Six Gizmos and Gadgets Hextech Augment mechanic. All Radiant item Armories have been removed in exchange for Hextech Augment Armories that will take place on Stages 3-1, 5-2, and 7-2. 

With over 140 total Augments, some have been removed from Set Six Hyper Roll to keep the meta healthy and balanced, according to the TFT team. From Tactician speed and new traits to Armory and economy, here’s a breakdown of the changes taking place in TFT Set Six Hyper Roll.

Set Six Hyper Roll round time changes

Changes were made to the round times, along with a reduction in Tactician speed from 200 to 175 percent. Planning phases without Armory combats have been reduced from 30 to 25 seconds. Five seconds were added to the first round of each stage, starting at Stage 3-1. And 10 seconds were added to Stage 8-1. 

Set Six Hyper Roll trait and champion changes

New Set Six traits like Yordles, Mercenary, and Glutton are getting slight adaptations to better work within the Hyper Roll system. Upon hitting three Yordles, two bonus Yordles will appear on a player’s bench. The chance of Veigar appearing is possible, too. Luck from dice in the Mercenary trait will be determined based on remaining health instead of a loss streak. The lower a player’s health is, the better odds they’ll have on the dice. And Tahm Kench will gain twice as many stats from eating units with his Glutton trait.

Set Six Hyper Roll Item Armory changes

Item Armories were adjusted by the TFT team to coincide with Hextech Augment Armories. Component and completed Armories also had their drops and percentages changed. 

  • Stage 3-2: Component Armory
  • Stage 4-2: Component Armory
  • Stage 6-2: Component Armory
  • Stage 8-2: Completed item Armory
  • Stage 9-2: Completed item Armory

Component Armory

  • 70 percent chance of three components
  • 20 percent chance of three components, along with a Neeko’s Help or Loaded Dice
  • 10 percent of three components and one Spatula

Completed Armory

  • 75 percent chance of four items (one defensive, one offensive, one utility, and one random)
  • 15 percent chance of three items (one offensive, one defensive, one utility) and one tailored item
  • 10 percent chance of two random items and two tailored items

Set Six Hyper Roll economy changes

Starting gold was reduced from eight to two, with the minimum amount of gold increased throughout all Stages. The minimum gold a player can achieve was adjusted to 14 by Stage 3-1. Throughout the entire game, the minimum gold was increased from 85 to 107. 

  • Starting gold: Two
  • Stage 1-1: Zero
  • Stage 1-2: Zero
  • Stage 2-1: Increased from two to four
  • Stage 3-1: Increased from three to eight
  • Stage 3-2: Decreased from three to two
  • Stage 4-1: Increased from four to six
  • Stage 4-2: Decreased from four to three
  • Stage 5-1: Increased from five to seven
  • Stage 5-2: Decreased from five to four
  • Stage 6-1: Increased from six to 12
  • Stage 6-2: Decreased from six to five
  • Stage 6-3: Decreased from six to five
  • Stage 7-1: Increased from eight to 16
  • Stage 7-2: Remains the same at eight
  • Stage 7-3: Remains the same at eight
  • Stage 8-1: Increased from nine to 17
  • Stage 8-2: Remains the same at nine gold (and all rounds after)

Set Six Hyper Roll and all the new changes are live on the PBE and may receive additional balance changes leading up to the official TFT Gizmos and Gadgets launch on Nov. 3. Any patch adjustments and balance changes made to the Hyper Roll mode will be updated within this article. 

Update Oct. 22 1pm CT: The first Hextech and item Armories were adjusted in the Oct. 22 PBE patch.

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